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Found 10 results

  1. Hello WotLabs, I'm an off-and-on player (mostly at tiers 5 and 6, currently) who's usually into games like KSP, Factorio, or Space Engineers, but every few months I get the urge to shoot pixel tanks. I first came across this place a few years ago when I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong in my Churchill I (my first tier 5 tank). I'd had almost two hundred battles in it with something like a 35% winrate, and was starting to feel really quite bad for the teams that I was on. (It turned out that I was doing a lot of things wrong, and not just in my Churchill. I think
  2. So I've bought a new german toaster but the thing keeps giving me burnt toast. I mean the moment I try to fire the 88mm gun, it seems everyone realizes that the toaster is there and they all come to try and steal my toast! So the toaster can't keep up with the demand of toast and the thing just blows up. And this is with a camo net deployed! So are there any tips on how to make better toast or should I just free exp to the nash?
  3. Hello friends, I am NOTsillyputty and I am a experienced clan wars caller. What I want is to join an active clan wars clan that is not affiliated with any power block (EG, PETCO, Havok, subclans, etc) - then teach them how to be good. So, if you are a clan that is: THIRSTY Active and fighting every night Bad Not a subclan Not a reroll clan Not a new 'elite' clan Not Millard's vanity clan Not mostly old people (if the TS is people talking about their wives, children or jobs i'm out) Then I might be able to help you!
  4. I don't think we have one of these threads yet. Post up with what tanks you're planning to put your campaign camo on and post sightings of campaign camo! Last night I saw Tedster's ConqGC with campaign camo, as well as a random green pubbie with an E-50 decked out in campaign camo. I've already decked out my CGC with the camo. Gonna save the German camo for whenever I get a Maus. Can't decide on Super Persh or M60 for my 'Murican camo.
  5. Just ran across this on FTR, might be useful tidbit to know. - according to developers, there has been some mistake earlier in explaining the viewrange, so – this is how it is: a damaged viewport (yellow) still gives you 100 percent viewrange, red viewport gives you 50 percent viewrange - the difference between a yellow and white (undamaged) viewport is only the number of its hitpoint remaining and – indirectly – its vulnerability, since next hit might knock it out completely Hopefully this might help some of yall. I know a couple times that I was in a TD or FCM 50t and got viewports
  6. 2 man platoon of me and orange_eater, we dished out the majority of the damage, drove the most distance, got 11 kills combined. Final kill came at 25 seconds left on the timer from a grille trying to cap us out. I think I drove around the whole damn map twice, lol.
  7. From FTR: - Storm “wants to level the profitability of all tier 8 premium tanks to the current Jagdtiger 88 level” (SS: this most likely means an improvement to the majority of tier 8 prems, as Jagdtiger 88 is currently third from above in profitability, according to Storm) This could be a good thing for those of us without JT88's.
  8. From a recent FTR: - Q: “If – as you said – the battle chat serves to coordinate your team, why is there the possibility to talk to enemy team?” A:”So you can call them noobs of course”
  9. My wife just looked at me like I was a lunatic. Checked my stats on WoTLabs and saw I'd hit 60 day blue. Queue shouts of excitement while my wife rolls her eyes and tells me I'm a nerd. Mad props and epic thanks to all of you on here for the threads, guides, advice, etc. Also thanks to everyone better than me that has platooned with me and slapped me around a few times when I do stupid shit. Stupid excited right now. And my 30 day is over 1700. My next goal is to see if I can improve enough to hit 60 day purple BEFORE 30 days has elapsed. *edited* 60day purple now!!
  10. I've played a few (maybe a dozen or so) TC's so far. Aside from a night joking around with all TOG's, it wasn't fun. Even when I found a team composed of semi-decent (see: possibly not braindead) players, there was no coordination or common sense, orders from the caller were either A) not followed or B) followed when the order was absolutely stupid and suicidal. So far it's worse than playing with pubbies. I have a headset, TS3, push-to-talk setup so I'm not annoying. I'm used to following orders from my clan on Mechwarrior: Online. Problem is, I just don't know anyone on this game. My que
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