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Found 18 results

  1. Looking for a clan to get back into competitive play. I haven't played much CW since the 3rd campaign ended, and none since 2.0 came out. I've heard CW 2.0 is shit, but I'd be available anytime that didn't interfere with skirmish times. Haven't played much SH, and would like to give it a try with a group that can win. I would also like to find a group to play Weekday Warfare with. (Admitted gold whore, just call me Anna Nicole) A clan that will be giving the next campaign a go would be a +, but not a must have since I'm looking for a place to call home long after that. A clan wi
  2. I've been on this forum for a long time, and I don't think reading is doing it for me anymore. I'm looking for a shitter green friendly mentor who's willing to help me through the movements of a unica. I don't flex, because I really don't know when to flex, and the proper way to do that. I took time off the game and WOWE MUCH MAP CHANGE SUCH WOW, and I have a severe case of head-up ass. Tanks I want to get good in right now: M46, SuperP, and the E5. If you can teach me how to properly play the 1375, I'll cry sweet tears. I have a mic, and TS, but I doubt you're going to want to hear me. I
  3. http://youtu.be/oBOTZnP5bQs go to 12:20 and listen to the angry ruski he rants annoyingly for like a minute about how an E-100 focused him when he was 400meters away for all RNGesus, arty, pub rage, whatever I don't give a damn for it, it's annoying as hell. I'm sure nogg after a long day at work enjoyed coming home to play with me or some other guy (I'd usually stay in same channel, so I didn't have to toon with him to know what was going on) and then a nerd. And then have the nerd cry about pubbies camping, or arty hitting him in a really obvious place to pre-aim, or how he missed or s
  4. For quite some time now, I've been stuck at blue recent stats, and I feel like I'm having real trouble progressing beyond. I improved via the Kewei Way for quite some time, but ironically and weirdly, I seem to have stopped improving through it at the intended statistical level of play where it should start really working wonders. Now, this might seem a little bit counter-intuitive, but I don't want an overall dark purple to mentor me. This is because, as MaxL explained to me, so many of the issues that I deal with regularly have their correct solutions internalized in his mind, so it's ha
  5. I've been complaining more loudly than an unpaid whore lately, and wanted to give everyone the chance to point and laugh offer advice. In short, I played 100 Leo PTA games recently and did quite well. I decided to tackle my old nemesis, the T-62A, to see if I had become good@tanks, or was simply good@PTA. If you're interested in the gory details: I've picked out 6 of my top scoring games, damage wise. They average out to over 5100 dpg, over 3 KPG, and a 33% win rate. I figure the best examples of "doing it wrong" would be games where the score looked good, and a player might be
  6. Back when I was playing the ELC, I was always told to play it like a pocket tank destroyer or a heavily passive scout. That made sense to me since it was fast, had a 175 penetration / 240 damage, and apparently had great camouflage values with the disadvantage of not having a fully rotational turret. I had some success in it and enjoyed it, even if at some points I was bored with the supposed play style. The AMX 12t has been another completely different can of worms to deal with. With the use of a fully rotational turret, I believed I could get a better role as more of an active scout (whi
  7. So, I've finally made it to a 50% overall winrate, and I would like to thank you all here for helping, advising, carrying, and not kicking me for being a complete shitposter. I would really like to, in particular, give my thanks to: Never, for creating this awesome community rocketbrainsurgeon, for posting the extremely informative guides everyone who's willing to platoon with me in the Wotlabs channel, for putting up with my potato gameplay I hope to improve further over time, and look forward to becoming a purple!
