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Found 19 results

  1. Our usual playing schedule: 21:00–01:00 5 days a week We are speaking: English We prefer: Skirmishes, Advances, Global Map E50 is a clan created By xXGerman_intelligenceXx for the community for people who love and enjoy playing the game. Come and relax with people who are here to chill but still pack a punch when needed. Learn and grow with some of the best in NA and once you have finished grinding - unlock the full poten
  2. Hello all, I'm looking for a little bit of general advice when it comes to three marking. I know how it works, do more damage (and spotting/tracking) than than 95% of the players in a specific tank within the last 14 days, but I really don't know how to go about doing it while keeping some semblance of sanity. I did it once with the Charioteer and it was between 2-3k damage to stay at a % and about 3.5k+ to get the number to go up. Now I am trying to 3 mark the E50 and I am finding that I struggle to play constantly. Some games are 4-5K damage no problem, some games I go full potato and
  3. How to win this game? First of all cancers, second module/crew dmg and third chat ban.
  4. Apparently other than the usual prem spam, world of SEAtards will also be getting this: Source: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/03/29/wot-asia-server-leaks/ Yep. This is a bona fide anime heavy. From a weebaoo strategy game called Volt Barnacles or something along those lines. And no, there is no historical basis whatsoever. Nil. It's like the Kongzhong tanks except at least they're honest about not giving two shits about historicity this time round. If you ask me, the tank looks like a retarded E50 in every possible way. Worse, I can't even begin to imagine what kind of gaudy cl
  5. So, the 88mm got dpm buffed. How much? It has 3600dpm (240 alpha 4s reload) compared to the 3000 of the top 105mm (390 alpha 8s reload), assuming max crew %, making it the highest of any T9 medium tank and equaling the Obj 907's. And dear god does it make the tank better. Crunching the raw numbers, here is how the 2 compare in raw damage dealt in constant fire over an engagement duration (nonstop firing): For the 88mm: 1-4s: 240 4-8s: 480 8-12s: 720 12-16s: 960 16-20s: 1200 20-24s: 1440 24-28s: 1680 28-30s: 1920 Versus the 105: 1-8s: 390 8-16s: 780 16-24s:
  6. Hey all. So i hope this is the right sub forum. Anyways I have just gotten my E50 today with top gun. well ive had it for 3 days and grinded tracks (then free xped turret and top gun. so dont mind the ingame dpg. it was 950 with the panther 2 top gun) Anyway ive had my best day ever in terms of dmg done and wn8 but.. my wr since i got top gun 35% .. obviously im doing something wrong. But what which is why im making this topic. my hitrate is low today. normally its nearing 76% in most tier 10 tanks i got. I compiled a little replay list. should be all those games you see in
  7. o7 Wotlabs, I come bearing gifts of country music and the most adorable singer/songwriter to have ever lived. Praise be to our queen, and may the evil ex boyfriends forever be envious of our beauty! -Tay
  8. Well since the user group changes I guess I qualify as being a purple poaster now, so I might as well get one of these started and focus my replay thread on more srs bznss. Ask me stuff about tanks, ponis, other games I play, work (working for Amazon atm), or important life questions that I have noideahowtoanswerbutwilltryandmakeupananswerthatseemslegit, or anything else that might strike your fancy. #1 Poni Luna: #2 Poni Celestia (Yes I am the one who made ) (the last time I did this it turned out horribly, lets try and make it better!)
