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Found 8 results

  1. vleo


    So since the last wz-132 thread I found was about 2 years old and the wz being the next top of the tree (http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.de/2015/08/on-track-121.html)I just wanted to get the opinion of some People who own this tank and know if it's worth getting (note that I already have the 121 and dont Need to grind any modules on it since I've already driven it)
  2. Right. So I've just got my WZ-132 a couple hours ago. I've read this (http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/194844-jacgs-guide-to-being-totally-awesome-in-the-type-62-wz-131-and-wz-132-wip/) before too. Some questions: 1. Equipment- Vert stab and rammer seems to be a must. However, vents vs coated.... should I always use coated, or when would I want vents instead of coated? 2. How often does it get set on fire? Since I don't plan to get repair skill, would it be better to go repair, med, big repair over fire exting? 3. 85mm vs 100mm. Which should I use for pu
  3. Hello, fellow Pork Soda™ consumers! This thread's for replays and YouTube videos of those replays with commentary. My goal is to capture unique and teachable gameplay in a variety of tanks. Here's a game in the WZ-132 where I abused the new terrain on Pearl River to get some nasty flanking shots on some heavies, but ran into two AMX 13s that nearly clipped me: Here's an STB-1 game on Fisherman's Bay that showcases the hulldown and flex abilities of the tank. It's not particularly high damage, but there's a really fun bit where I cause utter chaos by pretending to be one of thei
  4. Welcome, fellow tankers, to my replay and video section. This thread features - first and foremost - any replays I deem worthy for the public. May it be because of a epic win, stronk tactics or simply to show that even a death may not be completely in vain. It also depicts the overall development of my skills in my most-played tanks through statistics. At the point of time of writing this, I can observe a slight but steady upward trend in most of my statistics. This implies that I have not yet reached my skill ceiling and I hope to improve still, which hopefully results in better and more
  5. I have an abysmal 39% winrate in my WZ-132, which is largely regarded as one of the best scout tanks in the game. Why is that? I've been trying to get early game damage to beef up my WN8 and getting myself killed. Well, now it's time to learn2scout and rescue my winrate in the Li'l Weez. I'm going to keep my gun quiet until late game and abuse view mechanics to scout my way to victory. I'll post every game replay on my journey to the pantheon of scouting greatness and I'd love to hear your criticism on my play! Some things I'll be changing in my WZ-132 gameplay: Keep the gun quiet. On
  6. I've always been using the 85mm on the WZ-132, but after the HEAT penetration/mechanic nerf I've been trying out the 100mm. So far I'm not a huge fan of it, but I'm interested in what you guys are using (and why). I made a comparison picture with data taken from the wot-news advanced tank information database: (http://wot-news.com/game/tankinfo/en) I feel that the 85mm is the best choice in dynamic, close quarters, stressful situations (mostly against other lights or mediums). But the 100mm has a noticeable bigger punch when sniping from stealth or trading shots (not that the
  7. Hi fellow tankers, after reading many disparate reviews and topics on few of the Chinese tanks I'm driving as well, I thought I'd do a writeup what I learned so far. As some of those things are recurring questions to many players, perhaps some of those questions can be answered here. The guide does not cover information on all the low tier tanks from the Chinese branch, as most of them are not really worth to be mentioned and can be very painful to grind, so you will be glad when you can finally sell them I will, however, update this guide a) to reflect changes in the upcoming pat
  8. After checking in after a dramatic afternoon playing WZ-132 and Obj.704 on east server, I realized that my overall WN7 has finally been bumped up from 1290s up over the 1300 line, despite having a lower-than-average win rate for the past few days (I need to do less finishing shots on Obj.704 and pad more damage... that tiny bit more damage may have influenced the battle result here and there). I've been lurking around on this forum following topics for a while now, but I haven't been able to actively participate in any of the discussions here. I was busy transitioning my mindset. It had be
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