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Found 45 results

  1. Just a random thought, has trying to get counter battery play "buffed" in arty been gone over at any point? ie: if your screen is near a tracer you get a little screen indicator similar to a directional hit marker in the direction of the tracer, Have arty fire actual tracer rounds. Possible give artillery a bonus (xp/credits, maybe a special medal) for killing other arty as well as an incentive. It seems like it would be a nice little addition to arty. (a link would be nice if something already exists)
  2. Strictly speaking, I can't put any platooned games under my solo challenge thread so here is the collection of the random games where I'm lucky arty doesn't rape me in the first minutes. I swear I won't make anymore boasting topics -.- First one; object 140 is hard to play yo - 1.6k base xp AMX 50B stronk - 7k dmg Older one that I posted somewhere, can't remember...
  3. Have something that bothers you? Wonder about why people play arty? Any idea, any category, just be original. I am literally stuck for any idea. Hoover slippers? Meh. Funny ideas will get a cyberpixel kitten too.
  4. Ok, so I am going to start a reroll arty account that is solely dedicated to arty. Due to time limitations, "full time" WoT playing is just not possible right now(noticed 100 WN8 drop). The solution? One hand on mouse, other hand on whatever. I want this account to be a "community created" account so, I need you guys to decide a few things for me. (Too poor to spend prem on this account so, gonna take a while to grind). Name of arty account What arty tech tree to play Catchphrase after one shot arty party? Boorritos or Tahcohs Also, what are your expectations of this account? (WR, WN8) What is the best arty to pad with? Discuss.
  5. I swear its the same dudes hiding with snipers (Edit: and spamming mortars) in Battlefield that play fartillery in World of Tanks! Just as annoying! Me and my clanmate, busketboof, were talking about and and now my TS3 avatar is this:
  6. At the moment I run: EGLD - obvious choice. helps aim time. Camo Net - helps me stay invisible in fairly aggressive positions Binocs - weird choice because I don't know what else to put on I can't run Vents because it's 'open top' and can't run Rammer because autoloader. The only other viable choice (in my opinion) is the Medium Spall Liner because helps if someone is trying to counter me or ram me. However it will make me slower, which partially negates the point of Batchat Arty. I'm probably gonna get laughed at for using binocs but it did come in useful a couple of times when I was left alone to reset cap or unable to leave concealment without getting spotted. So yea. Spall Liner, Binocs, or something else? What do you guys run? Thanks,
  7. Hello, Something which has always bothered me: Why does Wargaming not make a no-arty gamemode? We have gamemodes, WG knows a lot ot players dont like arty and WG knows a lot of players like arty The easiest solution would thus be: Create a new game-mode, exactly the same as randoms, but without arty (they are locked from this gamemode) The only reasons i can think why WG would not do this is: - 1: There would be very little players playing this - 2: Its technical not possible to create a game-mode where one class gets locked - 3: WG fears cry for a no-td or no-heavy tank game-mode Or the main reason (i think): - 4: no Arty game mode would be the beginning of the end... If there are 3000 players of which 150 are arty, it means 5% arty, or in 3 games (90 players) players this equals to 4.5 artys, so 1 game with 2 arty on both side and 2 games without arty). If there is a no-arty game-mode and 1000 players go to there, there are 2000 tanks and 150 arty, or 7.5%, which means in 3 games (90 players) 6.75 (about 7), so either 1 game with 3 arty on both side, or 2 games with 1-2 arty on both side. The relative increase of arty + more people discovering no-arty game-mode, might lead to a increase of lets say 1500 players and 150 arty, in 3 games (90 players) this means 9 arty, so 2/3 games will have 2 arty, or all games have atleast 1 arty. Since there is (relative) more and more arty, people who at first didnt both might also start to swap to no-arty mode if 300 more leave and its onlu 1200 / 150, that means that for 3 games (90 players) there will be almost 11 arty, all 3 games have about 2 arty on both sides... This might create an endless loop of less players, relative more arty, less players, more arty in the end leading to and endless arty-party