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  1. Hey guys! Many of you already know me, but here's a quick rundown. I'll never be one to pump out 3 MOE's on my tanks. Im just not capable of shitting out huge amounts of damage across several battles in a row. Part of that is my play-style. Im more comfortable in a positioning engagement, than I am in a fast-twitch brawl. This can limit my ability to earn those 3 marks. Its good enough to get two, which I have on most of my tier 8+ tanks which I play a lot. Apart from turreted TD's which Im just learning how to play, I feel like I play all classes of tanks well enough and consisten
  2. So, in anticipation of completing the scout missions for the T55A and having a CH Female crew I wasnt sure what to do with, I decided to buy back the WZ131. Started the night at 70% MOE, finished with this session and my 2nd MOE in short order And this mastery on Serene Coast http://wotreplays.eu/site/2047235#serene_coast-themarine3_5-wz-131 And, a LOT of haxusations! [J9] 310th_infantry[UFTU] (Firefly) : nice hacking [J9] 310th_infantry[UFTU] (Firefly) : wz [J9] 310th_infantry[UFTU] (Firefly) : fuck off [--] 310th_infantry[UFTU] (Firefly) : i was 20 meters behind a fucking bush and never
  3. WARNING THIS DISCUSSION WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. THE OP ONLY WILL BE CLEAR OF ANY SPOILERS. I will not include further post with any spoiler tags. You have been warned, and its now completely your call to continue reading. And now, my fellow Sith and Jedi: Discuss!
  4. Since the Mods havent gotten around to creating a new sticky or updating the OP: Lets get it on WOTLabs Streamers @TheMarine0341: https://www.twitch.tv/marinewot @jacg123: https://www.youtube.com/user/jacg324 @BatGurl: https://www.twitch.tv/batgurlsepicgames @Vetro: https://www.twitch.tv/vetro_/ @Drunken_Walrus: https://www.twitch.tv/drunkenwalrus @Jojo_Joseph_Joestar: https://www.twitch.tv/jojackington @jackquerudo: https://www.twitch.tv/jackquelegs @wallhacks: https://www.twitch.tv/wallhacks @zapyoug: twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit @F
  5. So, continuing my theme of shit-tank gifting via Wargaming, the first tank I noticed in my garage was the KV-122. And, despite me knowing its shit I've committed myself to playing the KV-122, Krupp Steyr (review/updates here) and the Fury for 25 battles each at least. So, what can I tell you about the KV-122? Well, 1st: Its another needless, pointless, unworthy clone yet again for the Russian Heavy tank Premiums. This gives them, and its not limited to: IS2B Church III IS6 IS6B KV4K KV-5 Obj260 KV-220 IS3A IS-5 And meanwhile, the US TDs continue to have noth
  6. Hello fellow dads! A couple years ago, on a REALLY tight budget, I built my current desk. It was a hollow core bedroom door, and reinforced with a 1x3x7. I was afraid then and have remained afraid that every time its slightly shaken, it'll fall apart. So, with the wifey away at a conference I decided to spend my time building a new desk Parts: Height Adjustable legs, taken from a $5 goodwill table 4 -1in x 12in x 72in laminate pine boards 1 - 1in x 6in x 8ft pine board 1 box x75 1 1/2 wood screws 1 container of wood glue First, I took the laminate pine and stacked t
  7. Im working on being given permission to live stream the SandBox server and its headed a positive direction for being given that permission. What kind of things would you all be interested in seeing, and what kind of questions would you 'possibly' like answered? I cannot promise that I can or will answer all questions directly, and some of what I stream or record to upload could be restricted beyond just showing what it could look like. And any questions asked about other content within the Sandbox outside of what I am able to show, I would not be able to answer either. Some things I
  8. Second battle... omfg!!! It makes AMAZING credits, hide your commanders hatch and the pubbies go all retard! Cannot recommend this tank enough now that its been buffed!
  9. http://wotreplays.eu/site/1682545#el_halluf-themarine3_5-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t Fall back, fall back again. Fall back further. And then, win. I believe this was a 10v3 at one point
  10. This Thursday, February 5th Ive offered to do some mentoring for some random Facebook WOT group. The level of noobs there is... amazing. But, I do what to try and edumacate some of them. I plan on doing this from 12pm to 2pm EST, and will be using WOTLabs TS. I plan on running two battles with each platoon, and then moving on to two more people. I figure 12 people in two hours for those battles. If theres 2-3 guys willing to help some potentially really bad players just for a few games that'd be great. Full post: Thursday February 5th around 12pm EST, I plan on doing some mentoring
  11. Heyo! What I need are 4 proof-readers for articles I write that I can give commenting permissions for a google drive document. While I am confident in my abilities as a writer, I want to ensure my concepts and ideas are clear. I will credit you in the article, and you'll get a preview of what I hope is some quality content. What I am looking for: 1 Newer player, any skill level, with less than 5k battles and is NOT a re-roll or played on a friends account before getting their own. 2 players with average stats and skill level. Number of battles doesn't matter, but I would prefer 5k
  12. Thought about this a little bit while I was pleasantly grinding the Leo PTA: What tanks have you played, which you felt really made you a better player? IE, the learning curve to make that tank successful challenged your previous way of getting things done, and made you approach tanks differently? My Hard Knock Tanks: Leo PTA Why? Taking return fire is just utterly devastating. Learning how to position to get damage without taking any in return from a medium tank perspective is something I need to better apply to my RU Meds T-34-3 Why? Gun handling and depression are not there. A
  13. This is my current PC http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c03363664 For the time being, Im ok with a Frankenstien PC, will eventually completely build a new one. A few things I have done: Samsung 128GB SSD AMD Radeon HD 7700 series video card (thanks TRex!) 450 watt power supply thanks to another friend I have $400 to upgrade this puppy upon graduation. What should I do? I would like to be able to play WOT on a much higher visual setting (playing with minimum, ~40FPS) and I do know at some point Im going to need a new power supply. Please halp!
