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Found 21 results

  1. For those out of the loop, as I know many here are semi-retired from pixel tanks: Recon Mode is a new game mode that's basically randoms, but limited to a week or so at a time, tier 8-10 only, and instead of the normal map rotation you get one of three new maps in development. Last time the maps in question were Far East, Outpost, and Airship Yard. All 1000x1000m maps. I liked all of them personally, not perfect maps, but better than many of the current random maps. Airship Yard was perhaps my favorite, as the heavy brawls in the airship factory-think was better and less stale th
  2. Hey guys I've just started playing again after staying clean and sober for over a year. Yeah. So I'm not up to date with all the new mods. I am, however, getting fking annoyed by the very small number of maps in rotation at any given time. And wonder, is there a mod that tells you what maps are in rotation at any given time? It would at least help to just grind heavy tanks and leave the lights at home if all you get is Himmelsdorf and Ensk all the fking time.
  3. We have the microposition thread for the best spots to go to. How about the worst spots to go to on each map? Time and time again, you'll see idiots go to spots that don't help the team and usually don't help themselves either. The most obvious being the valley on Laketown. What are some others. Here's some of my (least) favorites. Abbey - camping the base from the obvious td spots. You usually won't get to shoot at much and smart arty's will preaim at those bushes for their first shot. Artic Region - the worst spots have to be the cliffs next to each base. You really can't
  4. Playing MT-25, trying to learn scouting. Due to 350m VR and sub-par map knowledge.. mostly active scouting. on the maps with uneven terrain (e.g. Prokhorovka), forests etc. it's ok.. I can ride popin out a bit on high speed to spot and disappear from direct hit to poput again in 10+ sec but on city maps (like Kharkov, Stalingrad) I have no clue how to contribute.. mot like I can't use good advice how to go about Erlenberg or Karelia or desert maps... but city maps completely killing me
  5. Hello friends, I've finally completed my Maptactics the maps. Any suggestions to add, change or remove certain spots and positions would be greatly appreciated. This is my interpretation of how to play the maps and if you have any criticism, please feel free to let me know. The maps will also include a small summary of how to play the map, which will be completed over time. There is a legend so you can understand what everything means and you can use CTRL + F to search for maps quickly. Link to maps www.o7gaming.com/maps Thank you and I hope you
  6. So I was watching quickybaby play on lakeville and he said that from the south in a scout tank you should go to the second bush forward. But every time I go to the second bush I get spotted and die instantly, and im in an amx 13 90 with a camo crew. What annoys me is im seemingly doing the exact same thing as successful scouts do and driving right from the start of the match straight to that location and getting optimal cover behind the bush, but for some reason I am just not successful. Any insights?
  7. Hi guys! I think this may be a good idea. Basically, people ask for help on which maps they are weakest at and other players who know the map better step up to help! I can answer questions about most maps. Questions should be specific so people don't have to write the answer in essay form. Give reps to those who help! I need to boost my rep to post ratio ;_; So to start off, my worst maps are: Windstorm, Stalingrad, and Kharkov (These are all medium tank questions btw, Heavy tanks ez on these maps). Where do you flex in midgame Windstorm?Best microposition for squishy tanks on stalingrad?Which
  8. Given that WG only rotates through a select group of maps at a time - How many maps do they use in a given rotation?How often does the rotation change? Are they on a set schedule?When the maps change, are all the maps in the set different from the previous set?Are there different map rotation sets for encounter and assault modes? Or if the current set doesn't include a map with an assault version, does that mean it's impossible to play assault?
  9. Fixed some issues and reworked gameplay on Swamp (in order to reduce the number of draws) and Highway (in order to encourage active gameplay in the center)Did someone try the new maps? How the changes looks to you guys? I've been able to try only Swamps and I like the changes, I think it was one of the maps I generally hate the most. Here the minimaps: I'd also like to try the modified version of Prokh, but it's not coming this patch so... Thoughts?
