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Found 15 results

  1. Awake for Campaign. Finally a new one. Prettymuch only serious DURING battles. BAD PLAY is NOTED and commented on lol. Hit up ViolentViolet or app directly if looking for a Clan with a Record for finishing top 10 in campaign and GettinTanks. ======Requirements to Join Y0L0======== ☛ English Speakers with Mic and be willing to use Team Speak whenever Online.. ☛ 2300+ Overall & Recent of 3000+ ☛ 9K+ PR Highly Recommended ☛ Minimum 4 CW viable tie
  2. DYNO -Don’t You Need Oxygen? Hey guys and gals! We're a Casually Competitive Clan. We platoon, play Strongholds, and also compete for Clan Wars reward tanks. We focus on our community. Some of our members have been playing together for five years now. We accept people's interests but require a respectful atmosphere within the clan. Team Killers and Toxic players need not apply. If you want to know more then feel free to contact one of the officers. New members are accepted at our discretion. Clan Requirements - 18+ Years Old
  3. We Play Tanks [WPT] is a new clan, based around two core principles, Teamwork, and Dedication. To us, it is more important that our players work well together than anything else. We are looking to become a clan wars ready team as well as a strong player in tournaments and other competitions. We hope to recruit people with at least 2 tier 10s, and 1000 wn8 overall, however we require a recent wn8 rating at about 1400-1500, however if they are not met, we still encourage you to contact us. if you are interested, please contact me via the forum as a reply, or in game to TheFIlthyCapitalist.
  4. We are the British Armoured Division consisting of five clans BAD-V, BAD-E, BAD-1, BAD-S and BAD-A. We are dedicated to being a friendly and competitive clan based in the UK and as such are a well respected in the WOT community. We are currently looking to recruit new players to our competitive Clan BAD-V Within BAD-V clan wars is played on a regular basis at a competitive level, with us frequently taking and holding onto land. Likewise we are seriously developing strongholds aswell as ESL participation and are only looking for players capable of getting involved in one or more of th
  5. we are a new clan or rather an old clan with a new commander, we are looking for mature 18+ people who want to play world of tanks, we use teamspeak 3 so that is a must, but for the most part we just love to play games and love to hang out, if you are interested in joining join our teamspeak and ask for sheepo or citadel. teamspeak ip: ts3.noobgamers.co.uk clan requirements: 1) teamspeak 3 with working mic 2)tier 6 minimum 3)45% winrate 4)500 minimum battle 5)willingness to have fun.
  6. Hello tankers! SNRK (Sonork) is recruiting and looking for callers in particular, if you would like to join and practice calling please state what experience you have(some required). - You will be calling for : — Strongholds — Clan Wars — Other potential map events During the evaluation process/practicing stuff you will be able to call stronghold battles as a legionnaire(must not be in a clan). To get back to us reply to this thread, or PM me either in-game or on the forums
  7. x 27 We won 27 tanks for our clan during the third campaign! [Y0L0] You Only Live Once "We don't always Y0L0 but when we do, we do it with STYLE" Y0L0 is a brand new original starting clan, looking for new active recruits. About Us: You can find a little of everything to do in our clan. Platoons Tournament Teams (To earn A LOT of gold) Strongholds Team Battles Tank Companies Clan Wars Over all, Y0L0 is a great place to hangout and play together. Requirements: We are looking for good, active players that match these requirements: WN8: 2000+ Overall & Recent -or- W
  8. This is more of a purple CW clan question than a purple poaster question. Is it common in top clans to have the players in CW battles send in their replays so they can be gone over to see how the player can improve? Buneh had a loss last night and in the discussion following one of the newer members said all his old CW clans looked over replays from battles. Which seems very micromanagy. I'm not convinced the time it would require is worth it but at least it would be a good way to see exactly what happened if a battle goes horribly wrong.
  9. Series 1 will encompass the "Duck's in a Row" war involving RELIC and Evil Gaming, as well as some matches from the preceding conflict vs. VILIN. Please turn on 720P / Full Screen in the video options. Support me on youtube if you like what you see! OTTER vs. RELIC - "An Age Undreamed Of" / Basil Poledouris - S01E00 http://youtu.be/pNRgG7n_ie4 OTTER vs. VILIN - "Himmelsdorf Iron" / Woodkid Instrumental - S01E01 http://youtu.be/mf8vCLydICk The post will be updated as more videos are released. __________________________ Previous Videos - Playlist: http://you
  10. Garbad is right…… 9 times out of 10 there is more circle jerking and furry porn on this website than actual useful content. I’m going to try to change that be tackling a subject that I think is way to shrouded in “no no that is a trade secret, we can’t tell you!!!” I don’t buy into that I got Teff to agree to exposing a limited number of my uber secret strats to public scrutiny. So YAY for Teff. Resume: Meta commanding One of the biggest hurdles to being an FC is “buy in”. I ref rugby and we deal with this all the time. I’m not the athlete that I used to
  11. Closed For obvious reasons....
  12. Hey guys, I posted this on the official forums and I figured I might as well post it here as well: Dropped tags on Friday night. Looking for a new clan now. I currently have 2 tier 10s: -T110e5 - 59% ~ 2450dpg -Leo1 - 63% ~ 2700dpg I realize my lack of t10s will be the major thing holding me back. However I just got my t54 topped out and have bought a month of prem, so Im hoping to grind out the 140 and the 62a. I might also pick up the e50 while its on on-track. After that the plan is to grind the 57 (at the t71). I can be available 5+ days a week and can play in any of the tim
  13. ANVIL, part of the Forge Gaming Community, is recruiting highly motivated and skilled players for clan wars and tournament competition. Our criteria: Overall rating of ~1700+ (Or a recent WN8 of ~2000+) Min 4 tier 10 (commonly used CW tanks) Available 4+ nights Able to use teamspeak Able to follow instructions and take orders Willingness to learn and grow. If you feel you meet or exceed that criteria, go to www.forgeclan.com and fill out an application. Our TS is:, look for myself or Tallnob. Successful applicants will be offered a position in one of the longest runnin
  14. I checked and didn't see a thread on this and i think its on of the largest most wide spread rants on NA WOT forums so i thought it would be good to get some input from people who actually know how to play tanks. I'm posting this on account that most people still screaming "soviet bias" are usually German fanboys (my clan is full of them) I'm well aware that America and France are more where its at for tier X OPness and Russia is actually a nicely balanced yardstick. This was started when i encountered a member of SSGS in a random training room who basically flat out told me that he woul
  15. We Are Actively Recruiting Clan Wars Players' NUMBER OF OPENINGS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN OUR CLAN 52 Spots As Of 08/31/2013 ---------------------------------------------------------------- For Membership Consideration Please Contact: Mausketeer, DJGK, Cobra39 I know you are reading this page and wondering why would I join this clan? So, lets be honest and not kid ourselves, these recruitment ads in these forums are a dime a dozen and every clan has all these fancy postings to lure you in and make you want to join them and before I answer your question of why you should join our clan and not al
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