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Found 20 results

  1. We are [YOUJO] [NICO]! A pair of competitive and tightly knit clans full of your favorite anime cliches along with normies who still wonder why they joined. We focus on tier X battles and thoroughly enjoy getting good fights on both the global map and in advances. In addition to that, we like to do community nights that go well beyond just this game. If any of that interests you, please read below! As a guideline we are looking for players who can meet or exceed the following: - 2700 Recent WN8 - 60% Recent Winrate - ~5+ Clanwars Viable tier Xs, and maintain
  2. Cute Magical Girls is recruiting o/ You can APPLY HERE. [SHOJO] is a competitive clan. We're a high(?) quality anime clan who is interested in clan wars and strongholds. We like killing clans we don't like ★~(◡﹏◕✿) We are recruiting peaceful neets who meet or exceed these requirements. Anime is a requirement (▰˘◡˘▰) 2900 Recent Wn8 / 60% Recent Winrate Similarly good tier 10 statistics Average recent tier of >8.5 5+ CW/SH viable tier X tanks, we also ask for viable tier 6/8s for SH Active player Teamspeak+Slack mandatory
  3. Hi I've never thought about making a thread until now, probably because I'm in China until August and really bored. Ask me anything this game and stuff, why I watch bad anime, and dank memes. I'll try to answer serious questions without shitposting too hard. About Me - Played since closed beta - Been recruiting for BULBA and more recently some depcomm stuff - Fuck arty - 3 MoE on T57, E100, E5, 50B, 140, M46 (I only have like 8 tanks in my garage :sadface:) (I gotta brag about something ok) - Recent WN8 is always between 3300-3800. Recent WR has always been above 70
  4. Hello minnasan! Things have gotten stale here at WoTLabs in the aethstetic sense, so it's now my duty to spice things up! Soon I'll be hosting a poll for what new background we'll be using for the top of the page in the forums. So keep an eye out for the announcement with a poll link coming soon after I collect enough images for you to choose from ^.^ Note: To keep with the theme of being awesome and badass, you can expect some heavy armor action like the following theme!
  5. Konbanwa everynyan~ Consider this a repository for any fanction ideas you may have regarding a specific IP - SAFE FOR WORK only ideas, please ^.^ If anyone has a good fanfic for Love Live! I'd really enjoy reading it! Those girls are so cute and their battle to overcome the challenges of being underdog idols always gets me Don't be shy! Give it a go ^.^ If we get enough stories here we can probably finagle our own subforum for Shenanigans, maybe combined with VN playthrus and video anime/manga review Ganbatte! Edit: Since a few peopl
  6. This is going to be a thread where non-weebs can ask (serious) questions about anime and mango, and the generalized stereotypes surrounding it. Im sure me, and several other willing resident anime fans will be willing to answer your questions! ask away!
  7. As the title and poll imply, what brings you here? I'm intrigued.
  8. Well? I am looking forward to the new team battle format.
  9. Hey, I'm FixerReloaded and I am looking for a clan that shits on shitters whether it's cw or sh I am pretty active since I don't have a social life of any sorts so I can be online a lot every day of the week I have four t10s and can buy three more Tanks I own: T-62A OBJ. 140 IS-7 AMX 50B all dank tanks in their own regard Tanks I can buy: M48 SHITTON The shit Object 268 HE-100 I already dropped tags and it will update soon Mami you shitter
  10. i like anime and tanks and 2hu and im pretty mediocre at the game but im not bad so yeah hi
  11. BULBA Anime club will soon have a Ramen Cook Off!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS! WINTER BULBA ANIME MEETING IS INCOMING! DECEMBER 20TH! We will give everybody 15 minutes to make a dish related to ramen, and then we will share our delicious creations! Instead of using just a picture to share our creations, we will try to share our dedication to the dishes we have created by recreating them in MS Paint, as well as writing a Haiku about how lovely the smell was and how delectable the taste was. Hopefully with this new an improved way of sharing our feelings over the internet, we can m
  12. This thread should serve as a center for the betterment of artistic skill, namely drawing. Materials such as the following should be dumped here with rigor: Advice and instructions on drawing will also be welcome. Feel free to ask questions, and hopefully someone who actually knows something about drawing will come along and answer them.
  13. Noticed of all the fan clubs, one for Attack on Titan didn't exist, and I personally think the Anime thread doesn't give it nearly enough credit. So. Ta ta!
  14. Greetings! Looking for a large and built up community based around the GuP anime? Also looking for a clan that is active in Clan Wars and in tournaments? Then look no farther than the GuP Alliance clan Pravda! Located on the NA server, we are now recruiting active members for Clan Wars and tournaments! We do require communication and the ability to cohesively work together as a team in a Clan wars battle setting. Stat requirements are as such: 1200 most recent WN8 A single Tier 10 Tank TS3​ Please contact: Ivan0089, mogymog, winterblaze, KnightedSpartan for mor
  15. I doubt any anime clans recruit here, but it's worth a shot... Copy pasta: Yes, my member title is the best.
  16. Hey, you there! Yes, you. Sitting there, staring at your screen. Do you feel bored, and perhaps just a little unfulfilled? Yes, I thought so. Well, do I have the remedy to all that ails you! Brand new to the Clan market is PRVDA, an associate clan to Pravda Girls’ Academy. Now there of course a few requirements: Have a microphone, and be active on Teamspeak 1 Tier VI tank for Strongholds. Training sessions every other week Whew, what a list! Certainly you must be wondering just what PRVDA is hoping to do? Those answers are simple enough. PRAVDA is hoping to start up a confident
  17. I realize there's an Anime thread already, but everyone that loves anime has their favorite OP/ED (opening/ending) and appreciates a good one! This thread exists solely to share these videos, so please include an OP or ED with any posts in this thread by using the [ media][ /media] tags with the full youtube URL. Keep it limited to two videos max for each post please, as a wall of videos is displeasing. Also, refrain from posting "full" videos, unless there's something spectacular about the full version that just isn't captured by the anime release. I've been watching the videos for Monda
  18. Anime LN VN related discussion, go. Will rename if enough post is in.
  19. See title What's up with these guys? They're not petco but they're good at world of tanks but their guys keep getting banned from forums and stuff
  20. Hi I was told to register by Mami_Tamales I hope you can learn to accept me!!! I am a good guy
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