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Found 7 results

  1. When Wargaming said they are introducing ray traced shadows that work on any graphics card, I was skeptical about how it would work. In the video, they showed the highest level of ray traced shadows most of the time. I did some tests with WoT Encore RT to test performance with ray traced shadows on the highest setting and off. I used MSI afterburner to measure average fps, minimum FPS, 1% low FPS, and 01.% low FPS during the WoT Encore RT demo. I tested resolutions from 1920x1080 to 4K(3840x2160). Using an i7 and GTX 1080 ti, the difference in performance with ray tracing on at
  2. I may well be the only person on this forum playing LawBreakers but there is a free weekend happening from 10am PDT Sept 28 to 10am PDT Oct 28 If you're in the mood for an arena shooter with a hero flavour too (Yes, like OverWatch this game has class-based Heroes. No, this game does not play very much like OverWatch at all, I can confirm this from having tried OW again during the recent free weekend) then I highly recommend you give LB a try. You may have heard some negative stuff about this game (People claiming its an OW clone, people claiming it's a dead game, all the manner of s
  3. World of Tanks 9.15 GPU Comparison and Analysis Introduction: World of Tanks updated to version 9.15 which added new technology to the game. Now the game supports multi core CPUs and is not dependent on single threaded CPU performance. This should allow for an increase in frames per second with the same hardware compared to earlier versions of World of Tanks. For smooth game play you want to keep your minimum FPS(Frames per Second) above 30 FPS. Games can start looking like a slide show below 30 FPS. Games tend to look smoother and are easier to play when you keep your mini
  4. I recently bought a new monitor. This Acer XG270HUomidpx came on sale for 450ish €, and since it's with FreeSync I'm thinking about upgrading my gfx to a newer AMD card. Currently I have this: I'm thinking in the range of 3-400€ +/- a bit for good deals. Mostly playing WoT and GW2, nothing too demanding. Hate single player games, so I don't need the most expensive shit. Might try Overwatch when that gets released. Crossfire vs single card? What would you get and why?
  5. Looks like some people that were involved with Star Citizen grew some legs and got the hell out. For something different at least? They are bringing back the good old days of the mid-90's with a new version of the classic Descent !!! The game is listed for $25 on their site. I am tempted... for some pew pew FPS goodness. Some copy pasterino from the site... http://descendentstudios.com Descent’s fast-paced, six-degrees-of-freedom combat made addicts of us all! Descent’s frenetic and pulse-pounding action were light-years ahead of its 1995 release date. Like us, many of you st
  6. I've been bitching about random FPS drops and "lag spikes" (because I'm stupid and don't really know what those are) for a couple of weeks and just happened to start WoT without my headphones/music running for the first time since... well ever really. Noticed my hard drive constantly running and chattering as soon as the client opened. Did some research and found out that after 20+ years, Windows STILL does not have an automatic disc cleaning tool (as of WIN 7). After looking into it I realized the following: I have an 80G primary hard drive (yes, I'm cheap). I had 4.2G fre
  7. OMG LONG POAST!!! STOARYTYME! So for the past 60 days, I can say unequivocally that my play has not improved. I've been struggling with this for a while...largely because of numerous factors, a few of which relate to meta. I hate playing "flavor of the month" tanks, and am generally a slow but steady grinder who will grind a line to completion once he puts himself to it. As such, I've never played a battle in a tier 10 TD (excluding test server of course), for example. I also refrain from seal clubbing, as I don't particularly enjoy it, and as a tank collector, I enjoy collecting the t
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