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Found 9 results

  1. Do not get this tank, unless you really want the Obj. 416. Let me list a few reasons... -Terrible elevation and depression -Terrible aim time and dispersion -Terrible reload -Terrible gun selection -Rear mounted turret -Weak armor all-round -Easily damaged engine (From the front and rear) +Reasonably accurate gun +Good penetration +Fairly agile
  2. So this question came to mind and thought it would be an interesting one to ask on the forums and make poll about it to see how many use the given choices, basically when entering the exterior tab, what out of the 3 options do you put on your tank the most, is it just the Camouflage or Camouflage with Emblems or use all three and put on Camouflage, Emblem and Inscriptions and if so which length of time do you have them on for, 7 Days, 30 Days or Unlimited? For example, I myself mostly use just the Camouflage because that does give something in return where as Emblems and Inscriptio
  3. Two friends are going across the globe to study. One of us will be in the UK, one of us will be in the States, and one of us in some third-world country you have never heard of. Also, one of us is a cheapskate, and none of us enjoy playing on high ping. Looking for MMOs that: Are fun to playAre freeAre not pay-to-win (overtly)Can be played reasonably comfortably on high pingWorld of Warships is not an option as we are all picky crybabies who don't want to give Serb any more support. Also, neither of them wants to play RuneScape, sadly. If there are any MMOs at all that fill this criteria, plea
  4. Since I've noticed a few people kind of jump onto the Internetometer bandwagon, I figured there should be a pointless topic showing who's the most awesome of them all. If I see your Internetometer button anywhere, I'll copy it into its position here on the scoreboard. Alternatively, you can post your button in this thread and I'll add it. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  5. Low quality- quick upload/record This panther 2 and HE shooting type 61 blew my mind. And yes, I was playing arty..that skycannon isn't going to grind itself.
  6. I just wanted to share this here, as I've been using it for some time myself, not only for World of Tanks, but for any games that doesn't have its own mod manager. JSGME, short for JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler is a multi-supportive windows folder handle program application something thingy, that allows you to easily move around multiple mods and take backups of any files that the mods overwrite, so that you can always stay safe of any fuckups that usually comes with mods. Its smart, useful, and can potentially save up lots of time for those who does not use brain-injected modpacks filled
  7. Seems like just yesterday I was a massive scrub... oh wait, I still am Thanks to the peeps who have helped me/carried me kicking and screaming to this point. #milestonethreadclub #egoswoleasfuq Stay potato-ing, my friends
  8. I have almost no experience with TDs but am looking to pick up an SU-122-44 this weekend while it's on sale. What should I throw on it equipment wise? Rammer and GLD are a given, but I'm debating the merits of Vents versus Optics for the last slot. Vents helps further boost damage output, whereas optics helps compensate for the shitty view range; but is a kick from ~338m with vents to 363m with optics worth giving up the slightly faster reload/better gun handling that vents would provide? Or am I completely missing the merits of something like camo net? I just feel like I'll #420yoloblazea
  9. I just bought the M3 Lee, on the path towards T-29 (setting a short target not a long target yet). All I have is a 100% Commander and the remainder of the crew at 75%. I suppose I'm trying to figure out which modules to aim for first and eventually which skills to put on the crew. I don't think they'll be at 100% by the time I have elited the tank but if it happens then some tips on crew skills for the lee would be helpful. Cheers. Forgot to add: Best path towards the T-29, via the M4 Jumbo or T1 Heavy?
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