  14. Ah, 2000th post! I started posting, I believe, December 8th, 2013... EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT!!! 2000 post in exactly a year? Who'da thunk it?! Basically, I joined this forum hoping to get better. I was about to leave 1Cav1, where I got my first taste of Clan Wars and how badly managed a clan could be. At that time, I was a 900 WN8-ish overall and 1200 recent. I jumped here and started reading. Started learning. By January, I was accepted to Millards Minions with about 1100 overall and 1600 recent. And holy crap, combining MM with this forum was amazing! I learned a LOT
  15. From a reputable source, all CHAI players are required to have this garage mod as a constant reminder of their mission. Can Pity confirm/deny ?
  16. So, started developing carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrist. Now I could understand getting that in one wrist, but both at the same time? FML. *go ahead, get them jokes in* So, I ordered an ergonomic keyboard which should help a bit. I have one now for my office at work, and its seemed to help a bit. My mouse is a gaming mouse and pretty ergo shaped: Worth getting a mousepad with a bit of a wrist rest on it? And, what has worked for anyone else in helping to get rid of this pain? Hell, even opening a screw top beer almost set me in tears a few nights ago. Thankfully these symptoms jus
  17. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/399491-world-of-tanks-replay-tog-ii-again/ Pure WOT gold!
  18. Why the hell doesnt this tank have its own fan page?!?!?! probably because slow as shit... but I digress! Seriously, this tank in the right situations is just amazing. Even drunk as I am right now, I can do dis Back to back battles, lelelelelel This tank SHITS out credits. Like, a LOT of credits. Best return on value! The first battle here gave me my 2nd mark of excellence too! GET THIS TONK!!!!
  19. We have the wall of name and shame we have a wall of praise we have a wall of "I saw Kraft!" We dont have a home thread for the butt hurt which comes from using game mechanics to our advantage, and the utterly delightful stupid things the pubbies say! Examples: WR is luck I have a life You live in a basement Go back to school A small collection of a few of my favorites
  20. Atm, Im averaging a little over 3.2k DPG in my E100. I *think* Im getting into the right positions and making generally the right decisions, but atm I cannot win consistently and its frustrating at 40% WR. So, any kinda replays would be really helpful in getting this beast to work a bit better for me.
  21. Random thought here: The "meta" of the maps is changing. They're moving towards a brawl type environment to make the game easier for inexperienced players. This change for maps means most engagements are taking place at ranges far less than 300m, which for most tier 10's is well within view range. The latest example is El Halluf. Typically, mediums would play the mid, heavies go north, TDs camp and arty continues to ruin the game. Usually, mediums always had a great role with vision and overall shenanigans. Now, the north end of the map is a brawl fest: Win this now in a pub battle, fo
  22. MUST USE ALL CAPS TO GO WITH IOC THEME, PLZ WATCH STREAM AS WE FAIL AT BEING BAD. #IOCBestKlan Come for the lolz, stay for the trollz http://www.twitch.tv/m40a3payne\ Stream moved here http://www.twitch.tv/NKRLz
  23. I was wondering about this last night ELC AMX does 425(ish) damage over 3 games and gets their .66 average kills. Thats ~1250 WN8, the *average* expected value of their damage done (math may be off, but point taken anyway) However, per this chart thats actually a light green color, and 400 points above the Average WN8 rating of that player Hate this but: If you're doing the *average* in your tank, shouldnt that rate a WN8 value of that battle between 650 to 849, instead of about 1250 to 1399?
  24. As many of you are aware, Garbad started the This is NOT the exact same freaking copy of Garbad and what he's doing, but close. They're purples. They're going to be stupidly more consistent than us greens/blues/yellows usually will be. But, that doesnt mean we cannot compare how they perform for the average player (which, fml, Im not average. Somehow, Im fucking better than 95% of the WOT population) Its going to be very simple here. They're much more controlled in their experiment and should be the baseline. We are simply additional support data. Proposed Rules: Have the Obj1
  25. So, Im developing a replacement for http://uc.iupui.edu/community/Home.aspx Its clearly out of date, and Im new to using DNN and specifically, Bootstrap Short Codes. The problem Im having is within the DNN HTML modules. They should support HTML5+Bootstrap. However, this isnt the case in most situations. Animations, fine. Accordions, kinda. Carousels, forget about it. If someone has experience using DNN Id like a bit of help on how to use those short codes.
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