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Found 7 results

  1. I recently purchased the Leopard after having a seriously heated debate with one of my friends whose general impression of the tank is that it is a steaming hot pile of German shit. However, after playing about 20 (with a 70 xTe) games in it, I could not disagree more with him. I love it! I just want to know if the German light tank line gets even better and also why people hate that tank so much.
  2. Hey guys, there's a rumbling that there's this new campaign thingy going on and I'd love to be a competitive part of it. What do I offer? Multiple tier 10 tanks with the ability to free exp/buy a few other tanks on demand Good personality Dedication. I will be there for strats, training, Clan Wars, and will apply myself to the best of my capabilities Tsavo Cuddles An NA forum personality who can rep yo' clan tag General shenanigans What am I looking for? It's simple, really, a competitive clan where I can flourish and improve and
  3. Add me if you think you can help my social anxiety. Will play anything from tier 5 and up. Or just post below and I'll add when I get a chance. Regards, TEXZ
  4. Again, like with worst/hated tenk thread, made a topic so you can share your favorite tenks. mine is pretty obvious some of my fav tanks: 1. O-Ho, derp derp derp with good reload and hilarous gun handling, most fun tank to play for me in the game by far 2. T-10, absolutely wonderful heavium. Has great gun, mobility and even armor is pretty okay when you get used to it. Extremely joyful to play. I actually prefer it to WZ-11111111 1-4. 3. BDR G1 B, its just important for me. Without it and Wolverine, i would have had huge troubles with credits during my scrub times. I
  5. So, I've decided to buy some Fallout stuff, specifically one of two bags. I'm buying one of them for myself for college use next year, but I can't decide which one I want. I'm torn between this one -> http://store.bethsoft.com/accessories/bags/general-issue-survival-messenger-bag.html ( the smaller bag, 960 sq inch) and this one -> http://store.bethsoft.com/accessories/bags/vault-tec-messenger-bag.html (the larger bag, 1,121 sq inch) The vault-tec messenger bag has more space which will be nice (cheaper too), but it appears to have less pockets and doesn't look as neat (or
  6. I recently obtained the E5 and I'm loving it but my performance and my decision making overall could be greatly improved. Below I will have my 5 most recent battles listed and would appreciate any feedback I could get. Crew Skills: Commander / Radio Operator: Sixth Sense, BiA, Repairs Gunner: Dead eye BiA, Snapshot Driver: Repairs, BiA, Clutch Braking Loader: Safe Stowage, BiA, Repairs If I could I would redo my entire setup for crew skills because I assigned them as a tomato in the T34, but sadly I do not have any gold Equipment: Gun Rammer, V Stab, Optics 1. http://wotreplays.com/site/203557
  7. I'm in need of a nice tournament group that consistently places well. I can have preferred tanks for all tiers and can show up for the times required.
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