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Found 5 results

  1. So, before we get to the boring details, let's just start off by acknowledging that it's a very attractive vehicle. It even has temple-mounted machine guns. And here's after I reinstalled my custom camo masks. Now, actual information. Mind you, I've only played a few matches so far, as I unlocked the vehicle all of two days ago (finally), but the easiest way I can sum things up for you is a mix of IS-7, IS-4, and Chinese 110. Stat sheet comparison between IS-4, Object 260, and IS-7. With but a couple exceptions, the hull is an IS-7. Seems to be the same pike, same lower plate, same raw thick
  2. If you were to choose one of these tanks with the intention of completing the 8000 dmg mission, which one would it be? I have all the preceding tier VII heavies, but can afford only one tier VIII tank at the moment. Thank you for your answers.
  3. StranaMechty


    Got this a few days ago after the 263 once again went Killdozer on an enemy team, and there weren't many surprises to be had. If you wanted a T-54 with lots of bits bolted on to it, this is almost your vehicle. Compared to the T-54... Cons Loses the 120mm plate, instead has the 100mm plate of the production models.-6 kph top speed-7 rounds of ammo (43 instead of 50)Slightly wider turret580 horsepower instead of 700.~2.5 tons heavierPros +5 meters view range+50 HP28-36% better terrain resistance1.3% faster rate of fire9% faster aim time6% better accuracy~15% better gun handling on chassis movem
  4. This will be a mini review of overall experience on IM and i will also address some criticism about IM. The name Individual Missions... A lot of hate has been towards the naming of these missions, the usual criticism is that they are not in fact individual as they are the same for everyone. Well the name is actually quite fitting, i doubt people were expecting different missions for each and every player on the servers,s o how are they actually individual you may ask. Look at it this way, there are 4 tank missions, each with 15 different missions for 5 different classes,
  5. There's been a lot of discord on the forums and in the game lately with the introduction of individual missions. Many people are frustrated over how they named it or how missions are bugged or how the metagame is being ruined by people doing stupid stunts to finish their mission, and so on. To all of these complaints, for those who wish not to face the current implementation of individual missions and everything that comes with it, I'm here to offer a solution. As you may recall, individual missions can only be completed by tanks from tier 4 and above, so anyone playing with tanks from thos
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