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Found 19 results

  1. Since WG unveiled the new Tier X Light Tanks and the subsequent nerf to the other Light Tanks in order to "fit" the new MM everybody started to complain because their favorite Light Tanks aka Bulldog, ELC, VK, were getting nerfed pretty hard. After I finished updating the client I decided to take the ELC on a battle to see what WG had done with one of my favorite tanks and I must say that I don't see a lot of difference. This is my first battle after Patch 9.18 went live: http://wotreplays.com/site/3514965#sand_river-boselli575-amx_elc_bis I'm ve
  2. vleo


    So since the last wz-132 thread I found was about 2 years old and the wz being the next top of the tree (http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.de/2015/08/on-track-121.html)I just wanted to get the opinion of some People who own this tank and know if it's worth getting (note that I already have the 121 and dont Need to grind any modules on it since I've already driven it)
  3. After 5 years WG seems to bring back this old gem. I had so much fun playing this little cockroach, therefore I am really happy to see this. Even though I have the feeling it wont be like my old friend. Anyway. I am actually surprised about this one. Didn't WG always say the T-50-2 wont make a return because its stats were totally made up? It should be a some sort of infantry support tank and WG made it a Mario Cart Racer on steroids. But maybe they changed their mind after the introduction of wheeled light tanks. Source: More pictures of the model https://
  4. DISCLAIMER: There has now been even more changes to the light tanks, with the introduction of tier X light tanks - so this guide is now no longer up-to-date. However, you can still use it as a guide for how to compare different sets of light tanks with each other. There have been quite a few changes in relation to the tier VIII scout tanks recently. Three new scouts were added not too long ago in patch 9.3 and the newly released 9.6 patch has rebalanced/buffed some of the scouts. Recently a question was asked in the Ask a Purple Poster-section about what scouts were the best. This q
  5. I personally have no clue on how to judge them because you can evaluate different parameters and I don't have experience on the BC and HWK. But by comparing stats and experience on the others this what I have come to understand: BC 12t has the best camo and decent view range making able to outspot all the other LTs LTTB has armour and nice speed/acceleration that can be useful to get to some position first HKW has the highest view range and great camo allowing to spot other classes without getting too close WZ has the best firepower (combination of handling alpha and p
  6. From what I've read, to have a tank (e.g. RU 251 or LTTB) which gets bumped up a tier in 9.18 be autobumped in your garage, etc. you have to have the tank researched to the top configuration. Does that include the next tank(s) in the line (meaning elited), or just all the modules for that tank? I'm hoping the latter...
  7. I wasn't sure where to post this, but here goes. I just wanted to issue a general thanks to the many posters here whose input (whether intentional or not) has helped me improve thus far (and, hopefully, will help me continue to improve). I finally completed LT-15: I'm not going to claim I've suddenly become "good" at scouts, but I am definitely much less of a liability to my team, and that is in no small measure due to the advice and guidance I have gleaned from these pages. So thanks guys, I couldn't have done it without you.
