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Found 5 results

  1. Hello forum! Just a quick straight question: do I research the good turret or do I use that xp to unlock the top gun sooner? I have of course the second gun (top gun of the IS) but there's a difference of 50 mm of pen and a good accuracy improvement. On the other hand I understeand that the top turret is a very important part of this tank for several reasons and it's quite cheap to unlock. I, personaly, would go for the turret. Is it ok? While we're talking of IS-3, I can't decide the 3rd equipment, the first two being rammer and vstab. I'd go for the gld to try and compensate the 3,4
  2. The IS3, Russian Bias to the max? After fighting the new improved version of the IS3 for some time now (and playing it a few games again myself) I can only wonder why, why is it so strong? Every tank is a balance of Firepower <> armor <> mobility <> soft stats, WG in the past sometimes failed spectacular, like giving a tank no armor (WTF-E100) so it ofc needs 300% firepower, but after a while that gets fixed. But the IS3...?? It was always the best tier 8 tanks, but after the HD rework + all the other changes to the game, i start to wonder what the hell
  3. Ive been trying to get MoEs on some of my tanks I figured I would start it off easy with a tank like the t21, I got the third mark after 60 battles, it suprised me...but after I got that 3rd MoE, I played it for another 100 games to see what my percentage would be at. All of a sudden I started doing horrible in it, my average damage went down from 900 in it to 700. BUt that MoE progression was still staying at over 95%, in fact I hit 100% multiple times, even though my wn8 and average damage kept dropping and dropping in it. Are people really just this bad at playing tanks like this? Next ta
  4. The IS-3 has always been in contention for the best tier 8 heavy. I've heard how mobile it is for a heavy tank, how ridiculous the spaced armour is on the sides (reaching 600 when reverse sidescraping, wtf) and how troll it is hulldown (juke back and forth to make shots on your easily overmatched roof way harder to land). But I have heard nothing about the gun handling. Seriously, with a 200% crew that has gunnery skills, along with Vert Stabs and EGLD, this BL-9 is monstrously comfortable. How the hell is the turret bloom so damn good? Playing peek-a-boom is so effortless as I can snapsho
  5. A long time ago... in 8.8 (I think) I was playing some tonks, when suddenly a wild IS-3 challenges me to a fite, yo. Hilarity ensues.
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