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  1. So I've often heard that the "hangar plane stats are useless" but I've never really been sure of which ones and where. I get that the star or "rank" visuals next to the various plane stat groupings are pretty much there for just a vague indicator, but what about all of the stats that make them up? Are they all to be believed? What important stats are being left out? Has anyone mined the meaningful stats out somewhere like in tanks? Is armor protection uniform across the plane model or more varied like tanks? If so then how? Are the dps numbers in the gun statistics for an individual gun
  2. Hi Tankers, I don't really come on here much, in fact I dont really come on many web pages. It had taken my laptop 3 minutes alone to load this page. My name is Addin and I'm a kid from Indonesia who loves playing the game you love. Except, I can't really play it and this is a plea for change; change for good. I'm not poor kid trying to escape a war or anything. My needs are just more close to your hearts than this. I need some hardware that will let me play WOT on more than 20fps on minimum settings. My current laptop specs : Intel I3 3110m (32bit), Intel HD 4k, 2GB ram (I
  3. Hey everyone, ive had paris a few times in my least few battles, and realised that i have no idea what to do on this map. i can't brawl in heavies or mediums, and using the north for scouting is campy as heck and doesn't influence the game. i was wondering how you guys brawl (positions) and where you go in a scout. replays, positions, guidance, whatever, anything will help. thanks, garry.
  4. So last night my GPU started overheating and turning off and I realized my fans are not spinning. (I have a GTX 980ti G1 Gaming). The "silent mode" lights are on and the fans turn off as soon as windows 10 boots up. Even when I'm playing graphically intensive games the fans wont turn on. I tried reinstalling the drivers and it didn't work. I'm clueless when it comes to computers please help. Update: I got my fans working but for some reason it still crashes. I don't know what the hell is going on with my pc.
  5. First off, these are my thoughts and what I've concluded from playing these maps. If you have any valuable input please share, it's meant to be informational for the less skilled and for those who seek to learn. I'll also do maps a few at a time, because writing for over 30 maps in one go ain't gonna be pretty lel I will also take replay requests/specific walk throughs of things you don't understand or need to get into further I will share thoughts on both spawns if they differ a lot (for example Abbey and Airfield plays similarly meanwhile Arctic Region and Sand River plays different
  6. So right now I want to kill myself half the time I play WoT, any other game, or just try to do more than 2 things at once with my MacBook Pro. Because it's a Mac, I can't even install texture compression. Today, I had a run of 5 or less fps over 90 minutes, which was tilting as fuck, making me play even worse than my scrub ass usually does (I'm so tilted right now that I'm getting 500 WN8 games). That kind of made me decide that maybe it's time to build a PC. Unfortunately for me, I'm a poor-ass university student without a job (don't even own a prem tank lel), so money is kind of an issue, an
  7. Hello. I need a new mouse, pls halp. So recently my mouse has been acting up. I need a new one. I'll mostly use it for csgo and wot. All I want out of a new mouse it a good sensor (no common issues or built in mouse acceleration), and for it to be light weight as I game on low sensitivity so I lift my mouse a lot (insert Flusha cheating accusation here). I've been looking at a few Zowie mice (FK2 and EC2-a) and the Fnatic Flick G1. Anyone own any of these who can comment on them? Also any recommendations? I tried my brothers Steelseries Sensei Raw for an hour or so. I like t
  8. So, it all began one lovely sunday morning when I realised that I have enough free experience to unlock the top gun on my Lorraine (havent payed it stock because I was too scared, Ive heard enough horror stories about it) and so I did it. I had bit of a temptation to play my shiny new tank with convenient new gun. First few games were not that bad, even though I didnt have absolutely any idea on how to play it, I didnt suck that muchn in it. But like 10 battles passed and I felt the ultimate feeling of frustration and confusion. As soon as I got spotted, everyone started swinging ther gun
  9. I have T6 but would really like some help figuring ... pretty much everything out. That's really quite general, but I have a good understanding of the BASICS, like, shooting and such, as well as crew skills. But when it comes to say, scouting, view range, signal range, angling of the armors and such ... Blegh. My in-game name is ___M00N___ (The "O"s are actually zeros by the way, and there are 3 underscores on either side.) Thanks!
