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  1. I have some free time, and I think this will get buried in status pretty easily so I'm making a topic that I will remove once this has settled. I'm going to make some content. Video or in text here on WoTLabs, but I'm drawing a blank on the content I actually want to write up, so I'm leaving the question to the floor and letting you decide the topic(s). What part of the game do you want more information of? There are no wrong answers, it can be simple or very very meta, that's up to you. I'm down for a good writeup once you decide. I feel like a poll might be in order but the
  2. Hi folks Just thought I'd take this oppurtunity to show/inflict upon you my Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/AgingJedi I have all sorts of replays and tank reviews on there, ranging from low to high level as I move up the tech trees, and also some viewer replays that have been submitted. I make no claims about being a great player and all opinion and advice offered is based purely on my own experiences with the game and the tanks in question. I'll post a couple of tasters here below, and then add new videos into further posts as and when I get them uploade
  3. The Matilda, a Tier-IV tank that is often underrated and ridiculed for its ponderously slow speed. However, it makes up its lack of speed with many other great strengths. For me, the Matilda is a Tier-V heavy in all but speed, HP, and damage-per-shot. Tank Stats: Hit Points: 340 HP (370 with upgraded turret)Engine Power: 174 hp (190 hp with upgraded engine)Speed Limit: 24 km/h (about 15 mp/h)Hull Traverse: 34 deg/sTurret Traverse: 34 deg/s Power/Wt Ratio 6.57 hp/t (7.17 hp/t with upgraded engine)Hull Armor: 75/70/55 mmTurret Armor: 75/75/75 mmView Range: 330 m (340 m with upgraded turret)Sign
  4. Hey guys, Let me introduce you to a collaboration with my dear friend @Alabastrom, where our goal is to create educational videos for games we think we can play better than a fuegian steamer duck. We call this endeavour The Bromato Project. Don't ask why. This first installment of our World of Tanks video series called Tips to Improve features an 8k damage battle in the Bat-Chat 25t on Abbey, where we showcase camo and bush mechanics... and a couple of memes to top it off. We're basing these videos off of TheRiisingSun's work, so if you've ever watched his videos, our ones will
  5. Had some free time this morning and figured I see "Where should I go with X tank on Y Map" often enough that I used stratsketch.com and went to work As I do not play Tank Destroyers or Arty, these map guides do not account on where to play those classes These map "Guides" are for general areas where I personally, would bring your tank. Some locations, such as mid on sacred valley, or some hulldown spots on Prok/Fiery Salient hill require more finesse and were dropped to better suit the audience this was made for and reduce clutter This is mainly initial "Deployment" and
  6. Arty guide status update: haven't even started. Busy with final exams. Won't start working on it until Dec. 17... You might want to go through the different pages to search for the actual tips. As you know, posting arty guide on WoTlab forum attracts a lot of love. Hi everyone! Artillery is one of the most unique class of tanks to play. Artillery is a very powerful class of vehicles and can often determine the outcome of a battle, whether people like it or not. It doesn't matter if one is an experienced artillery player or has just begun to explore this fantastic class, di
  7. Introduction The third campaign is now over and I hope you all had a good and fun experience; hopefully whilst winning a reward tank! As some of you may know, Orrie and I were the main field commanders for the lovely KITTY-clan during the campaign. For those of you who are not familiar with KITTY (shame on you if that is the case :3), we are a clan who do not participate in Clan Wars (CW). This means that most KITTY members that played during the campaign had little to no experience in CW. Surprisingly that couldn’t be felt as much as one would think. Everyone followed orders with a level of d
  8. Sup guys, I made the switch to Armored Warfare a while back since WoT doesn't offer me anything new that is worthwhile after 34k battles. Must say i enjoy it despite the early development builds. Check out some guides and replays over here!
  9. When I read the official WoT forums, WoT sub-Reddit, and WoTLabs forums, one question comes up more than any other: how do I improve my gameplay? This is particularly challenging for players who have hit a ceiling in terms of their measurable performance (e.g. win rate, WN8 rating, etc) and are not sure what to do. While players can download replays of highly-skilled players, those replays don't capture the thinking process of the player behind the tank - you see their actions but don't necessarily know the how's or why's behind them.Therefore, in this video series I share what I learned as I
  10. Hi guys! I think this may be a good idea. Basically, people ask for help on which maps they are weakest at and other players who know the map better step up to help! I can answer questions about most maps. Questions should be specific so people don't have to write the answer in essay form. Give reps to those who help! I need to boost my rep to post ratio ;_; So to start off, my worst maps are: Windstorm, Stalingrad, and Kharkov (These are all medium tank questions btw, Heavy tanks ez on these maps). Where do you flex in midgame Windstorm?Best microposition for squishy tanks on stalingrad?Which
  11. Hi I am Nisa/Nisae and I'm sorta gud @ a variety games, many interested individuals and cuties have been asking how,so to stroke my e-peen help you guys I will share my not so secret anymore secrets! This is a guide not specifically aimed at WoT but rather at vidya games in general. Teaching the multiple stages of learning I've found common across a variety of titles. It should be fairly easy to read and I'd recommend finishing it and then referring back whenever you lose your way. Pictures will be added here and there because everyone loves pictures and its easier to keep track of what you're
  12. Charioteer: The only good tank in a line This is a short guide on the Charioteer setup and basic positioning Equipment, Consumables, Ammo, and Crew Skills Equipment: For your Charioteer you have 1 Necessary piece of equipment and two pieces you can swap out depending on how you want to play Binocs - Optional Enhanced Gun Laying Drive - Necessary Coated optics - Optional Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer - Optional Improved Vents Class 2 - Optional I run with Binocs, a rammer, and EGLD typically a nice mix with good reload and slightly worse gun handling. When I
