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Found 25 results

  1. I'm considering resetting my crew skills once I unlocked the m48, not just retraining my m46 crew for the m48. It basically amounts to dropping camo and losing/gaining other more useful skills than I have currently. I plan on using Gun Rammer, Vents, and Vert Stabilizer for equipment. Right now, their skills are: I plan to make them: Commander: BiA, 6th Sen, Repairs, Camo, Recon Commander: BiA, 6th Sen, Eagle Eye, Recon, Repairs Gunner: BiA, Snap S, Repairs, Camo, Desig Tar
  2. I finally unlocked the Conqueror. Thank goodness. The grind to it was utterly painful in this day and age of power creep. I'm trying to plan on what to do with crews for when I have the FV215b unlocked. Right now I have a 3.5 skill crew in the Conqueror and I plan on getting/keeping both the tier 9 and 10 in the line. Question is, which one benefits or needs a 4+ skilled crew more? Obviously they both would, but if you had to choose, which could perform almost as well with a 2 or 3 skill crew? For the second tank, I'll have to train a crew from the ground up. I'll probably use
  3. One more (mini) elimination thread! Main reasons for this thread are the new Swedish heavies - 3 tanks with same crew layout, but you can pick only one of them (tier 6 is so fun right now, it is a genuine keeper). Given enough time (months of crew training, especially regarding lack of good (and suitable) crew trainers, I would like to keep tiers 6&8-10 from swedes, but I am limited to one girl crew I got from holiday ops (soon to have 2, one for tier 6 and one for a heavy. Many other ppl will undoubtedly face the same choice - they can also sell the tier 6, but still have to limit t
  4. Hey, Something I've been asking me for quite a while is: Are extra rations, like coffee etc., always usefull (in relation to the creditcosts) or only when your crew is well skilled? For example: I'm grinding a new crew in my M46 Patton and atm I'm at the second perk. Would it be usefull to put in some Cola or would it be just a waste of credits? Thx for all the replies! P4nda
  5. Video rehosted on Flickr: https://flic.kr/p/pzeXYM Video of the Oct 10th 2014 version: Video of the Jan 11th 2015 version: Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/iqnmf4863syet4q/allahu.zip Some people have expressed a preference for the previous versions of the mods so here they are: Original: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g53gqkbwlxwh20n/allahu-28Sep.zip Oct 1st 2014 version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1i3isb7t4q7rei8/allahu-1stOct.zip Oct 10th 2014 version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kh2pewtq5a487ej/allahu-10thOct.zip Installation instru
  6. A couple of the recent Q&A's have mentioned that wg is considering changing the crew system to be like what is used in the ships game. I haven't played that, so how would that look? Also, wouldn't they face a lot of backlash from changing the current crew system when so many people have spent lots of gold on training crews?
  7. Hello, fellow tankers! I'm currently grinding my way to the T62a from the T54. I am about 120k xp away from it. Still have a long way to go but I know I will have fun along the way. I really like the T54 but I was wondering if I should move the crew to the T62a when I get it. I am close to the 2nd skills for all the crew members for my T54. But there is another option. Should I just add a female crew to the new T62a? I still plan to play my T54 because I enjoy playing it along with my M46, especially in platoons. What would you guys recommend I do? Thanks!
  8. [Romantic Bulbasaurs] ~ As the fields of green are gently caressed by the soft winds, the Bulbasaurs run wild and free~ ~ The exquisite Crew [Romantic Bulbasaurs] is ALWAYS recruiting exceptional Gangsters/Pimps/Thugs/Drug Dealers/Thieves/Escorts etc just no Rapists allowed! ~ TeamSpeak: ts101.light-speed.com:4914 Recruitment Standards: You Must Love Bulbasaur's Must Have Swag on you at all times Must be able to hold guns incorrectly If you're not Sagging You're not RBIS Material Must Dislike World of tanks Must Be Loyal "Snitch
  9. So personally I usually leave this checked all the time. I don't convert xp and most of my better crews are working on their 3rd skill. To me it's a given. I want to try out all the skills and perks. I want to make sure my crew has all the oddball abilities that are the best for whatever tank they are driving. However in Crab's thread about all the xp bonuses this upcoming weekend I saw these comments: I thought this merited a broader discussion and didn't want to hijack that thread with it. I realize this all boils down to preference but out of curiosity I po
  10. Hello, all mighty unicums with your godlike knowledge from warpack. I have a question regarding Russian Medium Tank crews or medium tank crews in general, now I've seen that a lot of people say that you should take Sixth Sense, Camo, Camo, Camo, Camo < BiA, Camo, Repair, Repair, Repair, Repair. Now I've been playing Medium tanks in general not as much as I've been playing Heavy Tanks, E100 and IS-7 being my first tier 10s whilst the E50 was my second unlocked Tier 9, now I've always taken repair as first skill when it comes to crew skills because it allows you to get your tracks up faster a
  11. Crew retrain discount this weekend in SEA. I want to take advantage of that. My JPanther crew is the same crew from day 1 grinding the line, close to 2 skills, 100% camo. JPanther camo is not stellar by all standards, and I found I'm doing more and more mid range fight in it with 105mm rather than snipe from a far. Map changes had contributed a lot to that too. However I still had many times no one able to spot me even I was expecting be lighted up, which surprised me that it still has reasonable camo if trained 100% Another point to be considered is when I bring the crew forward to JP
  12. So i wanted to know how effective the levels of a crew's training are. For Example, the loader's level effects how fast you reload but does a 100% trained loader give you 10% faster reload speed than someone with a 90% loader?
