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Found 13 results

  1. Supertest: Object 268 Version 5 Pictures Stats coming soon. Super tired but info has top priority! This is a TD on IS-8 basis with the 152mm M53 gun and a fully-rotating turret. http://vk.com/wotleaks?w=wall-61570680_346802 http://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/02/19/supertest-object-268-version-5-pictures/#more-14805 This thing is by far the coolest thing in a long time
  2. Just something I did for fun, from a fun match from a previous patch.
  3. So, I've been considering getting a new line to grind. I have a few but I've mostly maxed out on my US light line (don't wanna play T71 stock or get the T57 HT, just stopped at the bulldog) and so, I need a new line to grind to add variety. I was thinking about adding a BUNCH of competitive tanks to my arsenal by the way of the stronk Soviet wedge line (through T-34 and A-43 up to Object 140) or the incredibly fun and relatively historical german battering rams (E-50M line). While both have their perks, I'm twisted on which line would be more beneficial. While I have a 5 man girl crew for my g
  4. http://wotreplays.com/site/1548939?secret=e161880628f7bc9da73e26ec2d800d8c Prohorovka - Victory http://wotreplays.com/site/1548933?secret=e161880628f7bc9da73e26ec2d800d8c Erlenberg - Victory http://wotreplays.com/site/1548927?secret=e161880628f7bc9da73e26ec2d800d8c Airfield - Victory Although all 3 replays are of victories I had yesterday playing the tank my damage in all of them were extremely sub-par. Between 700-900 damage each match. Only reason I won these matches was either because my team was carrying me or my platoon mate/s were on top of things. And that is simply not good eno
  5. So i looked around for a KV-220 love thread and couldnt find one so i thought to myself "Hey! Why not make one?" So this is for the people who are lucky enough to own this gem of a tier 5 premium tank. Like me. What can i say about the 220? It has a lot of upsides; Amazing armor for tier 5 Decent pen/dmg (better than most prem tier 5 heavies) Good RoF at 14 rpm. Decent accuracy .46 and aim time 2.3 Holds A LOT of ammo Tied for second highest health pool of the tier 5 heavies And its only downsides I think is the fact that it's pretty slow and a huge arty magnet. KV-220 p0rn f
  6. So I give up on upgrading my own PC to start working with my girlfriend's PC, since hers was better... plus she has a gaming laptop and doesn't use her PC much anyway. But WoT apparently hates SLI, since as soon as I turned it on WoT started flickering. Everything else seems to work, but the screen gets a green tint and flickers like mad. All my other games are working, so I'm pretty sure it's a WoT issue... That said, is there a workaround, or am I just going to have to disable SLI every time I play? I did a little research before posting, but everything I could find was from the 9.0 patch w
  7. I have noticed over the last week, no matter what other tanks I am playing, I consistantly get better WN8 out of my T-43 than any other tank. Are the expected values that low? If so, why? I'm sure everyone else can crank out over 1000 damage a match and get 3k+ out of this tank. I noticed similar results with the T-34. Yes, I know my stats are low, i'm bringing them up from an experimental phase I was going through. I still have bad games and run other tanks other than Russian mediums, hence the lower WN8 than you would expect from someone claiming 3k+ games recently. This being said,
  8. Going through this line for the on track, need some advice: 1. Grind looks pretty easy. 85mm carry over isn't bad, just a few games but averaging about 1400 dmg/gm. Seems a lot like Jpz4 with a different but relatively same gun. Is it a waste to free xp things on it? 2. Suggested equipment. Not an assault TD without 122 and low HP anyway, so Rammer, Net, and binocs to start to stay hidden. Are vents worth it for general improvement? I usually don't both with net/binocs camo, but are they worth it in this case since 2nd in tier base camo value is so good? With other guns is EGD
  9. Fire_Hive

    T44 Buff

    According to FTR the LB-1 (T44 gun) is getting a damage buff from 230 to 250, it also said something about pen but didn't show any values. Not much but
  10. Hi guys. I have decided to start down the Russian med line. I have been drooling over the T-54 for some time now (playing it on the 8.6 test really made me want it) and the fact I can get 2 tier 10s off one tier 9 made me make the decision. I am going to start from the KV-13 from the KV-1S. since I am only at tier 3 on the actual medium line. I have 20K free XP that I have randomly earned from games. and I am wondering what to do with it. I feel tempted to free the T-43 since I have heard many sub-par reviews on it. but since the KV-13 is almost fully researched exept the top gun, turr
  11. Okay good@tonkers: I know the E-25 is relatively new; I just picked it up myself yesterday. But I got my ass handed to me with it... sucked...hard. How do you play it? It's speed is deceptively enticing, probably my downfall. I play the T49 and Hellcat a bit better than average, but I don't know where this TD fits between those two. Any recommendations and setups would be appreciated before I get such a poor WR in it, that it takes me forever to dig it out.
  12. Hi everyone. I just bought my T-34-85 and I went for the 100% crew so that I could grab skills and perks and have them level up as I transfer the crew all the way up to the T-62a. Which skills and perks would you all recommend that I could start them on so that when they reach the T-62a will be leveled up? And why? Thanks!
  13. So I have this idea in my head, but I know it's a bad idea and might get shot down but here it goes: So I was playing with precam and kevin the other night on abbey when they encountered a T-44 using the 122. I know that the idea of using it is rediculous but I couldn't help to compare it to say a T69 in terms of gameplay. Flank around and dump the "clip", in this case a round of the 122, and scurry off for the reload (assuming 100% crew with rammer). I might try it out to see how it plays but I can already feel that it won't be worth it. It loses signifcantly its role as a medium but then
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