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  1. Felt like the M60 needed its own thread. I love this big old tank. Don't get me wrong, the M48 Fatton is great and all. But I have more fun in the M60. Maybe it's that speed, which leaves other NATO meds like the M48, CAX, and STB in the dust, and can catch up to the Leo, 30B, and BC25t. And the mobility is absurd. I may be overusing the handbrake turn, but the M48 Fatton can only dream about being able to dance like the M60. And once it gets to where you want to go, it's gun is just that bit more reliable. Almost the best aim time and decent accuracy just makes it more r
  2. What is it about this tank that makes it so controversial? Is it the gun? Is it the armor? Is it the mobility? Is there a reasonable way to balance this tank without turning it into an E5? IMO the mobility needs to be toned down. Let it keep its speed so that it can get into the fight faster and be that assault gun that it is clearly designed to be, but it shouldn't be able to turn as well or even better than a medium tank at close range.
  3. I was just wondering is there a particular strategy to training at tier 10 which works well? And what is it about playing at tier 10 which is the hardest thing to grasp?
  4. Hello prospective tankers. [G-M-U] Is now recruiting players which like to EXCEL on the global map and clan related battles. What kind of players is [G-M-U] looking for? : A recent WN8 of 1500+ We look for improving players so if you have a good recent on your last 1k + battles your in! The will to play and compete on a high level & a burning desire to improve. Active at least 3 times a week Participate in clan activities! We have no use for pub-stars. Players which own and USE their mic on TEAMSPEAK when logged into the game.
  5. A thought just occurred to me regarding the current state of the game, and what it means for the Chieftain (if and when it is introduced to the game). Players have been clamoring for this thing ever since the British tanks were introduced, but perplexingly with the tier 10 having some experimental and non-existent prototypes, the FV215b and the FV4202. They replaced the FV4202 with the excellent Centurion Action X, but the FV215b remains. Now, the FV215b I'm sure has its utility and fans, and it does fit the role it was introduced in as a support heavy tank, reliant more on its firepower
  6. what are the best positions for high tier mediums? i often feel like i get killed in my tier 10 meds because im not in the right spot at the right time.
  7. „WG is planning a Chieftain tech tree branch. They also plan other lines too, but let’s talk about this one for now. The Chieftain line will likely split from the Valentine, with most probable tanks to be in it being the A38 Valiant, AT-1, and the Heavy Valiant. The Chieftain will top it off as the tier 10. They were planning it since the last year’s summer or even earlier, I don’t recall that far. The line is still a prototype so it can always change its structure. In the last few months, WG changed the classification of the Chieftain from Heavy to Medium a couple of times, but right now, the
  8. Any possible chance the Chieftain Mk6 will be introduced within 2017? Maybe like when they brought in the CAX late 2015. otherwise i feel kinda silly hanging on to the 200k EXP i have at the ready in the Conqueror when i should have already researched and acquired the FV215b.
  9. Just something I did for fun, from a fun match from a previous patch.
  10. So recently, I have been playing tier 10 more and more in my Grille 15. After switching back and forth between tiers 6-9, it appears to me that tiers 9 and 10 are where it is "at", especially 10. I am comfortable in my T-10, but find that I love that Grille 15 at top tier, and tier 10 in general for the following reasons: 1.) Team quality has gotten bad, at least at tier 10, I am top dog - so to speak. 2.) Generally (I say this loosely), tier 10 teams are better. 3.) I can't carry, not good enough, especially when I am tasked to save a failing team when I am two tiers down. At t
  11. We Play Tanks [WPT] is a new clan, based around two core principles, Teamwork, and Dedication. To us, it is more important that our players work well together than anything else. We are looking to become a clan wars ready team as well as a strong player in tournaments and other competitions. We hope to recruit people with at least 2 tier 10s, and 1000 wn8 overall, however we require a recent wn8 rating at about 1400-1500, however if they are not met, we still encourage you to contact us. if you are interested, please contact me via the forum as a reply, or in game to TheFIlthyCapitalist.