  13. I've searched around and wiki'ed, but I'm not quite sure if I get it. Does it only works for the targets you spot yourself (or could have spotted if not previously spotted by someone else), or does it work even for targets spotted by others, outside your spotting range, but are targeted by you? The wiki seems to suggest the latter:
  14. I'm sure you all noticed that after moving crews from tier 5-6s into tier 7-8s and up, many radio operators are left "unemployed"... I have accumulated so far 3 soviet radiomen, one with 2 skills, and I have no idea what to do with them (I don't want to buy a KV5 ;-). I will soon have a few from other nations as well... I haven't dismissed them yet them because I keep hearing about possibility to retrain major qualification in some future patch, does anyone know more precise info about this? Other than that, is there any clever way to use them? My barracks are starting to become crowded...
  15. After reading most of the stuff here and there I decided to try and write a guide myself. Mostly taken from others and my experience. If you make a valid point I gladly change it. After a while, I'd like to post it on official forums. There are some simplifications in mechanics so I hope I didn't write something too misleading. I slightly omit scouts and SPGs, because I don't play them much. And my formatting kind of sucks, I'll change it. GUIDE: This guide is meant for beginner players. Some mechanics are heavilly simplified but should suffice until reaching certain expertise. You can get
  16. Hi everyone. My M46 is one of my most played tanks, and by far my most experienced crew. I have played them since they were 50%. Now they are almost finished with thier 3rd skill. But I have a problem. I am still really new to the whole 'crew perk' thing. I fear that I may have chosen the wrong skills/perks for my crew. However, I am looking for some help to either tell me what an idiot I am for choosing these, or for ultimate praise in my choices! These are my buddies: (I play this tank really really aggressively.) So, are these good skills? If not, what should I retrain? Thank
  17. Situation: I'm "grinding" my T-54 and recently got enough xp to unlock either the 140 or 62A. I do however want to keep my T-54 for all eternity, since it's simply way too good and fits my playstyle well. Do I move my crew to tier 10 and start a new crew on my T-54, or do the opposite and start a new crew at tier 10? I guess I third option could be to play through the A-43, 44 and 416 to train another crew at lower tiers. What are your techniques for starting new crews, specifically when you want to keep a tank and continue moving up tiers? Playing without Sixth Sense makes me sad
  18. Ok, I've done a little searching and I think I have this right, but before I sink a bunch of time into something I wanted to pose the question here in case someone more knowledgeable has a correction. I have been working on the Russian medium line (current about 70k XP shy of the T-54) with the plan to eventually unlock and purchase both the T-62A and the Obj140. I plan to keep transferring my crew as I move up the line with my current T-44 crew ending up in one of the tier 10s. However, I will need a crew for the other tier 10 and maybe for the T-54 if I decide to keep/rebuy it. I just bo
  19. So I bought an M6 and the crew are at 100%, and I don't know which perks/skills I should put on each member. Also, I'm probably going to keep the crew for the T29. Any recommendations?
  20. Question is - When you need a new crew for the next tier tank but intend to keep current one or use the current crew elsewhere, do you train it all at once or one or two members at once? Point is to keep your tank at least with half decent crew and train the rest and then change it or is it useless? Like keep decent gunner with sixth sense on commander and train loader and then keep decent loader, driver and train commander. For example I like my E-75 and intend to keep it and play it. Starting E-100 crew form a scratch would make that tank perform bad or at least worse. So far I usually put
  21. Hey y'all, So my VK 3601 H has my highest XP crew, I would prefer to keep them in the German Medium Line for the E-50 and E-50M. I'm not ready move up to tier 9, and my Panther already has a good crew on it. I don't want this crew to be retrained to the German Heavy line. I'll have to retrain them on to something, but what? Cheers, -j.
  22. Basically, out of all the tanks in the game, I can't think of any being as dependent on the first skill as light tanks. Without sixth sense on the commander and camo on everything else, it's hard to avoid getting outspotted on a lot of maps against higher tiers, except for those with great bushes. Doubly so after the 8.6 camo nerfs, which disfavor high-camo tanks (scouts) and favor high-viewrange tanks (higher tiers). This is an especially big issue for those who suck at light tanks (like me) and need every advantage they can get. The question is - where do you get this crew? Is there
  23. I've greatly enjoyed its predecessedors, the T69 and especially the T54E1. As I had the T57 Heavy already researched now for a while I bought it during the current sale (on EUW). How would you skill a 3.5 skills crew? I thought about: Commander: BIA, 6th Sense, Repair, x? (x=recon?) Gunner: BIA, Repair, designated target?, snap shot?, deadeye? Driver: BIA, clutch braking, repair. offroad? smooth ride? Loader: BIA, safe stowage, repair. camo? fire fighting? Along with: vert, gld, vents Thanks so much in advance!
  24. So I have a E2 crew (my only USA crew) which I use for SP, and it has 6th sense / BIA / Repairs (60%) However, I have decided to go up the E5 line, which is a heavy tank line. Should I start with a completely new crew (0 skill), or should I retrain my E2 crew to the heavy line? I'm stuck between being gimped if I have 0 skills on a T7 tank (T29) or being unable to farm credits efficiently (SP is my credit farming tank; I need the repairs at least). Any input is much appreciated
  25. First of all, I discovered this forum yesterday and already read and learned a ton. Thanks so much everyone of you. BTT: I am not a 100% sure about my crew's skills and the equipment for the T69. Equipment reads as follows: Vertical Stabilizer, GLD, Vents (should i switch Vents with optics?) My crew is at 75% of the 3rd skill and picked so far are: Commander: BIA, Sixth Sense, Sit Aw. Gunner: BIA, Snap Shot, Rep Driver: BIA, Smooth Ride, Clutch Loader: BIA, Rep, Camo Are these skills well picked? I have often read that most(?) of you prefer Off Road over Smooth R
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