  10. Pearl River is getting a major rework in 9.10, particularly for the southwest side of the map. - Heavy tanks will now spawn in zones 1 in order to make them start faster - Area 2 was changed in favor of the upper team (more defensive positions) - Area 3: added a new alternative access to base through the mountains - Area 4: players can now enter the "balcony" - Area 5 was completely reworked - Areas 6 (artillery positions) were changed for both teams - Area 7 - the mountain was made flatter in order to give both teams the same times to reach the cent Demonstration video with changes: So far
  11. Hey guys, quick question here. So I've been reading through some of the map guides after taking an extended break and wanted to refamiliarize myself and learn all the changes for the maps. My questions is in two parts, are Sela's map guides still up to date and if so, is this mod () still compatiable with tonks? Cheers
  12. I've been fascinated with scouts/lights ever since I started playing. I used to play TF2 and played Scout well so I figured I would try a quick mobile class in WoT. After 5,000 battles and map/meta changes I have no idea what to do for most maps. For Mali, I used to head to the swamp to get early base lights, until I got light by people on the ridge and quickly exploded. I just can't find a good database for early lights. Anyone have good spots they would like to share?
  13. I am trying to make a compilation of spots from where you can get early damage without taking any damage on all maps for fast mediums. Abbey: E2 and G2 sniping across the middle of the town(E5 and G5) If you have friendly lights and meds in middle spotting. Its 90% guaranteed to get a free shot from this place. But you need to retreat if you sniff anything coming from 2 line. Airfield: E5 and E7 or F5 and F6 looking into the middle E6. 50% chance of getting a free shot. Arctic Region: I think this can be difficult for free shot from both sides. From south spawn F4/F5/G7/E4. From n
  14. To expand off of what I've seen, and to get a better idea, visually, of what I have been told by top-tier players ingame, I'd like to start a thread to show on maps, good places to go to scout. This partly comes from individual missions, and being able to complete the two annoying ones (spot x dmg before you get spotted, spot x dmg total), but also to become a more effective scout when your team is full of blues/platoons that are competent enough to realize a scout is passive scouting an area and lines up to get shots early in the game. For this purpose. I'm going to shamelessly copy paste a
  15. Hello friends, I've been clicking through my vbaddict profile trying to figure this out, but maybe I'm just dumb. Can I find a list of my winrates / WN8 by map (and maybe spawn)? Can I find out what my weakest maps are, which spawns I'm probably doing something wrong on? It feels like this is something that should obviously be in a site such as vbaddict, so the fact that I can't find it either menas * I'm dumb * It's info that can't be extracted ( ) Any help?
  16. So, I finally broke through my two-month long potato run, fueled by grinding Brit med/Brit heavy/Brit TD/French TD until I was beating my face against the keyboard, and have learned (basically) How To Emil, based on some advice that showed me what I was doing wrong. (plenty.) The problem I'm running into is one that has plagued me forever with slow TDs: Where to go on certain maps. Ideally for the Emil you find spots that don't take 5 minutes to get to, where you can abuse your view range while peeking over a hill or bump. Thanks to WG chopping up the long lines of sight on many maps. that
  17. Taken from FTR: Yeah...no. I don't know if this is because they are stealth testing new physics or a genuine feature/screw up, but the fact that so many previously inaccessible parts of the maps are not easily accessed by the tanks carrying decent firepower, some of which even have good depression seems like it'll have a serious impact on game play.
  18. So with Arctic Region getting a bit of a touch up i think i've found the most viable place to go in a med, Replay for an example http://wotreplays.com/site/968497#arctic_region-sploofy-fcm_50_t That little hill has a bush, good arty cover and is pretty central so you can flex somewhat easily. This spot is especially good with the high concentration of people who yolo rush the middle because they think its the new #ggNoReFacerollMap route. Id love to hear your opinions on where you take your meds on this map!
  19. My guess is you probably already know of the tool, but going to post anyway. Looking for an easy, web based tool to plan, brief, and train your team for Company and Clan War battles? Check out Map Tactic app at www.maptactic.com.
  20. Just looking for thoughts and ideas on how to handle this new map most of what i put heare are spots ive found to counter seprate types of pushes but south for faster tanks and north for slower ones seems to work well for me Red Spots are primary engagement areas yellow dots are sniper spots some other little tid bits there are some interesting arty spots behind the caps All but 2 buildings are indestructible(the ones on the really high foundations) if there is something in the way run it over / shoot out there cover Med tanks/TD's ive played have a good old time hear
  21. I am trying to get better at scouting, and I am doing OK on maps where scouting is straightforward, large open maps with bushes and cover and plenty of room to use your speed. I am having problems with some of the smaller maps, or some of the closed off maps If I survive to late-game where tanks start dying I can pop in and out and do damage and confuse and annoy, but before then I don't know what to do while still being somewhat useful to my team, I don't really want to sit behind a wall for 3-5 minutes before I start doing something. The maps I'm referring to specifically is Himmel
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