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Found 20 results

  1. I'm really interested in joining a WGLNA team for at least a season. If anyone is recruiting or knows of anyone recruiting, please let me know by sending me a pm or replying to this topic. I perform well in my tier 10s averaging around 3k damage+ in all (except for the Cent AX, I rage sold it lol). Currently in garage I have E5, 140, 62a, 50b, and M48. I would be able to attend any practices or battles (except 1 day). I am a good listener and enjoy having fun playing this game.
  2. Any big winners from the WGLNA scavenger hunt? I ended up in 382nd place. 1000 gold, some personal boosters, and 2 weeks & 3 days of premium time thanks to using the bonus code. Any other lucky Labbers?
  3. Hey guys, The next season is rolling in for WGLNA silver. Pathetic Gaming is looking for players to fill our roster. We're a strong team looking to place high and maybe even get into gold league if all goes well. Our requirements are simple. Right now we want people with league/tournament experience or that are well versed in cooperative play and have the TIME and DEDICATION to stick with us as we work to better ourselves and beat the competition. We need players that have good experience in tier 10s in the tanks we will be using most (russian meds, is-7, e5, 50b etc). We
  4. Pathetic Gaming About us: We are a relatively new team made up of players that have been playing together for years. We started off in Silver league through the silver/bronze quals and made it to the playoffs but lost in a close tiebreaker in the first round. We've been pretty successful as a first-time team and now that we have more experience we're ready to push forward. We're looking for more players to fill our roster so we can continue kicking butt and get into Gold league. What we're looking for: League experience is a big plus.. it shows u
  5. We are at the moment 4 players in the team and we're looking to recruit 6 more players for our WGLNA team. We're hoping to make it into the silver league either in our first or second season. Ts required, get in touch to get ip. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/458637-new-wglna-team-forming/ Requirements : Overall WN8 : minimum 1600 Recent WN8 : minimum 2300 Members : Zeddrix (Captain) Animus_Of_Chaos (Officer) TheAK74 (Officer) Lonelyone
  6. So first of all, for those new to WGLNA or maybe just new to the Fantasy League might asking "I don't really like Gold League or watch the League, why should I participate in something that doesn't matter to me?", well the whole outlook upon that point of view has been changed for this season with a change for picking players with a chance to win a whole new deal of goodies for not just yourself, but also your clan. For this season there has been a combination of a ton of great prizes, which include Nightly Prizes - (The most interesting thing about this is the clan prizes which I think are a
  7. Hey WotLabs community, WGLNA Gold League Player Streaming. I started streaming on mlg.tv I will be trying to stream daily, but will stream a lot on fridays, saturdays for sure. Don't have an exact schedule up yet. Come hang out with me @ mlg.tv/SwippleTV and make fun of me for being a noob
  8. Since I seem to have picked up two players last night that didnt even play (Mort/swipple), maybe I could get some answers here -- o7 plays twice tomorrow night, and i wanted to see if anyone knew the lineup they normally run? Currently I have External007 and their captain fostakid. Hoping they are decent picks based on past years' games played compared to other team members. BTW shoutout to Team Refuse, although we didn't get to see you guys on stream nice points! (KT earned me quite a bit of points!)
