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Found 10 results

  1. Hey dudes, recently I was working on my Batchat MOE. I made it 87% ish and then hit a complete brick wall. Now I'm down to 79%. I have no clue on how to be consistent in this tank time to time. Either I'll get amazing RNG one game and all my shots hit or the first clip I take misses a few shots and I instantly get yolo'd. I think I have a problem with the early game and getting myself into situations I shouldn't. Do you guys take spotting roles in pubs at all or should I play passive as I feel I maybe playing too aggressive? I recently three marked my 50B so I somewhat understand autoloaders.
  2. Hey all I've started playing the batchat a little after a long break from the game and then getting myself up to speed with tiers 6-8 for a little while before touching my tier 10s. I like the bat, but can't seem to get consistent games with it. My main problem is what do to in the opening stages of the game, and when the enemy team sticks together and provides no real opening to clip anything. I've watched a lot of bat replays, so the obvious stuff I do know. I sometimes start with a scouting run, or even full-blown scouting when needed, but games tend to have 2-3 scouts now so that
  3. Hey guys, Since I've been playing Bat.Chat. a lot these days, and I find it quite enjoyable and capable tank (when I don't play like shitlord ). However, I've been searching a bit, but there isn't any consensus of proper and best loadout for pub games. There is dilemma of are optics worth it(vision based meta is gone, but tank is still capable of spotting?), GLD(gun is lacking in aim time department), vents(overall boost to tank). To complicate stuff more, ammo capacity is limited so some people don't carry HEAT, some like one clip, other people run two clips. Also, there is thing w
  4. My all time favorite and first tier X (still "fixing stats" years later) is subject to some changes. Since the general thread is full of nonsense I decided to make this topic where we can discuss these changes specifically in the case of the batchat. I'm going to try and track solo games so that I actually try. Obviously, there won't be data enough to compare seriously so what you'll get after my first batch of 9.9 games is just subjective "facts". Changes (planned for now) I'm not really all up to date with things like dispersion and ground resistance (I mean honestly, it's just a game). Wha
  5. I am looking for platoon mates from whom I can learn a thing or two from and who are close to my recent WN8. Thanks Rahin
  6. A while back I put together some sort of challenge for myself for the batchat. I'd love any sort of feedback, be it suggestions, someone else who wants to challenge me with a certain objective or anything else... I'm doing this because I love playing this thing, and it was my first X, so some stat repairing won't hurt. I'm also annoying you people with this because I seem to perform better when someone's watching over my shoulder (or at least when I have that feeling) The goal was/is to increase the stats as following: Get the victories up to 63% from 53%. I need to average ~65,54%. Rais
  7. At the moment I run: EGLD - obvious choice. helps aim time. Camo Net - helps me stay invisible in fairly aggressive positions Binocs - weird choice because I don't know what else to put on I can't run Vents because it's 'open top' and can't run Rammer because autoloader. The only other viable choice (in my opinion) is the Medium Spall Liner because helps if someone is trying to counter me or ram me. However it will make me slower, which partially negates the point of Batchat Arty. I'm probably gonna get laughed at for using binocs but it did come in useful a couple of times when I wa
  8. Any Tier X team need another player? Looking for gudfites. I can't make the Friday night battle, but I can be there all day Saturday and Sunday. Unless like, I break my hand or something.
  9. I wanna get myself a tier 10 med that's fun, fast, and you can just play it forever. My favorite tank was the WZ-132 with over 1,000 games played in it. I loved its camo (pre-8.6 anyway) rate of fire, and especially its speed and mobility, but I always felt its penetration and health was on the short end of the spectrum, considering the tanks it usually faces. I already have the T-62A and Object 140, and I'm close to the 121 but none of them tickle my fancy. Should I go for the E-50M, Leopard 1, or Batchat? Batchat appeals to me because of the ridiculous burst damage, high camo values, and
  10. Hello all! First post here and I'm hoping most of you gud players put up with this awful first post. Made this post in the WoT forums but the French med section apparently gets 1 view per day or something so this is just gonna be a copy paste. Wall of text warning- tl;dr at end of post. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Having recently got the BatChat, I admit I am terrible with it. After ~70 or so battles I have a laughably bad 40% in it despite my best attempts to carry or try to win. I'm maintain
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