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Found 23 results

  1. Thoughts on the post 9.17.1 buff on the Centurion 7/1? The most significant change of course has been the top speed buff from 40 kph to 50 kph. And its a refreshing change of pace to not be outpaced by every other medium tank and lag behind some of the heavy tanks. Now I can afford to take more aggressive positions early on (the fact that you can contest the center hill on Mines (replay) within the first minute is a major change), have the option to change position and flank faster than before (prior to that i'd felt committed to whichever lane/flank I was in). The decent p/w of the tan
  2. The Matilda, a Tier-IV tank that is often underrated and ridiculed for its ponderously slow speed. However, it makes up its lack of speed with many other great strengths. For me, the Matilda is a Tier-V heavy in all but speed, HP, and damage-per-shot. Tank Stats: Hit Points: 340 HP (370 with upgraded turret)Engine Power: 174 hp (190 hp with upgraded engine)Speed Limit: 24 km/h (about 15 mp/h)Hull Traverse: 34 deg/sTurret Traverse: 34 deg/s Power/Wt Ratio 6.57 hp/t (7.17 hp/t with upgraded engine)Hull Armor: 75/70/55 mmTurret Armor: 75/75/75 mmView Range: 330 m (340 m with upgraded turret)Sign
  3. FV4202 is slowly becoming from the worst t8 prem med to the best. This is too great!! CentAX is pretty much the same the buff isn't that significant but Cent 7/1 also gets a big buff. The new characteristics of some British Medium tanks are soon to be tested on the Supertest server! British MTs have excellent elevation angles and a good view range, but unfortunately, the turret isn't strong enough for allowing you to fully take advantage of these top British vehicles. That’s exactly why we plan to improve the front armor of Medium tanks turrets starting from Tier VIII to Tier
  4. I finally unlocked the Conqueror. Thank goodness. The grind to it was utterly painful in this day and age of power creep. I'm trying to plan on what to do with crews for when I have the FV215b unlocked. Right now I have a 3.5 skill crew in the Conqueror and I plan on getting/keeping both the tier 9 and 10 in the line. Question is, which one benefits or needs a 4+ skilled crew more? Obviously they both would, but if you had to choose, which could perform almost as well with a 2 or 3 skill crew? For the second tank, I'll have to train a crew from the ground up. I'll probably use
  5. A thought just occurred to me regarding the current state of the game, and what it means for the Chieftain (if and when it is introduced to the game). Players have been clamoring for this thing ever since the British tanks were introduced, but perplexingly with the tier 10 having some experimental and non-existent prototypes, the FV215b and the FV4202. They replaced the FV4202 with the excellent Centurion Action X, but the FV215b remains. Now, the FV215b I'm sure has its utility and fans, and it does fit the role it was introduced in as a support heavy tank, reliant more on its firepower
  6. „WG is planning a Chieftain tech tree branch. They also plan other lines too, but let’s talk about this one for now. The Chieftain line will likely split from the Valentine, with most probable tanks to be in it being the A38 Valiant, AT-1, and the Heavy Valiant. The Chieftain will top it off as the tier 10. They were planning it since the last year’s summer or even earlier, I don’t recall that far. The line is still a prototype so it can always change its structure. In the last few months, WG changed the classification of the Chieftain from Heavy to Medium a couple of times, but right now, the
  7. After countless games, and I have been doing fine in the Charioteer up to then, i've yet to have Aced this tank. Until this match. This was a match back in patch 9.15, before Swedish tanks spammed the server and additional UI features like damage logs were added in 9.16.
  8. This was a game from patch 9.15, where i finally Aced my Conqueror, as well as complete HT-8 (T-55A) Enjoy!
  9. Apparently there's not a single topic about my favourite tier 6 tank, the Cromwell, so I figure I could start one. My loadout so far is: GLD, Rammer, Optics / Small medpack/repair + silver gasoline Crew skills: Cmdr: 6th + camo Gunner: Deadeye + camo Driver: Offroad + camo Radio: SA + camo Loader: SS + camo So far it's been working very well for me, and I'll be getting repair as my 3rd skill. The way I see it, if I actually get shot at half the tank goes to hell anyway, so even if I get repair faster it won't help me that much. I play it very much like I played my Chaff
  10. Just wanted to shamelessly share this thing I did: DPM thanks to loader Orange Pekoe I've heard some gripes about the FV201, and while it may have one of the smallest guns for a tier 7 heavy tank, I'm sold on its DPM. My stats on this tank aren't stellar so far, but mostly because I haven't been playing it as much as I'd like and ASIA server pubs.
  11. So, apparently the Chinese server already has the Chieftain Mark 6 ... somehow. Looks pretty good, but its supposed to still be in development. Good turret with weak but small-ish cupola, weak hull, good DPM, penetration, depression, and gun handling. Usuable HESH ammo. Honestly, it looks like it'll need a slight nerf before they actually release the tank. Also, the Chinese server already has it because ... um ... raisins. Opinions?