crap.... In the most extreme case there will be almost every game 3-4 arty, meaning WG will be forced to ``do something`` But nerfing wont be a solution anymore, since even if arty numbers drop most likely a small percentage of no-arty mode players wont come back.... (atleast i wouldnt...) Is point 4 too far fetched, or is this indeed the reason we wont get a no-arty gamemode?, The risk of opening Pandora`s box is quite high, especially since the last 2 major changes times, gold ammo and tier 10 med/td, didnt turn out to be that amazing (at best the game became a tiny bit better, imo it became much worse) ps: it might also lead to strange balancing problems, WTF-E100 in arty-partys is far less gamebreaking as in no-arty mode, same autoloaders will be better off in arty-partys as in-no arty mode (no arty = more flanking = more attacking = bad for autoloaders (as T69 or T57) which are good in stalements)
  8. I play arty quite a bit, maybe 40% of the time, in all arty lines except the British (and would like to think I have some competence beyond the basic point and shoot in god mode). My favourites (and most frustrating) are the French, for their mobility, camo and rate of fire. They are just more fun, as a whole. (Plus, I have the leFH as a 'trainer'... gotta luv that thing). My trouble with the line, and especially the B-C 155 55 tier 9, is the lack of damage. (I know they don't have the alpha of other same-tier arties, but I have to find ways to deal more damage regardless). So, I am wondering how to improve my damage output - and what would be 'decent' stats for dmg ratio and kill ratio for this thing? That is a little open-ended, and I can't ask people to review all my replays... so, just some advice specific to the B-C 155 55 would be appreciated. At the moment (after 360 battles), my dmg ratio is 5.62 and kill ratio is 1.41 - these seem a little low. (Mind you, most of these battles have been during the 8.11/9.0 releases where 'ghost shells' have been and still are a problem). Any constructive advice would be appreciated. TIA
  9. In the late game of World of Tanks, getting a good opposing artillery player out of the game is a huge boost for your chance to win. However, whenever I try to eliminate them (usually in meds) I more often than not lose a whole bunch of hp and occasionally my tank. For example, take this game, where I try to draw the arty out in the late game but instead get shot in the face and it cost us the game. http://www.wotreplays.com/site/964032#sand_river-gkenny-object_140 I think I made some bad calls at the end there, so feel free to tell what you would've done there. So I guess my main question is what are some tips for going after a good arty player, especially if they know I'm coming?
  10. Forgive me father for I have sinned For I have played arty and further tainted my garage. So I've heard about the crazy arc of the british tier 5/6 arty and wanted to give them a go. And have been thoroughly chewed in tier 6 CW by the little chihuahua FV's and have had people recommend them and of course, I've seen replays on how fast and how crazy the gun arc is. So you could say I was Interested. I free XP'd all the way to the bishop (Didn't have enough to go through) so I decided I'd play it, thinking it would be horrific and I'd have to only do X2's for a few weeks. But I soon found out it is not at all bad. Setup: Stats so far: 23,000 XP ground out just today First game, 4 kills, 1600 damage Spoiler: Dem graphics Best games today: (*Me being good@scumbag) I do not advocate playing arty But damn, Thing reloads in 11.5 seconds at 93% crew/rammer/vents, The flight time is long and im still getting used to it. But this is the thing, It DROPS shells onto the engine deck and about 20-30% of the time you hit for 400-500 damage and a somewhat rare, you set them on fire along with that 400-500DMG
  11. Hi there, some of you may know me from the forums in here or on the NA server. I'm an open-minded guy (until topics go about arty) that loves to learn new things (age: 20 in July). More specifically, in WoT, I'd like to learn/participate in some skirmishes, tournaments, whatever that gives me free gold and fun in the form of team-play. Until now, I've never had the opportunity to participate in these events because time zone/school/laptop/... If don't have a profile of me, I started playing this game ~2years ago and have played almost only pubs (30ish TCs I think). That said, I will most likely be a burden to your team unless I can learn your tactics quickly. Like I said, I have no problem learning (through youtube/whatever) but you'll have to point me in the right direction. Tonks I have/had (no problem rebuying things): Germans: all until t9 except ferdi and the two panthers Americans: all until t9 except pershing and the cancers USSR: all until t9 except fagtillery French: all until t9 Brits: @ tortoise and 4202 researched, t6 for the heavies + go-cart Chinese: bought 121 through light line and got the 110 Japanese: lel So I'm looking for a competitive team that wouldn't mind loading in a complete noob. When do I have time for this?