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Found 15 results

  1. There is really no comparing this tank to any other tank at tier 6. The 105, if it was any better, would be overpowered. On the ARL it is simply serviceable. With 223 base pen, 330 alpha damage, and a base RoF of 5.6 it has everyone else beat on pen, and almost everyone else beat on damage. The gun has in class dispersion values that compare almost favorably to the 122 on the KV-85, another gun that shoots stuff. It has armor that bounces almost anything a tier 4 can throw at it, as long as they don't shoot the turret, and it can actually sidescrape (no joke here it can). In the mobility depar
  2. Hi guys, I'm an ex clan member of 322 from the EU server, returning after 8 years of absence. I was playing WoT in the ESL back then (that doesnt exist any more) and did FC in company battles a lot of times. I played a lot back in my college time but stopped after I got a gf and job. I didn't touch the game until last year when lockdown basically forced me to find some productive things to do at home. My old account is still existing (https://wotlabs.net/eu/player/givethemnothing), but after 8 years I forgot the credentials to the connected mail address... welp. Nothing of value
  3. So i dont know about you guys but all "open" maps i have played in the last 2 days seemed to have a lot more bushes and trees. Also bushes on new positions. I, who plays a lot of lights for quite some time now, really like that. Sure, some situations might get a little more campy but at least the small tanks, most of the lights and the ones made out of paint and cardboard have their odds shifted a little more in their favours. IN my oppinion of course. So what do you think?
  4. So I like this game. A lot. I went in tentatively, spent no money whatsoever (other than premium carry over from WoT), and only ground one line (Fascist Boats) based on research, and have no garage slots! German line, DD's, CA's and BB's. Here is what I have learned and why I like this game so much at tier IV so far: 1.) I don't rage, at all. In WoT I still have spittle flying out and sticking on my screen. In WoWs I am chill, I am completely different, I ask questions, I work with my team. 2.) I run no mods. I have no idea if my team is potatoe or uni, I work with the team
  5. About 1,000 games into my WoWs career I posted a statistical breakdown of which ship types I did well in versus the ones I was meh at. My performance up to tier 5/6/7 was skewed heavily towards BB's - with cruisers second and DD's third. Surprisingly, my personal meta has switched - I am now much better at Cruisers - markedly so - than I am in BB's. My overall win rate in cruisers is up to 57%, while BB's are only 53.4% ( DD's are still sketchy for me @ 48.9% ), Looking at my performance in both WTR and winrate shows strong performance from tier 7 through tier 10 - much better than m
  6. The more often I play as of recent, I realize I'm doing much more dumb "memey strats" (probably due to @SkittlesOfSteeI ) in relation to map meta and locations of play. For instance, I'll go 8/9 on Abbey in a med or fight the heavies on Stalingrad like an idiot. Disregarding the enemy team comp. in most of these instances, games usually turn out to be pretty well. Anyone else find themselves doing this for the hell of it, or anyone have a counter-meta strat of their own they'd like to share?
  7. Pretty straightforward question. When do you think the game would stop being fun for you, in spite of the huge amount of time and/or money invested? Assuming the game remains largely balanced and there is new content periodically, what would compel you to quit entirely? Personally, this is the only F2P game I've spent a considerable amount of money on, as I see myself playing it for at least another 2 to 3 years. The variety of tanks, tiers and infinite number of ways each battle could develop into is what keeps it fresh for me. Low tiers, Mid tiers and High tiers all have different metas
  8. Every game it seems like now on this map there are 2-5 mediums that decide to go north instead of hill, most including players I would at least deem acceptable in regards to skill. Used to be a couple of noob TDs/HTs, but now its a full on flank. Did I miss a shift? I still view north as total shit because you can get sniped from hill and mid while only having some rocks and almost no bushes as cover. But it is becoming so popular that I can't help but wonder if I am missing out on something important...
  9. Hi Tankers! Buddy Deeds here. You may remember me from such hit forum posts as “Tanking for noobs”, “Arty, why no controversy?”, and “MM: Does it really pit 15 tanks vs 15 tanks?”. Clearly I don’t avoid the hard hitting subjects and today is no exception. I want to address the most critical and core component of World of Tanks….yes of course I’m speaking of forum posts and in-game chat. If you know anything about Buddy Deeds, he always remains original. I implore you, if you do nothing else in your tanking careers, please remain original and avoid any and all gaming and tanking cliche
  10. I want to preface this by saying that I'm new around here, so I'm sorry if you get a thread like this every month. So, I'm an EU player (you can probably see from my info on the left, but to confirm I do use extra 'U's when I spell certain words to the horror of Mirriam Webster). I've recently been hanging out, and playing with various players from NA and I thought it would be interesting to convey some of the differences I have experienced, and also to ask anyone who has experience with multiple servers what they think on the subject (or feel free to weigh in even if you haven't played on
  11. Look at this game, in hindsight or team was full on retarded, but I really felt like I did some huge mistakes but I need help to eliminate them and especially finding them in the first place. pls halp http://wotreplays.com/site/1584508#kharkov-kolnidur-jagdpanther_ii
  12. I have been browsing the forums and have seen a lot of posts lately in which better players refer to Vision, or Vision control. I have never really gotten into that aspect of gameplay, and honestly do not know what it consists of? Considering I have seen it mentioned so frequently, I have elected to explore its effects on the course of battle. I realize there might already be a thread regarding this topic... but I couldn't really find one that addressed it in depth? So anyways I implore thee users of the WotLabs forums, to enlighten me as to how this aspect of gameplay is significant?
  13. So with Arctic Region getting a bit of a touch up i think i've found the most viable place to go in a med, Replay for an example http://wotreplays.com/site/968497#arctic_region-sploofy-fcm_50_t That little hill has a bush, good arty cover and is pretty central so you can flex somewhat easily. This spot is especially good with the high concentration of people who yolo rush the middle because they think its the new #ggNoReFacerollMap route. Id love to hear your opinions on where you take your meds on this map!
  14. I've always been curious as to what the playerbase here actually looks for or considers the most important trait in a tank. The current vibe I'm getting especially from the current meta, is that some sort of firepower/gun handling combination will make it to the top of the list; most likely due to both the low exposure meta, and the fact that wn8 favors damage dealing in calculating performance. It'll be interesting to see where armor ends up as well seeing as how wargaming constantly tries to make armor relevant in the game again. Personally I'm going with gun dep,scouting, and dpm, as I
  15. All, This is something I've been struggling with as my play has flatlined around the 55% range of late. Granted, some of that is the result of my own impatience (playing many more stock tanks than usual at the moment), two hell grinds (ARL V39 and T28), and a little bit of bad luck (my T-54 averages 1800 dpg and 46% WR)...but as i continue to work to make the next step in gameplay (and those crappy tanks HAVE taught me a few things), I wanted to throw this out there to all the PURPLE POASTERS for feedback, as I decide what skills I want to refine. These questions are deliberately not f
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