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Found 7 results

  1. Looking for a platoon mate to run my T54E1 with Any teir 9 tank would do Im on most times so just shoot me a msg or a friend request
  2. Hello fellow Forumites, I registered just for this question, but more might follow: As the title impilies, i am rather fond of my performance in the T54E1, but horribly suck in the AMX 50 120. Pictures of my stats are attached. There you may see, everything is better in the T54E1, including Armor Use (wtf?). As you might see, I am no total scrub, I am performing very well in other Tier 9 tanks like the T-54 (but who doesn't?), Obj 704 or T-10 (all sitting nicely at 61-63% WR). But: AMX 50 120: 49% What I have experienced so far, is, that even though the damage in
  3. http://wotreplays.com/site/2418529#stats So this should have been in a good to great match and a win for me but I messed it up somewhere and I dropped the ball and caused a loss. My major thoughts are. - Aim a little longer and make some of those shots count more. - Focus on one flank and not on all of them. Can you guys help me make the next time better?
  4. Really having a hard time doing good in the T54E1. A lot of times I get 1 shot in and die... The accuracy is just so horrible and the premium round doesn't have very good pen in tier 10 pubs either. The tank is also slow as hell and I frequently get caught in the open and get shot to hell. I have no idea how to play this tank, and my dpg in it is nearing my dpg in the T69. Please share any tips you have playing the T54E1 please. Edit: my DPG has gone BELOW my T69 DPG. WHY OH THE HUMANITY.
  5. If the title was not clear, I am asking what is the playstyle of the T54E1 in a primary tier 10(both sides having 10 tier 10s) game being bottom tier. I do understand passive support, but how far back? Second line following the heavys or third line sniper?
  6. http://rcp-wot.blogspot.ca/2013/08/rcp-87.html Replay compatibility pack 8.10 Replays! 1/11/2014 8.9 Replays E100 Waffenträger auf E 100 Waffenträger auf Pz. IV-Some nice replays from 8.9..this is my favorite tank these days. T29 8.8 Replays 8.7 Replays WZ-120 I struggled with this tank a lot untill I unlocked the T10 gun. T54E1 [8.6 Replays] T54E1 replays AMX50 Foch 155 replays [8.5 replays]
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ufjwk671su44sp/20130618_2125_usa-T54E1_02_malinovka.wotreplay This is a replay of a matched I recently played on Malinovka. Despite several times of massive failure right at the beginning (not shooting at the T30 crossing etc.) I manage to have a relatively good game, only to massively fail at the end once again. https://www.dropbox.com/s/krxshwti5tw03b0/20130618_2149_usa-T54E1_23_westfeld.wotreplay I put a second one online to see if there is a certain pattern in the mistakes I make. What are my biggest mistakes? I really try to get from worst@tanks
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