  12. BUNEH- Best Unit Nobody Ever Heard of Guess who’s back…. Back again…. Guess who’s back…Tell a friend…. Buneh is back and recruiting for T10 end game CW’s. Buneh has been around the competitive scene for a few years. We were BUNEH back in the early days of Petco, then we changed to BUNNY when we grew up and made our presence known on the CW (1.0 map). As BUNNY we placed top 15 in the IS5 campaign and got everyone who participated in the event the tank with 15 of us receiving the special edition version. BUNNY then closed shop and merged with portions of PBKAC prior to
  13. old topic, almost 1 year old. nobody is gonna see it anyway, so here is a new one. I know I have a clan but the clan is small, and they are all shitters. @vernl I play bad, kinda, 3k wn8 so, make me gud bois Tanks I mostly play are Super Pershing, M48 Patton, T55A and Rudy, IS-6 rarely a bit of IS-7 and T110E4/5, but mostly the 4 first tanks because I want to grind my crew :3 If my platoonm80s want TS, here we gooooooo! IP: s2.freets3.stannaz.uk:2108 PW: artilleryiscancer
  14. I need more friends to platoon with because half the time i spam invite nobody joins </3. i play almost exclusively tier 10 but can play another tier if asked. friends pls
  15. Hey guys at Wotlabs. I've just gotten the IS-7 yesterday, and I have to say, it's not been fun to play. Why, you may ask? People enjoy saying, "IS-7 armor is so ez to use just point it foward", but that almost never works out? Why? Magnetic lower plate weakpoint. Seriously, out of all of my attempts to keep this thing covered, people still can see and pen it. When I do get into a perfect positions, turns out none of the enemies decide to go where I am. Any tips to use IS-7? Is it a tank I just suck at and should give up on? P.S. I feel like I contribute more in the IS-8
  16. So i want to fill up my platoon spam list with some of you skrebs from EU. <3 If you are at the kinda same skill level as i am (that means being a total idiot) then feel free to post something in this thread. You can expect me to invite you at any given time. Sadly i do not own a mic right now because i broke my old one, because i am a fat turd, so i hope thats not a big problem. Jeeez Con
  17. So, I have the T37 right now. I have 1 1/2 crew skills and feel really confident in the T37. I'm wondering when I should go to the M41 Bulldoge. I'm really scared because this would be my first tank that has seen tier 10. I don't have free xp for anything because I just suffered through the Tiger 1. What do our great thinkers of WoTLabs think would be a good time to ascend to tier 10?p
  18. Let me know how I did. Would love some feed back. http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=16986#personal
  19. The B13TH is looking for some players to take command places in the clan, We are Looking for players to teach us how to win battles, and Call them. We are also looking for players to show up in battles, who have tier 10's And are willing to play clan wars actively. Each friday. What do we want? Players who are willing to learn! What do you need to join the B13TH. these can be overridden at my discretion. (updated) (again) 1+ tier 10. 1100 WN8 recent Minimum show up on Fridays for CWs (Thanks! Hallo1994 for the suggestions!) Q and A that I th
  20. Sold at least a half a dozen tanks in order to buy it, I was not disappointed. http://wotreplays.com/site/1132193#tundra-flaksmith-t110e5
  21. I'm interested to know what tier 10s everyone is currently grinding for and why. There has been a lot of discussion about the best 10s lately and I would like to see which tanks are still being ground out. I would also be interested to know what tier 10s you've kept in your garage if you want to add that too. My own current tier 10 grinds: T-62A and Obj. 140 from the T-54 T57 from the T69, too slowly Obj. 268 from Obj. 704, on hiatus because I'm bad at TDs E-100 from the VK 3601H, stalling until Tiger buff Foch 155 from the AC MLE. 1946, halted for now
  22. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/07/30/british-tanks-final-decision/ Pretty much confirmed the new 10 would be the Action Cent X And the Tier 10 British heavy tank will be the Chieftain Mk.2. Discussirino. (sorry if this was already posted. delete if duplicate. move if in wrong place.) Edited in my opinion: It seems like a good change, buff to turret armour while keeping the 105. The main problem with the 4202 seemed to be its lack of turret armour compared to its lower tiered companions so its nice to see they fixed that.
  23. As you probably know, I've been with the hopes of getting better at it. I think it's working, but it's a hell of a slog. How did you see the most improvement in tier 10 play and how would you recommend improving at tier 10? If I've left out any options, please let me know and I'll add them.
  24. If the title was not clear, I am asking what is the playstyle of the T54E1 in a primary tier 10(both sides having 10 tier 10s) game being bottom tier. I do understand passive support, but how far back? Second line following the heavys or third line sniper?
  25. Since this was kinda off-topic in the `best tier 8 tanks` topic, a repost, with the same numbers: TL:DR: on EU server 60% of the tier 10 tanks are heavys Some seem to think i made these numbers myself (since they are totally different from vbaddict / noobmeter) This is however not true, they are just ripped from wot-news... and this is how i got them (its this simple...) 1: I copied the overall tank stats list from wot-news to excel, 2: I removed all tiers below tier 8, 3: I summarized all heavys, mediums and TDs, 4: I took the % of all 3 classes and compared it the total amount of ga
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