  9. Edit: price reduced for quick sale! Hi tech peeps. I'm gonna ask here first since I'd rather to sell it to someone cool rather than a random stranger online. So as some of you may know, I upgraded my PC a couple months ago. Before doing enough research, ended up buying an R9 280. Turns out it isn't as much as I was hoping for, so I then upgraded to a 970 (regrets are still had, 390 is apparently better, But oh well, I plan on SLI'ing in the future anyways). Tl;dr: Selling (slightly) used Sapphire 280, still in excellent condition (no OC done), will be shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 US, as
  10. So I initially intended this to be a N/S (a few lines into the convo), but all of a sudden this random scrub gives me feels. (Backstory, at start of match I say "Statistics show that people with an _ in their name play better" as a joke, most pubs found it entertaining. He calls me a padder at the end (yes I was in e50 but that's irrelevant, everyone who is purple is a padder in pubs eyes). MASSIVE WALL OF TEXT (tl;dr not included cause fuck lazy) Like seriously. New goal=get unicum in online personality. RIP my spergs, never4get. (maybe this is just cause its super late or ponies make me a
  11. So I'm playing a match, getting my typical 60-80 fps I do while off stream. All of a sudden, FPS drops down to 20, and the dynamic effects change thing turns everything down to minimum (similar to my old screenshots) Frames keep dropping, end up bottoming out around 5 fps. I open up my MSI afterburner while in game, apparently I am using the idle (135mhz core/324mhz memory) speeds and under like 24% load? This is compared to normally being ~1300mhz core, 3500mhz memory, and 40% load. Just having my desktop open (windows 10 aero) uses 13%, so why is the game receiving only a fraction of GPU cap
  12. TIL I'm top 10 NA for treecuts, as taken from here https://stats-sig.eu/web/lumberjack-stats. So since I have this obsessive goal of getting #1 stat in a lot of things, I am dedicating this thread for people to brainstorm ideal tree-falling paths in maps, as well as what would be the best tank for padding. My idea is something that has a high top speed, a reasonable amount of weight to not get bogged down, and enough traverse&hp/ton to be able to have minimal downtime between passes (runs? what are we gonna call driving in a line to cut trees). Seems tanks like Leo 1 are good, due to zoom
  13. So I've been having this issue the past few days. Playing a match, doing nothing abnormal. All of a sudden both my screens go black (like no input), flash once, turn a display black (like the display color), then I see my desktop, yet still here WoT sounds and am technically in the tab. When I try and open it up, just flashes the tab loading black screen but stays displaying desktop. I've done a full reinstall, and it still isn't fixed. According to task manager WoT goes to non-responding, and I have no response from my system about it. I've played hours of other games with no issue. Is it a G
  14. So during work tonight I got to thinking of finally getting some hard numbers behind all of the sperg that arty is known for generating. ie constantly focusing unica, one shots/HE pens, stupid amounts of arty in a match, etc. My idea is to finally start tracking my experience of playing the game how I normally do (aggro with tryhard loadouts) and tracking many factors in every game I play to see what kind of impact arty has on my gameplay. I've started a google drive spreadsheet to track ~100 battles in sets of 10 [edit 1: all t9/10] (play 10 games, then go back and watch each replay to record
  15. So I have finally finished up my new build, and I installed windows on a samsung 850 120GB SSD, and only plan on putting that and maybe WoT. Everything else I want to have go onto my other 1TB hard drive. The issue is that since I installed windows on the SSD, it has that set as the default //C: location path for all incoming downloads and installations. I named the HDD //E:. so is there any way I can change the default location for all incoming files?
  16. Soo I'm about to get another tier nine. Currently have a Pershing and a Panther II in the garage, both about halfway up their grind to the nine. This weekend I figured I'd play the Pershing since it has an increased credit modifier, so I'll probably unlock the Patton first. Won't have the cash for it right away though, so there's time to unlock either before I can purchase. Right now I have a clear preference for the Pershing... The Panther II is underwhelming in absolutely every way. But I'm not letting this cloud my judgement, I know what a beast the E50 can be. My style with med
  17. Hi guys ! So I have just reserched the E 50M but am hesitating with buying it. I loved the E50, I think it's the best tank I've ever played (matches my playstyle perfectly) and is my highest results tank in High-tier, but the issued is that I'm bad at tier 10 tanks : So I don't know if the fact that the E50 suited my playstile will make me not bad with the E50M. As we you ca see I had good results (for my overall WR) in the T54 andE75 but didn't really went good for the obj140 and the E100, and I woudl like not to buy the E50M, loose my crew on the E50 (only other crew I can put i
  18. Hi there! Like the title says I have just unlocked the E50 but havent bought it yet. Im looking for any word of advice about this vehicle before doing any classical mistake there is to be made. Any info and feelings torward this tank (and the next one 'E50M') will be more than welcome. Cheers!
  19. How [do I] E50 So I have had the E50 research for a while but just purchased it. I am a bit rusty on playing the German med. Line and I need a refresher. I currently do not have the turret/10.5. I will start with my assumptions and let you guys fill in the rest. Equip; Vert Stab. Rammer, vents(?). repair, first aid, f.e. Perks: Co; 6th, eagle eye, repair Gun; Dead eye, snap shot, repair Driver; Controlled impact, Smooth ride, clutch Braking Radio; Situational Aware, Repair, F.F. Load; Safe sto. Adren rush, repair. Fighting at mid-long range. Start out getting taxing
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