  8. Apparently there's not a single topic about my favourite tier 6 tank, the Cromwell, so I figure I could start one. My loadout so far is: GLD, Rammer, Optics / Small medpack/repair + silver gasoline Crew skills: Cmdr: 6th + camo Gunner: Deadeye + camo Driver: Offroad + camo Radio: SA + camo Loader: SS + camo So far it's been working very well for me, and I'll be getting repair as my 3rd skill. The way I see it, if I actually get shot at half the tank goes to hell anyway, so even if I get repair faster it won't help me that much. I play it very much like I played my Chaff
  9. Playing MT-25, trying to learn scouting. Due to 350m VR and sub-par map knowledge.. mostly active scouting. on the maps with uneven terrain (e.g. Prokhorovka), forests etc. it's ok.. I can ride popin out a bit on high speed to spot and disappear from direct hit to poput again in 10+ sec but on city maps (like Kharkov, Stalingrad) I have no clue how to contribute.. mot like I can't use good advice how to go about Erlenberg or Karelia or desert maps... but city maps completely killing me
  10. I'd just unlocked and bought the T71 (t'is on discount in SEA server) so what should i be expecting/look forward to? i've gotten pretty much gone through or am still at most of the other nation's tier 7 LTs [ AMX 13 75 LTTB M41 Bulldog SPIC WZ-131] so i'd like to think I know what i'm doing with light tanks so far. i've got a rough idea of what to expect, that it being similar to the AMX 13 75, but I'd just like to hear from others on their opinion/experience with this tank
  11. So I decided to finally stop lurking and introduce myself. Pleasure to meet everybody! On a side note I wonder why my stats are all mixed up to the left....I look myself up almost on a daily basis.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm currently looking for an experienced player that excels at scouts/light tanks and is willing to help me improve. I've watched a bunch of videos and streams, which has helped me improve quite a bit, but I'm more of a hands on learner where I can pose questions and receive direct feedback on my actions. I'd prefer to run the Chaffee, T37, Bulldog, or T49. I'm available in the afternoons EST and anytime on the weekends. I'm really excited to start working with someone and improving. Lately my games have either gone really well (partly due to luck I'm sure) or I've died within
  13. To expand off of what I've seen, and to get a better idea, visually, of what I have been told by top-tier players ingame, I'd like to start a thread to show on maps, good places to go to scout. This partly comes from individual missions, and being able to complete the two annoying ones (spot x dmg before you get spotted, spot x dmg total), but also to become a more effective scout when your team is full of blues/platoons that are competent enough to realize a scout is passive scouting an area and lines up to get shots early in the game. For this purpose. I'm going to shamelessly copy paste a
  14. Hello there I had a match in prok where i got spotted somehow by a wz132 whilst driving t71. I have full cammo crew and was stationary for a long time before he spotted me but the thing was, he done a initial scout run first and when i was in bushes safe for 30-40 seconds, he later mustve went for passive scouting. Thing is, i have view range at 510 with binocs and i was sure i had a full silhouette in the bush but how did we both spot each other at the same time. Ty, replay is blow Ty again (dont mind my gameplay and whilst your here and if you watch it, would appreciate
  15. Hello everyone, First off: new user here on the forum so again I'm a complete newbie ... Also a little background: I'm not a big gamer. I found this WoT through a colleague that told me about it. We have fun playing together which is how I started off. So I don't have any first person shooting experience at all, nothing, seriously! Needless to say, the first 5k battles I really sucked. I even didn't know about ratings and stuff. I thought the extend of a rating was the "service record" tab in the game. So I had my 7 year old son play with my account as well. But the more I
  16. This is not a QQ thread, I took the M5 for a ride to take advantage of the MM buff. won 11 in 17 and finished the M7 grind. However the LT play in this tier is still shxt. The best game I had were not from scouting. Being lucky for seeing only T5, I simply went ninja mode to bully paper tanks. But when seeing T6s and T7s, there's always another higher tier LTs in the same game who can scout better,and most importantly they fight much better than my poorly stuart. hell I just not wanna to grind 50K exp for chaffee in this thing.
  17. I'm looking for some pointers on scouting. I love playing my M24 Chaffee or T71, but there are a few maps where I simply flounder due to having abso-fucking-lutely no idea how to scout the map properly. One of my best examples would be Serene Coast. It doesn't matter which spawn I get, I have no idea what to do at the onset of the match. Could anyone walk me through some good locations for both active and passive scouting?
  18. So I was looking at the WOT wiki and searched up the Leopard. I have encountered this tank in battle a couple times, unfortunately on the wrong side of the barrel. The thing that caught my attention the most was the autocannon on it. Mad ROF and the pen/damage on that thing is rediculous for a tier 5 scout (which according to the wiki apparently gets more tier 5-6 battles than other scouts), don't know about the mobility but so far it says that once fully researched it can be quite quick. I'm thinking on researching it. Worth it?
  19. So yeah. Heavys/TDs/many mediums go north. Mediums/ light TDs/ retarded heavys go south or to the village in the middle. Scouts? I have no clue. So far i haven't found a single good bush or route, all flanking routes to help your mediums in the south can be shot at from the middle. Since most tanks are at the gud fite spot in the north and you can't really spot there, only a very few tanks are in the southern area with high amounts of cover and bushes. Any of you guys here has advice of how to play the map as a scout? Map for reference: P.S: As a light TD/Medium i u
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