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Found 4 results

  1. I played the Maus to do HT15 for Obj. 260. Maybe platooned a few of the matches, but that's not what's important (platoon mates actually would have a negative impact on me completing the mission). I've platooned other tanks (DIAF 103-0) and have lower WR. The Maus has bad DPM, so you don't win in it by trying to maximize damage. Most of the wins happened because I was trying to maximize damage blocked. See screenshot: My goal each match was to drive to a position where the most tanks would be shooting at me. What this caused is the enemy team to focus shooting me. While they we
  2. Figured I'd make a little corner to put my replays in as I haven't been able to stream recently due to godawful internet connection so haff some of my Maus games post buff. Roughly 5k dpg for the last two days sending my overall dpg in the thing from 3750-4k https://www.dropbox.com/s/tyulrbeldp1wfdz/replays.7z?dl=0 (not sure which sites are ideal for uploading batches of replays, just used dropbox because I'm somewhat familiar with it) Some tidbits I survived almost none of my games. A large portion of my positioning choices were straight up suicidal but the stupid armor layout
  3. I just got a hold of my maus and after waiting a week following my wisdom teeth being pulled out I'm more or less capable of semi coherent thoughts so MAUS 3 MARK TIME Got a million credits for today and am starting off with optics, vstab & rammer with small rep, large med and chocolate Goals -3500+dpg/#1 NA -65%+ wr -sub 100 game 3 mark Its a bit below what I did in my type5 but I feel like the rear turret is going to be a bit of an issue. As of this post, its bein streamed to the twitches https://www.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit @Spartan96 can have
  4. Hi Jingles, I have been playing world of tanks for five years now and since I first started playing I have been powering straight up the German tank line that ends with that Maus. Now I don't have the money to really play premium or buy gold which would make it difficult enough but it's compounded by the fact that I'm not very good. So I am at the tiger P fully researched and Now I'm trying to earn enough creds to buy the next tank on the tree, so my question is, is the Maus still worth all this effort I have put into getting it, thanks for answering and have a wonderful day/night.
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