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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys i have a question for the T57 So far over the course of almost 200 battles in it i absolutely love that tank to death but I have a hard time playing consistently and keeping up my overall damage in the tank Do you guys have any tips that could help me improve my gameplay in that tank Here is a replay i had uploaded already http://wotreplays.com/site/3081133#cliff-madxbrad13-t57_heavy_tank In the start i know i messed up facing the BC and i got bogged down worrying about arty and middle too much Once i killed the TVP i saw the other side was screwed
  2. So I just bought the T57 with the thought of playing it occasionally. Started playing it around midnight with crew around 85% and 2 skills. Using the obvious set-up (need my cola for E3): I didn't really feel like I was focusing a lot. I guess the mobility makes up perfectly for the clip reload and makes it feel very short. Platooning definitely helped getting these stats Yeah, have a laugh at my low-tier skills. Also, hi canadian! What can I say, it seems like the ultimate damage stealer in this meta. But it's an amazing support tank too (see the MaxL kill in siegfried li
  3. I just wanted to get the update to date opinions on T57 setup. I am approaching my 4th crew skill and wanted to get an update. The last information I pulled was from Garbad on the WoT forums. "Because they cannot equip a rammer (and yet still have high view range), these tanks are free to use optics. At the same time, because they will focus more on support fire instead of brawling, I prioritize gunnery skills and camo over repairs. Note that the camo rating on the AMX 50 and US mediums is actually pretty decent, enough that you can hide reasonably well, especially while clipping."
  4. http://rcp-wot.blogspot.ca/2013/08/rcp-87.html Replay compatibility pack 8.10 Replays! 1/11/2014 8.9 Replays E100 Waffenträger auf E 100 Waffenträger auf Pz. IV-Some nice replays from 8.9..this is my favorite tank these days. T29 8.8 Replays 8.7 Replays WZ-120 I struggled with this tank a lot untill I unlocked the T10 gun. T54E1 [8.6 Replays] T54E1 replays AMX50 Foch 155 replays [8.5 replays]
  5. Any Tier X team need another player? Looking for gudfites. I can't make the Friday night battle, but I can be there all day Saturday and Sunday. Unless like, I break my hand or something.
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