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Found 9 results

  1. ATTENTION, TALKING ABOUT THE CHANCE OF IT BEING BECAUSE OF AN AIMBOT, NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT A MOD THAT MAKE ENEMIES AMMORACKS DETONATE My clan had a skirmish against players from [2L4G]... Now, what happened would have been hard even for good players to pull, but for red/orange? Now to the point Basically every shot that hit us was aimed to an ammorack, there were even a lot of shots that hit walls that seemed to be aimed to the position of the module, but with the wall inbetween All my team got a damaged ammorack in the first one/two shot recieved and we got three explosions (7 d
  2. Title? no really, unlikely it will happen again http://wotreplays.com/site/2414997#pilsen-strigonx-lttb Dat MM tho
  3. I just wanted to share this somewhere since i didn´t think this was possible until this happened while grinding the French Clickers: An enemy Indienpanzer somehow managed to hit my gun and knock out my gunner without actually causing any actual damage to my vehicle, which I thought was impossible until I saw it myself. Here is the link to the replay, skip to 12:09 when the shot happens: http://wotreplays.com/site/2021788#pearl_river-fabunil-amx_13_f3_am The more you know...
  4. en.akinator.com An akinator thread, because why not.
  5. So this article just appeared on FTR. Even if you usually don't read SilentStalker's blog I would recommend to take a look at this. TL;DR of the article: Player posts screenie of War Pack on reddit, gets reported to EU support. EUS copy pastas the usual mod message about your conscience, player complains ("so War Pack = legal?") and support responds by caiming that if the mod really is game breaking the automated in game report system will take care of it (How could you even possibly notice someone running hax?). I really hope that Minsk will respond to this. However this isn't news as oth
  6. We have the wall of name and shame we have a wall of praise we have a wall of "I saw Kraft!" We dont have a home thread for the butt hurt which comes from using game mechanics to our advantage, and the utterly delightful stupid things the pubbies say! Examples: WR is luck I have a life You live in a basement Go back to school A small collection of a few of my favorites
  7. http://wotreplays.eu/site/832877#winter_himmelsdorf-dyingdyingdead-vk_2801 skip to the 12 minute mark. I remembered this replay and thought I'd share it with you guys Anyone know how to make memes gif or something? It'd be awesome if someone can make a meme gif I could use for a sig or something of that dive in slow motion? Anyways enjoy the replay edit: gif, not meme.....silly me
  8. From FTR: "- there is apparently a bug that when a Chaffee platoons with KV-1S (or other lower tier spread heavies), it will get their MM spread, Storm states he needs to check" Any one know anything about this? Because if so: ZOMGTANKBONER. Gonna be platooning tonight, I will test it out. I notice they DO have the exact same MM weight, perhaps there's a link?
  9. So i finaly found out what heatmaps are. I dunno if it's common knowledge that's not so common or if it's a new thing, but for those wondering: http://www.vbaddict.net/heatmaps/
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