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Found 5 results

  1. After seeing this: I thought I'd make a post for the new/learning players how to deal with these buggers. AT-2: AT-8: AT-7: AT-15/AT-15A Tortoise:
  2. The playstyle this tank excels at most: Pop, shoot, and retreat. To first know how to troll pubbies in-game, you need to know how to set the tank up properly: Vents/Rammer/Vstab This is the ultimate pop and shoot setup. Some might go with GLD instead of vents, but with this tank, you want to grab every ounce of reload you can. With this setup, I get a 9.45 second reload@400 damage a shot, meaning I will reload faster than almost anything I come up against allowing me to put out two shots for every one he puts out. If you don't run with equipment, then I doubt you will be very succ
  3. Sidescraping is - when mastered - a ton of fun. What is sidescraping? On paper, it looks like this: The goal of sidescraping is simple: to show the enemy the most armor. Hint: Sticking your front towards the enemy isn't always doing it right. In the diagram above, thing 2's side armor is probably (tank dependent) MUCH stronger than his frontal armor. In addition to this, he also has the tracks acting as spaced armor, making it even stronger. Most of the times when this tactic is done properly, the enemy will either track you, or no damage pen. Rarely will you take damage if you do it ri
  4. Resetting the base is one of the most crucial aspect of winning a game. You can only win if the other team doesn't win. First off, never rely on a pubbie to go back to reset. If nobody is near the base, and you have enough mobility to get back in time, then you need to go back. Hoping a pubbie will go reset is like hoping a dog won't pee on your rug. [terminology for new players] Cap = Capture, and refers to when the enemy sits in your base circle, filing up the 100 second bar, and capturing your base Pubbie = noob/baddie [/terminology for new players] Scenario 1: There's 3 tan
  5. Here's my collection of guides/tutorials here on the WLF. How to sidescrape/reverse angle How to frontally penetrate British tank destroyers My guide to being less bad@tanks How to M103 How to be successful as the bottom tier tank ^^Going to update that one later with my epic sherman game I had yesterday. The steps of improving Enjoy!
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