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Found 21 results

  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Youtube offerings of Pettybo and Hollybo. We are a pair of 21st century young(ish) somethings that are more than contented to use video games as a coping mechanism for the infinite wonders of life. If your curiosity borders on the creepy, then feel free to ask us more on twitter, links below.Our channel offers guides, replays and general tank flavoured fun! "Well my God that sounds exciting doesn't it, because no one has ever offered that before ever! " Well I guess now you are expecting some kind of grandiose statement explaining our incredible
  2. Make sure to follow the topic to get on all the new content from the BoneBoys! Today we are releasing a crazy Obj. 263 Replay Commentary. Thanks for watching!
  3. Team Bone Boys is back with some more AWESOME content, we would really appreciate it if you guys could give us a look. Here is our latest content Game Of Throws Part 4! We post videos every week, and we are hoping to grow our channel.
  4. go home matchmaker, you are drunk. couldnt find another similar thread, post up your funny matchmaker pictures, much balance such programming skills.. these are from the last few days...
  5. From our YouTube Channel TeamBoneBoys, Feedback is welcome. Please read the description before commenting about video quality. Thanks for watching!
  6. Hi All, I normally don't run around and post information about my channel all over the place, but since this forum is specifically designed for it, I thought I'd have a go. What to expect: - Cartoon characters - Tank Reviews - Replays - LOLs (hopefully) Note that since I use TTS, some of you may find that irritating. If you can see past this, you may want to check it out. Some examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWd3oaC4YSc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMV6eksxH3Q Cheers!
  7. KrVa46

    What if Q&A

    Here in Belgium we got a TV show called "What if". It's a sketch show where they take statements like "what if everyone over acted like soccer players?" and make a funny sketch about it. I was just wondering. Perhaps a thread here with some more rethorical/hypothecial questions and just some practical/nonsense answers to them. Just let the creativity flow and come up with bizarre Q&A's. First one to kick off: What if pigs really could fly?
  8. The name of this player on the enemy team made me giggle, so I thought why not have a thread with funny player names? Veni_Vidi-Vomui - "I came, saw and threw up" Some of these really stick for years (like Herr_Dryer, whose account apparently reset recently).
  9. Saw this on Rita's blog earlier, and I haven't laughed so hard on a (sort of!) WoT video in a LONG time. Hope you all enjoy!
  10. WARNING THESE VIDEOS CONTAIN AN UNCENSORED SMYLEERAGE VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!! I Livestreamed today for the first time in 6 months and will continue to live stream Mondays-Thursdays. I Decided to highlight some of my Rage and my friends loved it so Decided to put in on youtube and make A playlist of me Raging after I'm done with a big stream I will most likely post these little clips of me Spazzing out I hope you enjoy the videos #QQMoreSmyleeRage Follow me on: SmyleeRageTwitter SmyleeRageDuxter SmyleeRageTwitch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep1SyWbcjBM
  11. FUNNY CHAT LOGS by pine gaming What is this series about? Basically,I get from you guys,funny chat logs,known as funny dialogues from game and put them into a video,along with some funny editing ! Where can I view some of the videos? Here's a playlist of all the videos.When a new video is uploaded,it will appear in this playlist: http://bit.ly/1lN0Ms2 How will I know when there will be a new video ? You will be able to see if there is a new video by subscribing to my channel: http://bit.ly/1l5BJFX or you can just simply follow this topic ! How can I submit funny dialog
  12. Step 1: Read http://stilldrinking.org/programming-sucks Step 2: Laugh at your own life as a coder :-) My experiences in this: Section 1 reminded me of my first job at the largest company I've worked for (100 people, small, but big enough for there to be shenanigans and politics) Section 2 reminded me of every personal project I've never finished :-) The rest of it just reminds of me life as a coder in general :-)
  13. I was searching through the Off-Topic section of the RU forums, when I came across this absolute gem of a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOWg9sEJirE Remember to enable captions if you don't speak Russian!
  14. Greetings fellow tankers, welcome to the first episode of the Noob Club: "Remember the Heroes". Your host Nicholas has to report about incidents and new additions from the "World of Tanks Memorial Day weekend". Watch "Remember the Heroes" here. In this episode: If a Japanese crew drink a case of colaHow a French crew deal with colaNew Medal: Remember the HeroesAmerican Top Ten: Radio Operators' favoritesNew Equipment: Stars and StripesWhy so many players love the HellcatMade by fans for fans to gain new fans,Mouse Hunter
  15. It just happened, still crying literally.
  16. See the full article for details: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/04/study-games-link-to-aggression-comes-from-challenge-not-violence/ TL;DR: Recent studies on violence in video games seem to indicate two things: In-game violence is not particularly linked to IRL "aggression". Whether things explode in a shower of gibs or just disappear is much of a muchness. But, as gamers, we already knew that... In-game frustration IS linked to IRL "aggression". In other words, if you get frustrated with a game you're more likely to express that frustration as real-world aggression (E.g. I smashed
  17. Basically this guy's Tumblr accepts screenshots of computer UIs/usage/code seen in movies, TV and anime and links the display stuff back to reality. Amusing example: CIA operative disarming bomb by typing random junk into cells of an Excel spreadsheet. You get the idea...enjoy: http://moviecode.tumblr.com/
  18. We don't have to worry about naming and shaming here, so those angry young men can get the attention they so crave. Here's an individual who knows how the game should be played and is kind enough to share his wisdom for my betterment: First, my toonie du jour warms him up... 05:44 [E3] jodgi[FGUK] (Obj. 416) dealt 308 damage to [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) . . . 04:51 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : why you don't came face to face object? 04:46 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : afraid? 04:38 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : you came out to tyake the kills? 04:29 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : too bad for
  19. Euchre

    Jo Staats

    So i am going through and doing some updates at work... tabbing back to the forums every once in a while. So i tab back out, pull up the next name on my list. the name is Jo Staats. One of those funny dorky things that nobody else except those of us that frequent here would enjoy
  20. stealthed


    Saw sommething on the EU forums I'd like to share to our American/SEA friends regarding 8.8
  21. Hey I was wondering if anyone had any up-to-date 8.7 crew sound mods because the default crew member voices aer getting old after 2 almost 3 years of hearing em. Thanks to anyone who post with some information
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