  12. http://thearmoredpatrol.com/2015/09/08/sentinel-ac-i-new-tier-iv-british-premium/ Stats: HP: 370 Engine: 11,81 hp Mass: 27,941 tonnes Power-To-Weight: 11,81 hp / t Max speed: 60,4 / 20 km / h Hull turning speed: 40 °/s Turret turning speed: 45,9 °/s Terrain resistance values: 1,055 / 1,151 / 2,11 View range: 350 m Radio range: 469,3 m Hull armor: 65 / 45 / ? mm Turret armor: 65 / 65 / ? mm Alpha Damage: 45 Penetration: 64 mm Rate Of Fire: 18,961 Damage Per Minute: 853,2 Reload time: 3,164s Accuracy: 0,355 Aiming time: 2,88s Depression/Elevation: -10 / +20 Pretty disappointed that it's not
  13. So I've been cruising this section and I noticed that there isn't a discussion thread about the tier 9 British heavy yet, so I figured I'd start one. The tank is of special interest to me as I'm currently grinding hard to get it, so any information you lot can give me about how to play it etc would be great. Because of this however, I can't really contribute much to this topic as of yet So a little backstory about this tank: Development of the tank begun in 1944 as the FV200 project was launched. These were to be a series of heavy tanks of approx. 60 tons, the main production var
  14. So I've got a bit of time in the coming days, expecting to reach a battle count of about 30. Haven't played regularly so I decided to use a comfy vehicle and hopefully show russian and number loving fgts what this thing can do. 3.333 dpg 900 assisted 62% Haven't played yet, but I believe there's an E-100 on track so the numbers might be inflated slightly, and WR will probably be lower than it should be. I'm not planning to upload replays unless someone specifically asks for it. Or maybe some exceptional games if those were to happen. Now I just need to find a way to track the
  15. I will preface this with the fact that I know full well that I'm not that good of a tanker, 1776 overall, so take this review/guide with a grain of salt. To all the Purple Poasters please feel free to tear me apart, I'm sure I fucked something up or am suggesting something wrong Constructive criticism is also welcome Good afternoon ladies and mentlegen! (or morning, or evening, or greetings from the future/past what have you) After a few PMs and poking from friends, I've decided to throw together a guide on one of my favorite tanks in the game: The tier 6 British medium, th
  16. Just got my conqueror few days ago, and felt pretty good initially with its brilliant gun handling. But now something is really making me struggle about playing this tank, and yes that is SPGs, the scumbags of the battlefield. Whenever I drive the conqueror, theres a dilemma for me: I either go front line and get concentrated by all enemy SPGs (unless theres a waffle on our team and he gets spotted first of course), or I sit back and watch my teamates die one by one(specifically talking about situation where my team is weaker). What is a good strategy to deal with this problem? How do I av
  17. Do you adore broken english? Do you like nearly unedited video's? Are you one of those crazy folks that love british mediums? Then this might just be for you! Brought to you by keyboard-less opponents.
  18. The British T10 heavy tank has a lot of attributes that are desired in a CW tank. It is reasonably mobile, has a good gun, is accurate on the move, has high DPM, APCR prem rounds, decent turret armor, large HP pool, surprisingly not terrible gun depression and good view range. However, despite all these advantages, it isn't considered to be useful in competitive play. Can someone explain to me why that is?
  19. First Ace Tanker in Centurion 1 Link to replay 14.37 - Turn around because no one is on 1-2 line 13.27- 10.29 - Engage in poking duel with T69 10.54 - Engage and destroy KV2 with the 107 Advance north 9.42 - 8.09 - Engage in sniping targets with inaccurate fire Return south 7.27 - last ally dies, 6 opponents remain 6.46 - engage and destroy IS6 on cap 6.20 - 5.48 - engage and destroy T44 5.48 - 5.38 - sit in the open tracked knowing the M12 had fired and I would have a second or so to get out once track repaired 5.25 - 5.04 - engage and destroy KV4 4.58 - 4.44 - engage and d
  20. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/07/30/british-tanks-final-decision/ Pretty much confirmed the new 10 would be the Action Cent X And the Tier 10 British heavy tank will be the Chieftain Mk.2. Discussirino. (sorry if this was already posted. delete if duplicate. move if in wrong place.) Edited in my opinion: It seems like a good change, buff to turret armour while keeping the 105. The main problem with the 4202 seemed to be its lack of turret armour compared to its lower tiered companions so its nice to see they fixed that.
  21. I recently finished my Comet grind which was a breeze to do and got to the tier 8 Centurion 1. 19 games in with the upgraded turret and gun, and I am sitting at 84% wr with 80:20 mix of solopub and platoon respectively, 2453 DPG, and an average of 1.3k exp per game, including an absolute monster of a game which set a new personal record for maximum experience in a battle. I feel that the Cent 1 is an underrated gem of a T8 med with a great blend of DPM, accuracy, mobility and armor where it counts (the turret). It's just so damn comfortable to drive, and the gun snap shots well, rarel
  22. Been asked for this a few times so I revived the CoH British voice mod. >>>>>>Download Me<<<<<< Click thumb for suggested volume settings Edit:- I have now added a Sixth Sense mod featuring a British voice & also a voice that informs you of when you are being capped. I have split the mods in to 3 parts so you can pick & choose what you want to use & set up to be used with Generic mod enabler (see below) >>>>>Generic Mod Enabler download<<<<<
  23. AS the titles says, for all you Centurion 7/1 owners, which Gun do you prefer to use on it? the 20 pounder B barrel, or the 105mm L7A1. I prefer the L7A1, simply because of that Godly Penetration, and alpha. even despite the low RoF, I find it just fits me better than the 20 pounder does. Discussion welcome.
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