  9. I am looking to join a competitive team either in silver league, or gold if anyone is interested. What I can offer: 4 or more nights a week attendance (clan knows I do league, CW attendance is pre arranged around my league play) Nearly 2 seasons experience in league play, one half in bronze and a full season of silver last season A lot of experience light/medium play, as in map awareness, knowing what bushes to use, when to shoot and at what, scout v scout brawling tricks, etc. Some experience as a battle caller, more experience in helping to design strats. I helped work on strats all las
  10. Due to some personnel difficulties our team 'Bad at Tonks' requires additional members for the upcoming bronze league and the current preseason. We are looking for some experience and a plethora of tier 8's with well trained crews. We have a caller, but experience is welcome. We blazed through the open cup and won first place in the play offs and wish to continue our success. We will likely invite you or hold some sort of informal group play and TS interaction before making a decision. It takes a fair amount of commitment and dedication so please inquire if you are serious we wish to make
  11. So a group of friends and I have decided to try our hand at the league. I've been reading into it but I still have a few questions and would like some clarifications. As I understand it, the only way to get into open cup is via the open cup qualifiers. 1) Are there other ways to get into open cup/league or the other leagues? 2) How often are the qualifiers held? Once/twice a year? When are they usually held and is there an official calendar or something that I can use to see when league tournaments are held (for the future- not the past) ? I think last year June is when the qualifie
  12. FeaR YouTube @FearWot Try-hard WGLNA team's very own youtube channel of match highlights, analysis, caster blooper reels, and all things WGL E-Sports. Subscribe and follow on twitter! And more... oh, and we even are so tryhard, we have:
  13. Hey! I am the captain of teh WGLNA team, Polite Canadians and we are looking for TWO new members to play with us. I am looking for 2k+ recent WN8 plus three of the preferred tanks(T69, AMX13 90, 50 100, T32, Pershing, IS-3, RU251, 110 We placed 24th in the Open League Exhibition a few weeks ago. If interested, please fill out this form Our Roster: See you on the battlefield!
  14. RA_Ge we are a Hispanic base team been together for a year now , yes Spanish is required or at least good understanding we are looking to fill up 2 positions before nov 28 please at least 4 of the following tanks available with good crews -IS-3 -AMX 50 100 -AMX 13 90 -T32 -M26 Pershing -T69 -Obj 416 -110 -T49 -Ru-251 Be interested of playing TB's Be available for weekly skirmish with the team (we farm alot of gold) ty for you time i hope to hear from some one soon !! bujanda01
  15. Fulcrum broke up, and I read Soviets article and they made it sound like he was gonna be one of the last ones to stay. Im curious now where will Amanda/Jackq ,Friction and the others go. If they stay at all. The article made it sound like many older teams are breaking up. If you are a WGLAL member and are transferring or starting your own team can you tell us. I wasn`t sure where to post this. As an older player, I only rooted for older players and teams so I want to know if Im gonna keep following or not.
  16. ---Rainbow Street Jelly Boys Is Recruiting!--- RSJB is a WGLNA Tourney Team. RSJB participates in new WGLNA format tournaments and the WGLNA Open League. Requirements are at least 3/4 WGLNA Tier VIII's and time, RSJB NEEDS active members. Please PM Legit_Play_Style In-Game, or _Intro_ on the WoT/WoTLabs Forums. We currently reside on SIMP's teamspeak server. RSJB is currently 91-26-8 In Tourney Play (W-L-T). WGLNA Tanks: -IS-3 -AMX 50 100 -AMX 13 90 -T32 -M26 Pershing -T69 -Obj 416 -110 -T49 -Ru-251 We have competed in: -7/50 - 3rd Place - 1000g -5/50 - 5th/8
  17. BOSS is one of the oldest, active clan tags on the World of Tanks server. Having been created in the first week of release of World of Tanks. Some of the original members are still active and in clan. After a period of relaxation and rest, BOSS has re-branded and is looking for new life and tankers to join us in our e-Sport clan. We are all about team play, whether in platoons, strongholds or our bread and butter, Tournaments. What does BOSS Gaming offer the avid WoT tournament tanker? 1)Organization: You will know when tournament sign up is, who is calling, tiers for tourna
  18. Hey WotLabs! I, the captain of the WGLNA open league team: Polite Canadians am looking for competent players to compete for the goaldz! The deadline for submission is the afternoon of Monday, September 15th. Please post or PM with availibility. REQUIREMENTS 1700+ 1000 battle WN8 2 or more 7/42 tanks
  19. Season 4 finals are going live Saturday at 5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern. First match is RBIS v. #RU 30 minutes after the broadcast begins. u wotchin m8?
  20. I thought I'd use wotlabs to start to flesh out the conversation before taking it to the official fora; the intent being to compile people's thoughts and opinions on how to improve WGLNA for next season. I've got a few ideas, but really anyone who's interested in what lacking and what can feasibly be improved should contribute. Also going to try and avoid NDA-breaking/WG management fiasco'ing. Personally, I'm staying away from re-tiering to 9/10 because I don't see it happening unless WGLEU and WGLRU follow suite. Without further adieu, Format: Remove the -1 point per mis
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