* June: ~17th ish until July (normally everyday) July: can't tell you but I'll have work, so probably a couple of days/week max August: normally every day, all month long** September: first 2 weeks max If anyone reading this has the time to explain/link differences between skirmishes, tournaments etc feel free (never really looked into them). Sorry for wasting your time if it turns out I'm worthless/other. * if I say everyday, I'm not going to stay up until 5am every day, but I don't mind doing some trainings a couple hrs earlier or waking up early **going to depend on the amount of exams I'll have to redo and other TL;DR Noob @ e-sports wants to make gold, explore the ways of siriz clams (not looking to join one) and have some fun in the summer.
  12. http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/44/special-stormy-may-day/ Arty special for this weekend on the EU server. Meanwhile, the US gets an XP event for top three players.
  13. Crucify me, clicker-haters, but I want to ask about the viability of arty now in comparison to pre-nerf arty. I was at high-tier German and Russian arties before the nerf, and want to know how useful / accurate they are. Info on the other lines would be appreciated as well. I remember the good old days when heavy tanks were a tight fit inside the aiming circle of a SU-14. Is arty still that useful now? Thanks all.
  14. First Wotlab post... Here it goes My Basic Idea Scouts. Scouts are the most under-rated class in the game at the moment. Even below arty at points I feel. Scouts like the A-20 are broken, and could use buffs to compensate. What would it accomplish though you may ask? Two things I feel would happen. 1) obviously less complaining by the scouts of "Im a dang tier 4 in a tier 8 battle" 2) It would allow arty to more effectively see tds and other tanks. This in the end would be a minor buff to arty, as more spots would be to their disposal (A small arty buff is needed imo) Arty would be able to hit TDs sooner, and possible knock them out of the game before they became a huge problem. A minor nerf to certain TDs are in store, only the Foch 155 and SU-122-44 come in mind for me, but not so wide-spread as they are suggesting. I realize it is a minor nerf to tanks like the T110s (not the 5) and more major to the 268 and Foch 155. Lets go over the major problems of TDs 1) Camo, scouts would thus light them up and reduce this problem 2) Armor, arty should be able to hit TDs more effectively and reduce this problem as well 3) Speed, a minor nerf would have to be in store for the TDs that shouldnt need it 4) Gun (Such as Alpha or ROF or a combo), for the most part, TDs have to have a good gun. What does TD stand for again? Tank DESTROYER, Not Tank Bouncer. Guns for most should stay the same. Again situational depending on the tank. Improved scouting would be a great plus for this game. More xp and awards should be given out to scouting tanks. Add some sort of Epic Reward possibly. Patrol Duty is a great scouting reward, scout not near as much but it is up there. How to improve scouting, here are my suggestions - Decrease TD camo minorly. (They still have to be kinda high up there) - Improve scouts turning ability - Improve view radius - Possibly may have to nerf gun or increase MM for certain scouts (They may become too OP due to the increased turning speeds) Honestly this isnt a lot, but I would think improved scouting would help our current situation much more than swinging the nerf hammer. TL;DR Improved scouting should fix TDs Sorry for the long post. If you disagree, don't just hit that big red button, explain. There is nothing I hate more than unexplained negative rep, I want to know why you disagree with me. This is my idea, it may be a cruddy one. What do you guys think? ~Happy Hunting! P.S. WG release Assisted Damage publicly for us scout players! My WN8 suffers because of my scouting. Also I cant seem to get rid of this highlighted part :/ I copied part of it from a forum post and it wouldnt undo for me.
