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Found 11 results

  1. I thought that the Mentor skill provided additional crew skills to all crew, but the commander. I moved my Tiger II crew, which is on its 5th skill/perk to the E 100 on Saturday. Today, I found myself putting together a new Tiger II crew, so I gave the commander Mentor, 2 crew members repairs and the radio operator situational awareness to restart. Low and behold, I played my first game with the new crew, got a 2nd class badge with 1738 damage, 2031 spotting assist and 240 blocked damage. The commander now is 25% trained on Mentor and the other crew members got 17%. The radio operator was
  2. Hey Wotlabsians, I have a question I need assistance with. When my crew reaches 100% on their second skill, I almost always have BiA as 1st skill, and repairs (for heavies) or camouflage (for mediums and lights) as 2nd skill for everyone at that point. What I almost always do here is retrain my crew by keeping BiA and dropping repair/camo for things like Sixth Sense, Situational Awareness, Snapshot and Smooth Ride (on heavies let's say) or stuff that work from 100% proficiency. The main reason I'm doing this is because I want to churn out every last drop of my gun handling.
  3. So I recently purchased the T49, and one thing I've noticed is that it really benefits from multiple skills. Its a light tank, so vision control skills are very important. Its sluggish for a light tank, so mobility skills are quite useful. And of course it has a giant, troll gun, so gunnery skills are a must. With so many needs, BIA is probably even more important on this tank than most. Equipment can't really cover all your bases, so having multiple skills on your crew is all the more imperative. I feel like the boost it gets from each skill level, at least for the first 3-5 skills, is g
  4. Hello, recently I have been fooling around on tanks.gg with various different vehicles (Tier 8 +)the effect that various driver skills effect the performance. To my surprise smooth ride had minimal effect to high tier mediums, most of the times with only 0.01 dispersion value decrease (or even less than that) only when moving the tank. On the other side, clutch braking seemed to be the most consistently effective skill to train, as the mobility increase was actually pretty significant. Off-road driving was more effective at tanks that already had pretty bad terrain resistance val
  5. I am like a lot of you. Despite playing this game for years, I have always given my Driver the Smooth Ride skill. Sometimes it was the 2nd skill, sometimes the 3rd, but I would nearly always have it and all my tier 10s had it too. The reason: I, like most people, thought that it made the benefit gained from Vert Stabs 4% better when moving the hull. 4% isn't much, but it's still nice, right? Anything to help you shoot faster. Combine it with the Gunner skill Snap Shot and you basically improve your Vert Stab in whatever situation you're in. What's not to like? Well, it doesn't do wh
  6. So with the current FASTBOIS meta in tier 6 skirmishes what should I focus on for crew skills and equipment? Those that enhance firepower / ability to do damage or those that enhance the spotting ability of light tanks? Oh and add why too!
  7. Need tips and suggestions to decide how to crew my t-54 ltwt. It will be used in competitive play. All crew members are at 2 full skills + 90% third skill. Equipment will be rammer/optics/vstab or rammer/optics/vents, depending on crew skills i suppose... Possible options: Commander: BiA, 6th sense, camo Gunner:BiA, camo, snap shot Driver: BiA, camo, smooth ride Loader(radio operator): BiA, Safe stowage, camo Commander: 6th, camo, recon Gunner: camo, snap shot, repairs Driver: camo, smooth ride, repairs Loader: camo, safe stowage, sit. awareness Or, the above exce
  8. Gentlemen and Ladies, I recently inherited an account(FALWORTH) from one of my sons who rage quit over "lame" solo teams. With this in mind I am taking a break from my regular account to try and salvage that account. To the point there is a Panther II which after reviewing Taugrim's video looks like a decently "fun" tank. However after using Garbad's formula, I am left with a few skill black holes. I changes out to as follows: CMR : 6th Sense, Recon GUN : Snap Shot, Camo DRV : Smooth Ride,? RDO : Situational Awareness, Camo LDR : Safe Stowage, C
  9. I have a 2.95 skill Chinese medium crew, a Type 59, and am currently researching the Type 58. I intend to do a light-duty grind towards the 121, but I may decide to stop the grind due to future patches affecting the line. I am perfectly fine with using gold to reset my secondary skills. I also have access to gamesmodels3d, in case anyone tells me how to accurately value the figures listed there. Commander: 6th, Camo, BIA (95%) Gunner: Camo, Repairs, BIA (95%) Driver: Camo, Repairs, BIA (95%) Loader: SS, Camo, BIA (95%) Radioman: Camo (69%) [only relevant for the Type T-34 and the Type 58
  10. In light of the large number of threads in this forum, I've decided to create a Simple Question, Simple Answer Poasting Guidelines 1. Try to keep the answer you require short, ideally, answerable within a paragraph or two at most, or better yet, within a few words, a short answer given when a long answer is needed is going to be an inaccurate one. 2. Try to be specific when asking questions, the more specific the question, the more accurate a short answer would be. e.g. Vents or GLD? alone is a terrible question. Vents or GLD on ISU-152? is a more specific one. 3. Don't expect too mu
  11. I have 6th sense in my scout tanks and tds, but I have seen many people say it should be the first skill on your commander on every tank, but why? Do i really need 6th sense in my Maus to realize I'm spotted? Or any other front line tanks, I can see it might be useful in scout tanks to know when you are spotted to know when to move when your passive scout cover is blown and on TD's to know when to dodge artillery fire, but I think there are other skills more useful on heavy and medium tanks. Such as repair on heavy tanks to prevent perma-tracking and to lessen the effect of being tracked in an
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