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Found 10 results

  1. Hello bois, this gonna be another shameless self-advertising after i made my new rig last year and came back to world of cancer after 1 year long chemo i thought i`d give streaming a go, twitch chat emotes are gloriously cancer so i couldn`t stop myself from doing that i broadcast quality tank-grinding cancer, first class padding autism and dank gaemplays, all this accompanied by 420 playlist and fapcam https://www.twitch.tv/aaveq gib follows and i`ll entertain you I promise i`m calm and responsible streamer. I don't throw any insults at
  2. Hi all. My great plan is to eventually get to the mighty T29, and I'd like some tips to help with that. Firstly, I'm already at the Sherman Jumbo and grinding the XP for the T29, but obviously don't want to run around with a 76mm peashooter. Are the T1/M6 still viable after the new Japanese abominations fucked things up? Secondly, if I take the T1 line, how much time should I spend in each tank to get a proper crew ready for jumping to the next tier? Should I potentially train two crews in order to get two proper loaders for the T29? Finally, if I do take the T1 line, I should have 14-18k free
  3. So I recently unlocked the wolverine... I am frustrated using the starting guns... How do you guys cope with this? Do you wait for enough free xp, or do you just deal with it and grind it out?
  4. Hi Peeps, My YouTube focuses on how people can improve their game. I recently had a few members ask me about the things they could do to save credits, this happened shortly after I had posted a thread all about 'is WOT a pay to play?' this thread was hugely constructive and some of the things mentioned their along with the questions of my clan mates inspired me to make this guide. I really hope it can help you guys!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZXWspezBh8&list=UUYn6nC-RSPDBKmJOV65SNGw
  5. Hey guys, i have already watched some vids on the french light line but i would like to know, or have some opinions,on what equipment i should use and also if i should run only gold? Also,if any, tanks should i free xp past?
  6. Hello all. Any platoon mates I can get would be awesome!!! I am currently working my way through to the T110E5. However I am also credit grinding.
  7. Hi, I'm playing my KV-5 exclusively to grind out the 6 million silver I need for my obj 140. Just wondering if anyone out there wants to platoon at tier 8 and teach me some stuff along the way, looking for high greens/blues, that's where I'll gain knowledge at this point. Thanks! -Moose
  8. I am looking for tips on grinding because I haven't done an actual grind in forever. When I get back home I am planning on grinding out the Indien panzer to the Leo 1. I would like to get tips in general about grinding and hopefully tips on the line. Also is it worth spending free xp on this line or is the Leo PTA playable stock?
  9. What say you gurus? I have about 10 tanks in my garage and while I'm doing ok (stats wise) with just running my doubles every night is about all I have time for (and that's putting in a LOT of games each night) and I'm wondering if constantly switching tanks and "modes" is hurting my goal of being a better tanker. Should I just pick one and grind through and "master" that line? Keep doing what I'm doing and become a "generalist"? Other?
  10. I am currently grinding my IS-8 and some other T8 and T7, i am your average player not so good but not so bad and i would really like to platoon with some one that can teach me how to play high Teirs, so if you want to help shoot me a pm/invite while i am online. *forgot to say, i play on the NA east server Thanks.
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