  8. Ok, so I'm looking to build my own rig for the first time. I'm a scrub at this, so not really looking for overclocking, fancy LED light shows, or other complicated shit right now. I'm looking to run WoT at maximum graphics comfortably, and hopefully cover whatever games I get into afterwards. Budget is $1400, keeping in mind I'm in Canada. Ripriprip. Here's roughly what I'm looking at so far: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/3a5D3 Thoughts? Am I putting too much cash in some places and not enough elsewhere? Please try to keep it in terms that I can understand
  9. I am that guy who thinks British heavy tanks are actually good. I am that guy who will drive backwards into a AMX Foch-155 with a T1 Cunningham, fully expecting to detonate his ammo rack without firing a single shot. I am that guy who will assume Artillery always has him pre aimed and wont push a flank, blaming his teammates that they didn't carry hard enough. I am that guy who thinks HE is a good idea. I am that guy that will camp beside the Waffentrager E-100 in his IS-6 (After fail platooning into a game), shooting randomly behind him trying to get that scout tank from killing our artillery
  10. This poast consists of three parts: Introduction, statistics analysis and a fairly specific question on making m103 work under the conditions I'm often forced to face in pub matches on EU servers. I've bolded the beginning of all parts for your convenience, feel free to skip some (or all ) sections. As an intro: I've had my m103 for about a month now and I'm struggling to make it work. I free exped the second gun, and have already researched the turret, radio and suspension. I have it fully equipped (vert stab, rammer, vents, full set of consumables). I mostly fire AP, but a few rounds each o
  11. So I have this burning question to ask, imagine being in a tank with really bad view range and that there is a TD that has way better view range and vantage spot and I don't have enough HP to approach it and kill it, what should I do? Here is Situation 1 in my Arl 44
  12. Can anyone give me some tips on playing the Chinese 112 and/or some replays to watch? My IS-6 is recently crossed 2k DPG and climbing and since I started up the Chinese heavy line I decided to buy the 112. I knew that the side armor would be horrible and that I need to cover the lower plate but the gun handling is just awful. The impulse on the gun is awful, shots flying anywhere but on target. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  13. So I have heard lots of people mention the WoTLabs forum while I badpoast on the official WoT forum, and quite honestly I have no idea what caused me to wait so long to visit. I've been reading all kinds of topics full of useful information for the last few days and decided to actually introduce myself, as I would love to eventually become a helpful and contributing member of this community. First, though, I have to get rid of my serious case of the bads that has been plaguing me since forever. This introduction is liable to be an intense case of tl;dr, but I'd really like to have a 100% hon
  14. I have had 60 light purple stats for a while now, but I feel like I am not improving my game. I've been playing a lot of higher tiers, and almost all of my tier 10s have higher average damage then health. I watched streams of unicums and taok notes, learned about the spotting mechanics, and improved my survivability. My question is, what can I do to take my game to the next level?
  15. This past week has been frustrating and strange. My sig shows the results, with a more complete picture here -> http://wotlabs.net/na/player/mrmoonlight tl;didn't click: oh nos!! WR is dropping!! However, damage done, WN7, ave xp are all rising. Am I improving with the small tasks of tanking and failing on the win? Not carrying hard enough? not doing my part? too much potato? These numbers are bothersome. I feel like I'm getting better at positioning, living longer during the matches, playing better than before, but the wins are coming fewer. Is the question just to vague?
  16. So yesterday I had a purple 60day wn7 of about 1729, today I checked my wotlabs and its blue at 1604. Yesterday I had an avrg dmg of ~1800 so what the hell made my 60day wn7 go down by 125 in 1 day -_-
  17. Got Malinovka (south spawn) in my M103 tonight. It was a Tier X match with 3 arty per side, I decided to head for the hill because I didn't see much benefit in camping at base and waiting to get artied. Only a T54E1 and T-54 headed for hill initially, they got up there before I did and I got near the top in time to help them finish off a 111. Enemy didn't have any other tanks on the hill, we ended up advancing to the far edge and taking out an E75 but in the process lost the T54E1 and an E75 that had followed up the hill later. T110E5 that came up with the E75 pulled onto the edge looking f
  18. So seeing as this is my first thread on the shiny new WoTLabs Forums , I'd like to say very nice job and thanks for the sanctuary away from ignorance. Anyhow the time has arisen for me to pick tanks back up and truly improve at higher tiers. I have managed to grasp medium TC's, tier 8 premiums, and typical stat padding tanks well(Improvement is relative). But I still encounter difficulty whilst using end tier vehicles that do not include arty. Specifically the M103 and Lorraine 40T, in short my play style is often to aggressive for my own good thanks in part to ignorance and both vehicles
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