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Found 5 results

  1. The Personal Missions and other WoT events have sapped attention away from the (perhaps mediocre) T95E2 reward for a new "recruit" purchasing their first T10 tank, but if that's a goal still on your radar and you haven't yet "recruited" your sockpuppet gullible and lifeless friend to assist you with this... NOW IS THE (nearly) BEST TIME TO GET STARTED! Take advantage of the Winter Mode. Why? Free credits and free crew experience of course! There will always be new events coming up every few months that will put tonks on sale, or increase XP, or whatever, but these special "fun
  2. T95E2, a pretty bad and ugly tank, but rare and a 'murica medium; I want it. This means that I made a reroll, originally only planning to blast my way to t10 as fast as possible, but my focus shifted after only a few battles; I decided to see if I too could into this padding business. I'm currently at t7, and will be there for a while, and I'm looking for someone willing to listen to my rage and insults while grinding up to t10. Any candidates must be okay with me padding like a disgusting whore on this reroll, I will ragequit the second I have under 4,5-5k wn8 over 10 or so games. My rer
  3. StranaMechty


    So, with the refer-a-friend program going live, people may want to know what they're in for. Note that this vehicle is not the tier 10 T95E6. Firstly, it's a tier 8 premium mounting a 90mm, but before you get excited like I did, it's not the Pershing's HVAP slinger, it's a clone of the T69's gun. Additionally, despite it being in the live client files (not supertest), it does not appear to have preferential matchmaking. 90mm Gun M41E1 AP - 173mm penetration (drops to 162mm at 500 meters), 914 m/s velocity, 240 damage. HEAT - 250mm penetration, 1,219 m/s velocity, 240 damage. HE - 45mm p
  4. Looking for a partner or 2 to hekp grind my reroll for 95e2. I am usually on later from 7pm Pac time and up. I prefer West. I need someone who can play lower tiers and help me wade through the shit. Also, It would be nice to exchange info like AIM or Gchat to stay in contact. It can be more than one guy. Maybe a group of us can do it. Please PM me or post here. BTW; Im thinking US line but may do a Rus reroll if it helps the team more.
  5. So since I have brought like 5 guys to game who have 8+10`s and now feel cheated I think I will have to "Help a Friend" pick the easiest T10 to grind. So I want everyone opinions on the absolute easiest 10 grind in the game. Criteria: I dont care about how good the 10 is at all. I won`t have much free exp so keep it in mind. I dont care about Wn8 so if its a OP line hard to make Exp DMG I could care less. If you think 2 lines are tied, pick the most fun. Ok, please tell me what was your absolute easiest or most fun grind. I was thinking of picking the M48 line to get a head sta
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