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Found 11 results

  1. So hello, I am new here.. played wot for a year active.. account created in 2011 but did not play it no idea why.. i have 10k games... working on getting as many t10 tanks as i can.. just searching for a place to get some hidden info on game mechanics and other stuff like crew skills and what is actually most usefull to have in specific tanks. Oh well...again hi and see you in game
  2. As the title says, Hello Here to get rid of my bad habits and poor decision making in this tonk game, and replace it with more useful things, like knowledge, skill (jk), and color (blue and up). Already started to read every bit of information here, what is not out-of-date, soo, that's all!
  3. Hi Wotlabs, I'm new to this community. I didn't know about this website until about a year ago!! I've been playing this game for about 4 years now, yet I'm still learning new things everytime I play (good and bad). Its one of the defining reasons why I still hit that Battle button, and why I'm on these forums. My aim is to provide constructive feedback, though don't expect anything of serious note if its about the Foch 155 or Bat chat. Some things about me: I usually play to 3 mark tanks now, I gave up playing heavy tanks over a year ago (arty takes most of, but not all of
  4. I noticed that my WN8 is now 0 and my average tier is 0! I was just curious why this suddenly occurred. Hopefully this is a temporary thing that will get fixed?
  5. WHY THE E-100 is OP in Blitz Above, you can see the blitz stats of the E-100. You may notice two very interesting things. The first is its 2,300 health, and the second is its 640 alpha damage. Although these may seem like serious nerfs, in blitz the HP nerfs are normal for every non-Russian tank(t-62:1900 HP, e50m1900 HP, IS-7: 2150 HP, bias confirmed), although the E-100 got the worst of it, a 400 HP loss, more than the maus. The alpha damage Nerf is a blitz product: alpha for high-caliber guns is heavily nerfed by 12-25% and ROF is increased by a small amount for partial compe
  6. Hello, I'm new here. Lot of clan mates are here already. I'm looking for improvement to get past that 2200 wn8 barrier and get 3-4k steady Greetings, Vicecomes
  7. Well, right now I'm one of those pubbies with a three-digit WN8, and I hope to get better. So, hi. :3
  8. Found this place awhile ago made an account and promptly forgot and quit tanks for a bit. Now im back into tanks and working hard to get better. Also looking for some people to play with, hopefully im not too awful when you first play with me .
  9. hi all. been lurkin' for a while www I'm still a scrub but i am aiming to remove the banana in my stats one day
  10. Hello all I read this forum very often and it's really useful. Thx for sharing all these tips. I'm not a great player and there's a lot of things I feel I have to improve... like my damage output. Thx again for the help (and if you have some comments on my stats... please tell me what I should work on).
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