  13. E 100: The steel brick This is a short guide on how to get more out of your E 100 gameplay. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion on how to get more from your E 100 Equipment, Consumables, Ammo, and Crew Skills Equipment: For your equipment you have 2 necessary pieces of equipment and 1 optional piece that you can switch out to your own liking. Large-Caliber Gun Rammer - Necessary Vertical Stabalizer mk 2 - Necessary Improved Ventalation Class 3 - Optional SuperHeavy Spall Liner - Optional Enhanced Gun Laying Drive - Optional Coated Optics - Optional Toolbox - Optional I run with a Ra
  14. I didn't have the time to make the arty guide this winter break, but I thought I owe it to the clickers whom I promised a guide... I've thought long and hard about revealing some of my positions because I was worried that people will wise up and make it harder for me to click. But, since university has started and I won't be playing for a while, why not release this! It doesn't matter if people know where I like to click, they are gonna get clicked anyways! It's basically impossible to avoid good artillery players' shots lol!!! There's a person who private messaged me in-game, and I pr
  15. I didn't have the time to make the arty guide this winter break, but I thought I owe it to the clickers whom I promised a guide... I've thought long and hard about revealing some of my positions because I was worried that people will wise up and make it harder for me to click. But, since university has started and I won't be playing for a while, why not release this! It doesn't matter if people know where I like to click, they are gonna get clicked anyways! It's basically impossible to avoid good artillery players' shots lol!!! There's a person who private messaged me in-game, and I pr
  16. Hi guys! It has been months since I posted a tips thread on how to play arty. As I promised then, since my final exams finished yesterday, I am starting to work on a detailed-artillery guide to help new struggling "clickers" to "click" better! So far, I've decided to partition my guide into 3 modules: 1). Principles of Arty Gameplay + General Clicking Advices 2). Evolved Clicking (more refined strategies of arty gameplay to help you survive against light tanks and mediums, and tips to improve your hit ratio) 3). Advanced Clicks (strategic approaches that I take in end-game situatio
  17. I tried to submit this review to RBS two weeks ago, but no response so far so I decided to just put it up here. Enjoy Cromwell review by WaterWar The Cromwell is an iconic British medium/cruiser tank with great mobility for its time. It saw active combat during the later stages of WWII and the following years (1944-1955) with about 1000 tanks produced. In World of Tanks the Cromwell is a tier VI tank on the British medium line leading up to the (soon to be replaced) FV4202. It comes after the Crusader tank and leads to the Comet tank, which is quite fitting with development and abilities o
  18. Hi All , Here is an epic review of the T-40. A new players dream, Like how i use the tier 10 standard view range to good effect and tear apart a team two tiers higher than me. Have fun Havoc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZQKkyCkiSM
  19. [WoT UNI]Training Sessions and Results- How to be a Sneaky Ba$%*rd This is the first filmed training session for World of Tanks University. The training session are non compulsory and are kept short and sweet. Afterwards we have some clan on clan action then I send the boys out to practice what they have learnt in public matches. I also include in the video a game play footage of one of the lads using the newly learnt technique to get good results. This week it was all about how to peep the hills, get damage and not get shot.!! The game play footage is of Elarrow in a co
  20. Hi Guys, I am making a fun video about arty in game, I need as many replays as possible of the following; Tanks getting one shot by arty - tank side of view arty one shooting tanks arty point of view they must be one shots Thanks in advance and thanks to those who responded to my last Appeal those videos are in production. Have a great day Havoc
  21. Here is VonCurry's cheat sheet for new clans, you're welcome. (Mods pin this and unban VonCurry on the wotforum for the injustices you did against him #FreeZodman) Before you do anything involving a clan, be a soldier in a clan. Learn from mistakes and successes - Started off as a Sand Person in an African clan (D-INC) learned what clan wars was and learned how to be part of a community, also was also a good player who learned to play tonks and could play CWs competently (This is the minor leagues play here first). D-INC died and it's people spread like ashes in the wind. Then was a sold
  22. Foreword: I apologize in advance to those who look down on low tier (e.x <5) tanks. So... (Picture credit goes to cwjian90 below this post ) Review: Conclusion (Also TL;DR): The tier 3 child of a Leopard 1 that mated with a T69. Speed, no armor, and a tank that constantly has to load at least 1/2 gold in case of those games. My rating: 8/10 without fun factor, 9/10 with fun factor Tips: Please be gentle, it's the first guide i've written D: I'm absolutely terrible at everything beyond this light tank.
  23. After reading most of the stuff here and there I decided to try and write a guide myself. Mostly taken from others and my experience. If you make a valid point I gladly change it. After a while, I'd like to post it on official forums. There are some simplifications in mechanics so I hope I didn't write something too misleading. I slightly omit scouts and SPGs, because I don't play them much. And my formatting kind of sucks, I'll change it. GUIDE: This guide is meant for beginner players. Some mechanics are heavilly simplified but should suffice until reaching certain expertise. You can get
  24. The Aufklärungspanzer Panther, it just rolls of the tongue doesn't it, along with some green spittle. Overall impressions of the tank Driving this tank is a little like taking a satisfying dump. At first it’s kinda painful but by the time you’ve finished with it you almost feel like jumping up and down just to test out this new light sensation you’re feeling. The tank is a good sniper vs dangerous opponents and a good bully when it comes to other light tanks provided you get to fight on your own terms. Its HP pool is best in tier for its class and it’s only going to get buffed, the sam
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