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Found 1 result

  1. This is my setup for it. It fits my playing style of vision control orientated combat. I have not found the lack of repair to be too big of a problem since Bat's track repair speed is very fast. Below are some pointers I gave to rrw that I'll repost here as well. Don't be the one that enemy have attention on i.e. don't stay spotted for extended periods of time, always drop lights after engagement. You're #1 target on the field and you don't want to let them know where you're stuck at so they can rush you.Always have an exit route before you start an engagement. You're a Bat, you get to pick the engagement 99% of the time.You should never drive into a situation, shoot your 5 shots, and say to yourself "shit, now what?". At the end of your 5th shot, shit around you should be dead or you're driving around a corner where they can't chase you.Ideally you don't want to engage your own targets but ones that are looking away or distracted. I do make exceptions when it's key target.At between 350 to 400 meters, you can spot your own target and usually not be spotted while shooting.Stay on the move during reload, especially right after you get a kill, because people will see that you got a kill and try to get you during reload. Use reload time to scout.Relocate as often as possible between clips if that flank doesn't have opportunities. From the view of the enemy, they should see you teleporting all over the map. Your first shot of the clip should be aimed in from stealth - do not start the engagement when people see you and gun pointed at your direction, unless they're hurt tanks of very good players that you need to soak up a shot to take out of the game.Try to track+damage with first shot (shoot front/rear sprockets).Flank as much as possible. You can frontally engage lower tier after they fire, but it's best to flank 10s.Vert stab, Vents, optics.You can peek a boo with this tank (wait til they fire, poke out and unload 2-3 rounds), but it takes a while to master and is not recommended for beginners. Your HP is the most valuable of the team, conserve them as much as possible. It's very tempting to take a hit from an 8 and clip him, and I do it often, but it really should be avoided. You're the most powerful tank at late game where tanks are thin and damaged.Do NOT start a close quarter engagement with a full HP tier 9/10 medium if you have the choice.Most importantly, scout like this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otc3_hnSLsE I guess I'll host Bat replays here instead of my replay thread. As mentioned, I'm very heavily camo and vision orientated when playing my Bat, and you'll see that from my replays. These are in chronological orders. 8.9 8.10 8.11 9.0
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