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Found 5 results

  1. Looking to see if anybody can assist with redesigning our Navy unit logo? It has to be volunteer work, however I'd be happy to send you one of the first patches/decals once the Navy approves the artwork, and a small gold package as a token of appreciation. I have the components for the redesign and can email them to your personal email for review. PM for more details.
  2. I'm looking for someone to make Some Simple Worded logo's and Twitch Panels for me that take more "Artistic Skill" than I have If you are Interested PM Me for more Details.
  3. Hi all, I was wandering if any of you could tell me what could I have done to win this game. I believe I did alright, excluding the last 10 secs of battle. I knew the enemy grilled would be aiming where I was for, I had been spoted before in that position, so I had in mind to fire a HEAT to the TOG2, kill it, and thus go forward hoping to avoid the fact that the grille would most likely shoot at my rear thinking that I might go backwards. But it failed. Any opions in general? Btw, thanks for taking your time Link for replay: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=90535#team
  4. BULBA Anime club will soon have a Ramen Cook Off!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS! WINTER BULBA ANIME MEETING IS INCOMING! DECEMBER 20TH! We will give everybody 15 minutes to make a dish related to ramen, and then we will share our delicious creations! Instead of using just a picture to share our creations, we will try to share our dedication to the dishes we have created by recreating them in MS Paint, as well as writing a Haiku about how lovely the smell was and how delectable the taste was. Hopefully with this new an improved way of sharing our feelings over the internet, we can make great memories during the upcoming winter holidays. :^) To prepare for our special anime club event, I figured I would get some practice! This way we can use this as an sample for the real event. Since I cannot prepare any food tonight, I will just use a snack that I have unfortunately finished already. I'm going to use a bag of Doritos I already finished. Here is a picture of my snack. K. Now it is time to convey my enjoyment and delight for my snack through a few pieces of art I shall now create. Okay that may or may not have been in MS Paint. Fine. Now for the haiku! Doritos By Tum crunchy Doritos extremely cheesy flavor hot damn that was good Now it's your turn! What did you eat today? Edit: It was just vitamin C I swear EDIT Since no one else wanted to join in. I'll just continue sharing my beautiful art with myself. -hmf-. This was my brunch earlier... Let's get back to my favorite steam game! MS Paint! I have more hours logged in MS Paint than I do anything else. :^) And then on to the totally non-weeb art form of Haikus! Muh Pork By Tum Meat is kinda gross When you buy it raw n stuff But cooked, dayum shits gud Btw, if anyone knows any good ways to prepare pork chops n stuff, let me know. I have no idea what I'm doing.
  5. So - I have a German artillery crew (was on a Hummel, just moved it to a GW Panther which I had bought on sale pre 8.6) and an S-51 for sh*ts and giggles. I was honestly never very good at arty but it was fun to one-shot things and listen to the rage. I've played maybe 12 games in my arty since the new patch, and I hate it. But maybe I'm not giving it enough time, and also only have high tier arty right now so the learning curve is (might be) quite steep. I can sell all my arty at a decent profit (bought them all before they were up-tiered in 8.6) free up some garage spots and also at least 1 really good crew, or I can put in the pain to try and relearn how to play arty, either by buying a something lower tier in the German tree or maybe starting the brits / french. Thoughts and Opinions?
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