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Found 13 results

  1. hey mans poodipee here lookn 4 clan!! I took a hiatus for 1-2 years from WoT, used to be barely unicum FeelsBadMan I might be back for awhile, especially since it's summer. Definitely will be playing nearly EVERYDAY for the next 1-2 months, at any time. Anyways, I'm up for T8/T10 CW for sure. i has two tair 10s which is IS-4 (3 and 75% skill crew) Batchat (2 and 80% skill crew) Shitty Tier 8 selection Panther 8.8 (2 and 92% crew) T28 Prototype IS-6 (IS-4 crew ofc) All tier 8 lights except Blackdog and WZ-132 Overall/Recent stats are
  2. The more often I play as of recent, I realize I'm doing much more dumb "memey strats" (probably due to @SkittlesOfSteeI ) in relation to map meta and locations of play. For instance, I'll go 8/9 on Abbey in a med or fight the heavies on Stalingrad like an idiot. Disregarding the enemy team comp. in most of these instances, games usually turn out to be pretty well. Anyone else find themselves doing this for the hell of it, or anyone have a counter-meta strat of their own they'd like to share?
  3. "Scan the cosmos for signs of intelligent life, as none have been found on planet earth." LEMMiNO
  4. Hi guys, I've been having some fun with a YouTube channel over the past year or so. I am certainly no unicum which is why I have not really concentrated on "epic games"... and also not really posted about the channel on WotLabs. But hey, I figure even unicum have fun sometimes right? Channel focusses on having some fun, learning in a light hearted way, taking a closer look at real life tanks and willy jokes. You may recognise my prize winning video entered into Mingles With Jingles subscriber contest earlier this year: I've become a little more known for my 3min
  5. I'm an average player that needs to be carried. In all honesty I just want to win games. I cry every time I lose, pls help.
  6. ireny

    MEMES #6

    After a long break,I'm finally back.No,it wasn't a holiday in Miami,my hard disk decided to quit his job.Good thing I managed to save some files I needed for videos . Fresh new start,with new editing skillz(stronk ),and new content. Today,another memes episode.It's just a warm-up video,I'm just getting started. If you are new to this series you might ask what the hell am I talking about.Well,basically,these meme videos are situations,funny ones,from WoT described with memes(genius,i know right?). Anyways,I hope you enjoy this episode ! Have a nice day ! FAQ. - W
  7. I must warned you, it can get spooky, not scary, spooky.
  8. ireny

    MEMES #5

    Greetings players ! Another meme episode for you today,with some hardcore MLG montage(watch out for epilepsy guys).In my opinion,this is the best episode of this series ! I hope you'll think the same ! Enjoy it SUGGEST MEMES HERE(EU): http://bit.ly/1DuCcYm SUGGEST MEMES HERE: http://bit.ly/1Oq72V0 ***** NOTE: If you don't want to miss an episode of LE MEMES,Funviews or Funny Chat Logs you can hit that Subscribe button and get my latest videos(and you support me aswell ) ! (Click on one of the names to check the playlist) ***** FAQ. Who the f%#k am I? You
  9. ireny

    MEMES #4

    Greetings tomatoes/oranges/bananas/watermelons(the outside of a watermelon)/grapes ! Today,it's a quick one (naughty mind ).Since I'm so busy,I thought I could make a quick episode to keep you entertained.So here it is.Same amount of memes,same amount of lols.I hope you enjoy it. ***** NOTE: If you don't want to miss an episode of LE MEMES,Funviews or Funny Chat Logs you can hit that Subscribe button and get my latest videos(and you support me aswell ) ! (Click on one of the names to check the playlist) ***** FAQ. Who the f%#k am I? Your average joe player(I guess) t
  10. ireny


    Hello! I thought I could lighten up the mood with a random video so.. I'm bringing you something different today..memes.But not just any memes.Those are memes inspired from my(and most likely yours aswell) WoT experience. I bet you reacted the same as those memes in some cases,didn't you? Anyways,I hope you enjoy it See you next time ! What do I create? Random and funny WoT videos such as Funny Chat Logs (Current EP: 21) and Funviews(some crappy-editted videos in which I review tanks) ! BTW,if you want to check out my channel,here it is: LINK: http://bit.ly/1l5BJFX Tha
  11. http://youtu.be/oBOTZnP5bQs go to 12:20 and listen to the angry ruski he rants annoyingly for like a minute about how an E-100 focused him when he was 400meters away for all RNGesus, arty, pub rage, whatever I don't give a damn for it, it's annoying as hell. I'm sure nogg after a long day at work enjoyed coming home to play with me or some other guy (I'd usually stay in same channel, so I didn't have to toon with him to know what was going on) and then a nerd. And then have the nerd cry about pubbies camping, or arty hitting him in a really obvious place to pre-aim, or how he missed or s
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