  10. So, I managed to do this. Replay link here. What could've I done instead? Any suggestions?
  11. Like the title is saying, I suck at the JT. I keep trying different ways to play it but I can't make it work. I had no problems at all with the Ferdi. My JT is full, I free XP the modules. Here is my setup. N I don't have a better crew. When I try to play it like a sniper, Arty fucks me up because I get spotted by everyone and I get flanked by scouts or mediums that yoloed or flanked the other side. When I try to play mid range, I get focus snipe and flanked by mediums. When I play it close combat, I get flank and everyone p
  12. So recently I bought a pair of head phones to find out the audio jack on my tablet was not working (It's some cheap tablet my parents got me a while back). I was planning on getting a new one in a few months, but before I opened it I heard stuff rattling around, turns out it was falling apart on the inside... So now I guess I need to get a new one now. I don't know where to start looking for a tablet or what to look at, so I came here. All I want out of it is to be rigid enough not to fall apart on it's own. All I'll be doing with it is web browsing and youtube or netflix videos. I'd prefer no
  13. So after last years attempt to get a proper rig failed due to lack of time and dedication I finally want to get rid of my 8yo . Goal is to get a decent machine that lasts several years without having to do major upgrades and is mainly used for music production and WoT and costing me at the very most 800€ w/o peripherals and OS. Here's what I've got so far using Logical Increments and pcpartpicker, no fancy research because that's a pain with a phone. PCPartPicker part list: http://de.pcpartpicker.com/p/2Ydb99 Price breakdown by merchant: http://de.pcpartpicker.com/p/2Ydb99/by_merchant/ CPU
  14. So um, I'm using WG's own wrapper and I'd like to start uploading to vBAddict (mostly for MoE purposes), but I've been searching as hell but I can't find the dossier and upload it manually, and since ADU is an .exe program it won't run. I googled around and saw that it should be possible to get it using other wrappers such as Wine and stuff, but I can't for the love of wot work this one out... I've also asked this on the vBA forums but I figured some of you techies here might have a solution as well.
  15. Hello fellow Captains! (although at this point I don't consider myself a Captain... maybe more of a steward?) It took me several thousand battles in WoT to figure out that I sucked. It has taken less than one hundred in WoWS to get that same feeling. Allow me to elaborate (and rant a bit). Prepare your butts for a wall o' text. I really suck at playing battleships. I currently have the Wyoming and I am finding it a good ship but severely limited by my skills and perhaps the game mechanics as well (more on that later). More specifically, I am struggling with... 1. Citadel hits: Despite the
  16. Don't know, need advise: http://wotreplays.com/site/2029974#malinovka-shftymagoo-e_50
  17. Hey guys, quick question here. So I've been reading through some of the map guides after taking an extended break and wanted to refamiliarize myself and learn all the changes for the maps. My questions is in two parts, are Sela's map guides still up to date and if so, is this mod () still compatiable with tonks? Cheers
  18. First off, don't believe the stats, I'm really a yellowish-light green player (thanks Derpy ) I'm mainly looking for some help with heavies, specifically, the IS-4, IS-3, and German box tanks (I'm currently on the VK3601). Help with the Bromwell also, as it is my tier 6 stronghold tank. Areas I'm looking to improve: 1. Using terrain/cover in different situations/maps, and choosing the best way to get from point A to point B without exposing myself too much during a fight, and when to do so. I tend to take too much early damage because I don't use cover well. 2. General brawling,
  19. Getting back into the game this week so I can be ready to exploit Spring Break. Mostly played solo in the past, but I'm looking to play more games in a platoon. Not really any requirements. Just know things that make you win more. Mostly tier 8 and 9, with some 5 for credit grinding: I'll specify what tier I'm playing when I send out invites. I prefer silent because I sound like a 10 year old, but I can do TS if you insist. FYI ~ I also don't have 10s
  20. Hello, I am a tank, I have been working on becoming a better tank. I have improved greatly over the last few months, but it seems I have hit a plateau at around 2k WN8. What I'm looking for is a teacher/tutor/mentor (whatever you want to call it) to help me get past this slump. Someone to platoon with me, and either give me solid directions/positions or answer my stupid questions. I've listed the tanks I currently run below in order of my proficiency (in my opinion)/comfort in them. I would like it for you to have equal or better stats than me, unless there is a special circumstance where you
  21. 1st of all I have no idea where to put this but whatever. basically I have ran into a problem many times that I never really thought about... When I'm in a close match and a lot of the winning is up to me I get extremely jittery, like my aim will suffer and I can really feel the pressure. I just aim so bad that literally I can miss an IS-7's tracks at 20meters, I've had this problem before when playing pubs, CW, skirmishes, and wglna before aswell... What do you guys do to decrease being jittery? I've decided for now that I'm gonna take a small 5-10minute break some deep breathing
  22. Once finals are over, I'm probably going to be playing much more than I normally do. I decided to use a third of this time to play arty on EU. Plsno arty haterino, I want to have an EU account and ping sucks. I have yet to make an account so I can offer a T95E2 to someone who's willing to grind up with me, preferably purple recent. Also, what should I name my account? Why_So_SEA_RU_EU_US add meh
  23. So I know some peeps have done it before, I think they called em macros... where you hit a key and it will put a chat phrase or something in chat... I wanna make some for my new e-persona. Thanks Brothers!
  24. So recently there's been quite an absence of command in where I'm in right now and I decided to try to fill in the hole as we're still in the growing phase, motivation are still high, good thing is. As I usually play the role of a soldier in the clan I ever been in, and hardly takes up commanding/calling, there's things I'm still wondering and curious on the get go, First off, we're short on dedicated callers, I'm trying to get the initiative of letting people to start calling battles via TB or stronks but its seems they're just discouraged at the risk of letting down the team or disappo
  25. Hey! Bought myself a shiny new IS-6 today and decided I want to IS-6 properly. I will be doing a 50 battle challenge with a few goals in mind: Achieve 60% WR in it, deal an average of 2200 damage, 30% Survival rate and get 1.5 kills per game. Stats will be tracked with Tank Numbers and posted when I can. Here is my setup for anyone interested: o7o7o7o7
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