  15. Am I to understand that the third highest WN8 player on the NA server is an all arty player? http://wotlabs.net/na/player/TD42 I really don't know what to say about this....
  16. So - I have a German artillery crew (was on a Hummel, just moved it to a GW Panther which I had bought on sale pre 8.6) and an S-51 for sh*ts and giggles. I was honestly never very good at arty but it was fun to one-shot things and listen to the rage. I've played maybe 12 games in my arty since the new patch, and I hate it. But maybe I'm not giving it enough time, and also only have high tier arty right now so the learning curve is (might be) quite steep. I can sell all my arty at a decent profit (bought them all before they were up-tiered in 8.6) free up some garage spots and also at least 1 really good crew, or I can put in the pain to try and relearn how to play arty, either by buying a something lower tier in the German tree or maybe starting the brits / french. Thoughts and Opinions?
  17. First of all, I apologize if this is in the wrong spot. I feel that my arty playing is ok, but I feel like I am missing out on some key information/strat that will take me to the next level. I find more often then not I try to go for the easy damage, when I should be pushing for the harder to hit shot. I realize I should prioritize and try to hit arty>TDs>autoloaders in roughly that manner, as well as help out teammates when in need. I struggle sometimes though with prioritizing targets. Attached I have a replay from my most recent batchat arty game. Note; I do a horrible job of moving after each shot with the bat chat (all my other arty i move immediately, but since its an autoloader, i hate to make the reticle reset). Defeat!, Bat Chatillon 155 58, Mines, 7/21/13 2:32 AM: 325 nXP, 2,952 dmg
  18. I moved this from the 'Arty Tears' thread because it got buried in all the poo-flinging there. Any constructive answer would be appreciated! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a dumb, but honest question: What is the complaint regarding arty hitting moving tanks about? Honestly, I hit moving tanks all the time while playing arty, but it is not anything like a 'snap shot.' -It is more like 'predictive analysis.' I see a tank entering an area I move my reticle where I think he will be moving through in 10+ seconds I wait for my bloom to settle to minimum I make small adjustments based on the tank's updated trajectory or abort shot I fire ahead of the tank to compensate for shell flight time I hope tank continues on vector and RNG does not screw me Given the amount of variables involved and that any minor course or speed change by my target can throw this off or just a plain old RNG fail can break this chain, I really don't understand the persistence and vehemence of the 'hitting moving targets' beef. This ability certainly never felt OP to me. I rarely get hit by arty on the run, but I juke and stutter precisely for that reason. I fail to see how it is different than putting your gun ahead of a moving tank and leading it other than it is orders of magnitude less effective. Not trolling, just baffled. For context: I have played up to what was tier 7 arty (GWT/M41) and am probably just 'decent' at it. I have been on vacation and have not played tanks since 8.6
  19. Ok, I have tried to adapt and I just find the 'accuracy buff' entirely absent. I have to wait way too long to take a fully-aimed shot, then watch it fall short or go wide just like it used to. SPGs are going on the shelf. Working as intended. Please Enjoy: Edited out OP's self-portrait. -Private_Miros If you want to whine, take it to the WoT forums, if you want a constructive discussion on how arty now functions, start one here.
  20. I posted this in the Garbad Arty discussion, but that has become a poo-flinger without any discussion of the 8.6 arty changes. I was wondering if anybody knew the logic behind removing tracers. AFAIK, tracers are really only useful to other arty doing CB, and I can't imagine a reason why you would want to make arty in the backfield safe to sit still back there and shoot with impunity. Is the idea that with the longer aim-times in 8.6, arty needs to be safe from CB pressure?
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