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Found 8 results

  1. Seriously what is this Wargaming, Alright, I know aesthetic is a very subjective idea, but I am still gonna say GIVE BACK MY M26 MANTLE.I WANT TO EXPOSE IT PLZ NO COVER! Seriously, how difficult it is for wargaming to hear some player based thoughts before they actually finalize the HD model? oh wait, they never listen to their customers. So the current meta for USA HD model is putting canvas on every single of them, making the paint jobs look like they are ready to be disposed by glorious soviet hover tank? Seriously, OOsa does much better than this. Oh wait
  2. Thread used to be pretty bare bones, but I'm making a thing for RSR, so may as well post it here early. Through my benevolence, I have made a 9.16 armor change thing despite no longer playing the game. Once again, tweaked the format a little. I've split the changes for each tank into nerfs, buffs, and neutral changes. Sometimes, a tank may only have buffs and a neutral change or whatever, but I'm sure you're all smart enough to figure out what is what. If you're not, then that's on you and I don't love you. I didn't really look at stock turrets. Never fucked up multiple s
  3. Same deal as usual. I'll look at all the new HD models and point out the changes. Lots of tanks get those little bumps for wheels removed when made HD, so I'll ignore that in most cases. Too lazy to say how the tracks changed (as in they get gaps in them or something). General size of the tank is ignored in most cases too. I'll probably be less detailed on paper thin tanks in the future like I have this time. I have my little thoughts at the end of each list of tank changes. Soviets Germany (this text won't bold for some reason ) Ame
  4. If you're among those who have some FPS to spare and would like to make your favorite tanks look a bit fresher, then you've come to the right place. This thread is for sharing your favorite tank remodels and skins with the Wotlabs community. Personally I'm using a couple of models from Goodman12(Henschel E-100 and Löwe) and Milkym4an (E-50, E-75 and FV215B), and are very happy with them. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Their blog sites have a decent and slowly growing selection of HD remodels. https://milkym4n91.wordpress.com/ http://goodman12.club/ (Ru
  5. Keep your panties on tight, since this is going into more detail than you ever asked for. I know a lot of this is already known, but it's not up to my saucy standards. I'm doing it a bit different this time, and only checking for angle changes where it might be able to cause some sort of change. I'll be skipping a lot of the tiny things on some of these tanks, just because so much got changed. I added my thoughts on each. Whether or not you agree with my conclusions, it'll at least help convey the size of the change. I've sadly been replacing the misery of WoT with pretend
  6. Or is it 9.11. Fuck if I can remember. Here's what I see so far looking off of gamemodels3d.com. I'm just looking at armor thicknesses and slopes. You've got the visual models to compare sizes and shit. I don't have the time for that too. Soviets Nazis Americans French Brits
  7. http://imgur.com/a/rMM7L I'm pretty sure I could've done a better job, but I have terribad computer and this was on maximum setting T_T.. Thanks to Jamesn505 for shooting me in his T49 tho Hope you like ^.^ Also if you want me to take more pics, I'll do so, just pm me in-game what angle, maybe help me in training room as well. Or you can post your pics here with better comps (Surry if wrong poast place )
  8. http://www.homeworldremastered.com/ As a massive fanboy with a Hiigaran logo plastered on the back window of my truck, I'm really hoping Gearbox doesn't fuck this one up like A:CM and Duke Nukem Forever.
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