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Found 10 results

  1. The links for sandbox application have gone up (RSR has the links for your relevant server). There are no requirements beyond signing up if anyone is curious, WG apparently is just going to pick a group from the people who bother registering. Also it appears there will be several iterations of the sandbox, with each iteration involving different people. Basically going to be a clusterfuck, but it should be a fun one
  2. Just when you thought you'd be safe behind that big rock/building, there's now a "mortar" mod to allow arty to fire at their high, indirect angle instead of the default low angle. Hopefully WG breaks this mod quickly. It should be pretty obvious to see in a replay.
  3. I think I did as well as I could right up until the end. The HE I lobbed at the T34 was to annoy him into doing something else, turns out it worked. All I can think of is I should have backed off the ARL in the end and just camped behind the hill. When the T29 blew up I knew that shot was supposed to be for me, I guess I should have backed off there? Or was this just cancer bullshit? I guess I should have saved my repair kit for 1 second later. T28 Prot arty.
  4. Something that puzzeld me just happened. I was in an M103 behind the windows in C3 on Himmelsdorf and a Bat-Arty kept pummeling me in the face dealing 450+ dmg per shot until I died. From the indicator I know that the Arty was in the J1/J2 area of the map, so no side shots. I don't play arty so I don't really know the trajectories their shots have, but how could he hit me? My guesses: He could hit every shot through the small window (because arty is inaccurate ) He was splashing on the wall above or below the window and somehow the splash reached me (but I thought the Ba
  5. waitwaitwait put down the torches and pitchforks pls no bulli I swearsz I was only doing it f. or the female crew members becuase light tenks r hurd but yeah with that out of the way I went through SPG misisons 1-14 with the tier 5 french arty and I have actually had fun (battle assistant is a must) doing so I have had most of the notfun shit about this game go away -I dont get clicked (oh the irony) -no xvm sniping -who gives a fuck if someone else is spamming apcr at me -generally less bulli as far as the actual gameplay goes, the french tier 5 arty is fast, relatively maneuverable, has
  6. I just want to know the consensus on the best tier 2 arty for obvious reasons
  7. Please note the trace of where the round is coming. Thanks to RollerCoaster47 for bringing these screenshots to my attention. He's officially a SOB
  8. BULBA Anime club will soon have a Ramen Cook Off!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS! WINTER BULBA ANIME MEETING IS INCOMING! DECEMBER 20TH! We will give everybody 15 minutes to make a dish related to ramen, and then we will share our delicious creations! Instead of using just a picture to share our creations, we will try to share our dedication to the dishes we have created by recreating them in MS Paint, as well as writing a Haiku about how lovely the smell was and how delectable the taste was. Hopefully with this new an improved way of sharing our feelings over the internet, we can m
  9. http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/44/special-stormy-may-day/ Arty special for this weekend on the EU server. Meanwhile, the US gets an XP event for top three players.
  10. D-O-S is always caught up in tournies or o7 and his "Amazing-ly fun" Tank Companies that DO NOT make you say RIP WN8. Im bad@Solopub because I usually end up in a rage and wonder how Ive not been chat banned, but when platooning Im usually pretty relaxed. _Smiley is too pro for me and I'm not allowed to platoon with him. Pls be generous souls and help me TL;DR I need friends to spam platoon invites to and or receive from others.
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