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Found 11 results

  1. So i thought of a stupid way to fix ranked battles. Every tank should get an exp modifier based on the tank's strengh, kinda like the with the wn8. So for example arty gets a 0,8 exp multiplier, chieftan/279 get a 0,6, whereas shit tanks like the RHM get a 2,2 ect. Ofc these are just some random numbers. With this system people could maybe try bringing non meta tanks and there could be a bigger variety of tanks and therefore games could be less cancerous. On the other hand it could backfire as people would a) just use tanks with a good strengh/exp ratio Or b) just use str
  2. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/preferential-matchmaking-fixes/ According to WG they realized they were making a mistake by trying to change the pref MM tanks to regular premium tanks. So preferential MM will be kept but those tanks will be buffed to fit better the meta. (Lol FCM mobility and Type 59 buffs) Also they are studying a new algorithm to fix the MM: "In its current state, the matchmaker often fails to ensure proper rotation between the top/middle/bottom of the list. Getting matched at the same position for several battles in a row slows down progression
  3. So WG is now testing the Polish tanks trying to milk their Polish player base, with a 750 alpha 2,6kHP and 2,4k dpm!!! (which was nerfed from the previous 2,5k same as the E5...as if 100dpm matters). Dispersion is not that bad (look at the turret rotation 0,096 on a 152mm gun) and with 8 degrees of gun depression it should comfortable enough. Practically a E100 with a turret that does not seem to be 2-2 pen. The crap part of it is the terrible 317 HEAT pen and bad power to weight, but good news it gets 1,1k HE dmg. Just like the old tds. Which means you can spam it and get 400-500 d
  4. I've been playing since CBT and cruisers definitely seem underpowered with respect to other classes. There's a number of reasons that this may be the case and I thought I'd outline them and some potential fixes to see what people think. 1. Lack of carriers Cruisers, especially American ones, have defensive fire and mostly good aa. Obviously this only helps if there are planes around. The problem is that carriers are very rare, especially at higher tiers. The way carrier play forces out bad players also means that hardly any carriers will just fly their planes through your aa so you g
  5. I started ice skating casually after my sister brought me to the local indoor rink last December. I've gotten to the point where I can propel myself along the ice for a reasonable amount of time without falling over, but I can't do much apart from that. The snowplough brake doesn't seem to slow me down much (not that I'm any good at it) and I haven't been able to get the hang of other braking techniques yet. To any experienced ice skaters, what would you suggest a newbie do to improve? Any techniques I should try to learn in particular, and in what order? Thanks.
  6. I’m not a great player, or even good most of the time, but I’ve played a ridiculous amount of a games. And after 30k games I think I understood it: World of Tanks is foremost a broken slot machine, dominated by random number generators (RNG) that can be manipulated in your favor. I seriously got WAY more calm once I had accepted the fact that there are a LOT of elements you can’t influence in each game. You have no control over: · the players. Every player falls into all kinds of categories, ranging from · aimbots, · a busy father, changing his baby’s diapers w
  7. If it is ST-I or ST-l, I'll probably never know. Don't care either, because this beast > World of Tanks. I like to compare it to the E-75, which is the one of the other 3 actual heavy tanks you can find in tier 9. Set-up is the same as all my other typical heavies (will put a nice picture here in the weekend - for now you'll have to enjoy the result of a ménage à troi that is integrated graphics, OS X and WoT) Main advantages Only tier 9 heavy tank that can actually hull down without converting cupola(s) to swiss cheese. Only high penetration guns can punch through the 'weak
  8. The Mother of all Derps, the SturmTiger. For years WG has been talking / testing about the sturmtiger, but now it seems it wont come, because `it cant be balanced`. While this would be true if WG is using the `normal` scaling for dmg and penetration, it doesnt mean those rules cant be bend. The sturmtiger is one of the more iconic tanks ever built, who cares for Pershing or IS3 if there is a sturmtiger? Most tanks are kinda boring or just an evolution of something, very few are ``special`` Just like the Maus is an absolute 100% must have in any ww2 tank game with prototypes, the sturmtig
  9. Many of us are not fans of the current meta. There has been some discussion already as to what sort of changes could be made to improve gameplay and balance. One idea that I am very much a fan of is reworking of the maps. I want larger maps with much more variety than there is now. I would much less mind areas like Tundra if there were areas similar to Prokhorovka surrounding it, where camo, vision and mobility could be used to influence operations within the area through Area control, where battles are one not only through vision control but maneuver warfare on a slightly larger scale
  10. I shall start with the timeline and description of PP Weight Rating. I realize it started terribly, didn't really show things properly at first, and is only in the most recent version getting better. Now that dossier files (and by extension, VBAddict) now have a better statistic I can use for defensive rating of the tanks (Shots Taken Without Damage vs. Damage Received Ratio), it will really help boost heavily armored tanks and hurt lightly armored tanks, like the rating should. Anyway, back in the beginning, I had this bright idea of finding a formula that would show overall balance of
  11. According to Verilogus's post, 8.6 brought some rather significant camo changes. He says he stopped playing the 268 and T-62A because their camo no longer cuts it like it once did. What do the rest of you all think? Has any tank been winning or losing the vision control arms race since the new patch? I'd assume the Fatton is winning, since it relies less on its camo and more on its view range advantage.
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