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Found 2 results

  1. Just bought Panther II last week and use the coated optics that I have in the panther; so next to do was put binocs that i NEVER use to fill up the Panther' slots and this what happens: http://wotreplays.com/site/756811# Do you use to play with binocs on Medium tanks instead of optics? P.S.: I think that i did more than a half of the damage using them.
  2. I have an abysmal 39% winrate in my WZ-132, which is largely regarded as one of the best scout tanks in the game. Why is that? I've been trying to get early game damage to beef up my WN8 and getting myself killed. Well, now it's time to learn2scout and rescue my winrate in the Li'l Weez. I'm going to keep my gun quiet until late game and abuse view mechanics to scout my way to victory. I'll post every game replay on my journey to the pantheon of scouting greatness and I'd love to hear your criticism on my play! Some things I'll be changing in my WZ-132 gameplay: Keep the gun quiet. On maps with good bush cover, this will keep me alive and spotting. On maps like Himmelsdorf, I'm going to try to stay out of the fight until mid-to-late game unless I see a good chance to harass (e.g. flanking on Mt. Himmelsdorf). Move to another location if spotted. I'm going to try to scout on another flank if I'm ever spotted. XVM and Locastan's Last Known Location will be additional tools at my disposal. Spot tanks that my team can shoot at. My teammates will be my weapon of choice. I will also try to abuse my camo and maneuverability to keep my team in invisishot range to the enemy. Tweak equipment/crew for view abuse. I'm going to throw out the VStab and Rammer and run: Coated Optics - naturally. Binocs - for x-ray vision through bushes. The WZ-132 already has great camo and I feel this will work better than a camo net. Vents - eke out a little more view range, on-the-go camo, and maneuverability. 85mm gun - less weight and more useful in late game situations where I can circle a tank. Regular med kit, regular repair kit, and 100 octane - will swap the gas for Improved Rations once I get BIA. Commander skills - Sixth Sense and Camo. Gunner skills - Designated Target and Camo. Driver skills - Camo and Clutch Braking. Radio operator skills - Camo and Situational Awareness. Ultimately, I'm going to stop chasing damage as a primary goal. My goal for this challenge is "winrate über alles." The strange thing is that I bet my DPG will actually increase as I get more end game cleanup damage by surviving to deal that damage. Please join me on this journey from bad2gud in scout play and critique my replays! I'm looking forward to hearing your criticism and will report the effect that your suggestions have on my gameplay.
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