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Found 4 results

  1. Oh noezz I did it. One of the most frequently asked questions. I've unlocked both of them, 140 is already purchased, T62-A can be bought in a week. Time to move my best crew to one of them. I've researched characteristics, watched a bunch of Youtube vids, talked to various people. So the final decision is yet to come. So which one do you prefer for randoms and why? I'd like hear some personal experience. Cheers in advance.
  2. As discussed in an earlier thread, a sponsor has asked me to play some mid tier tanks with an eye towards improving in the T-62A. The sponsor picked 50 games in the T-34-1 with the 85mm APCR spamming and 50 games in the T-34-2. He also set the gold limits (full APCR T-34-1, 60/40 on T-34-2) and asked me to run food. I've reviewed both of these tanks several times, but here is my tank: Notes: - I will probably do a more in depth review later. At this point, let's just say the T-34-2 has similar agility/camo/scoutiness/flexisexuality, similar hardness, but vastly inferior firepo
  3. Hi there, My very first thread, so little introduction. Glad to see that there is a community of players alike, who "play for fun" through carrying/spotting/defending/supporting, not just by getting spotted and destroyed by "invisible tanks", or camping at A0 in Erlenberg Assault mode, while the other teammates are trying to shoot horde of tightly grouped flanking enemy tanks. So, I have T-62A, one of my favorite tanks. My play style is somewhat aggressive, taking key positions, hull down, turret only fights, shooting most of the time usually trying to deal a lot of damage. Obvious
  4. currently grinding for both the tanks and don't know much about them and i already have the T-62 with 71% on 3rd skills and i think i know what to do with it but not 100% sure. ok first up the E-50m, currently on the pz 3/4 and no skills my current plan is to go mentor on the commander then retrain for sixth sense but after that i have know idea at all. do they even have a decent base camo? also what equipment would work best on it and what should i use before i can mount vert stab? for the leo it's basicly same as above yet going through the awful panther. my T-62 does need a crew reski
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