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Found 7 results

  1. Source: TAP Conqueror Depression of the OQF 32-pdr Gun Mk. II with the Conqueror Mk. II is increased from -7 to -10 degrees. Depression of the OQF 32-pdr Gun Mk. II with the Conqueror Mk. II ABP is increased from -7 to -10 degrees. Depression of 120 mm Gun L1A1 with the Conqueror Mk. II ABP increased from -7 to -10 degrees. Super Conqueror Dispersion on hull movement reduced by 25% (0.16 to 0.12, FV215b is currently 0.08) Dispersion on hull rotation reduced by 20% (0.1 to 0.08, FV215b is currently 0.1) Dispersion on turret rotation reduced by 29% (0.14 to 0.1, FV215b is c
  2. This was a game from patch 9.15, where i finally Aced my Conqueror, as well as complete HT-8 (T-55A) Enjoy!
  3. I'm absolutely confused as to what have I done wrong in this game, other than blaming players that done poorly in this match. I thought I did everything in the book. Help maybe? http://wotreplays.com/site/2430953#stats
  4. As patch 10.0 is delayed but we'll still be getting the Centurion Action X through a micropatch, i'd like to know more about the planned upcoming changes (whether in the micropatch or once they fix patch 10.0). in the 9.10 test notes it mentioned that the Caernarvon would be getting the Centurion Action X's turret as it's elite turret, and likewise the Conqueror would have it as it's stock turret (i was just as surprised in Jingle's video on 10.0 test server when he found out about the Caernarvon having a new turret) so i'd just like to know more about this Centurion Action X turret and h
  5. So I've been cruising this section and I noticed that there isn't a discussion thread about the tier 9 British heavy yet, so I figured I'd start one. The tank is of special interest to me as I'm currently grinding hard to get it, so any information you lot can give me about how to play it etc would be great. Because of this however, I can't really contribute much to this topic as of yet So a little backstory about this tank: Development of the tank begun in 1944 as the FV200 project was launched. These were to be a series of heavy tanks of approx. 60 tons, the main production var
  6. Just got my conqueror few days ago, and felt pretty good initially with its brilliant gun handling. But now something is really making me struggle about playing this tank, and yes that is SPGs, the scumbags of the battlefield. Whenever I drive the conqueror, theres a dilemma for me: I either go front line and get concentrated by all enemy SPGs (unless theres a waffle on our team and he gets spotted first of course), or I sit back and watch my teamates die one by one(specifically talking about situation where my team is weaker). What is a good strategy to deal with this problem? How do I av
  7. Hey everyone Been playing Conqueror a lot lately, It is a tank i really enjoy. However, I got Live Oaks about 7 times in the last few days, mostly north spawn. I seem to be terrible on that map with that tank, especially as only top tier heavy (which was the case all the time). I know it is a very specific circumstance, but I seem to do absolutely terrible, and it might indicate some issues with my support heavy play. So from north spawn I go city, trying to fire on the move at all the scouts at C5. However, every single time I get bogged down at the buildings at A3, only able to shoot
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