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Found 6 results

  1. So, no fun event/game mode for April Fool's 2017? Just a 1 day opening to buy the silliest looking tank (debatable) of olden times. And possibly just more sales of "rare" premium tanks. I guess WoT PC is too busy with fixing their games, and needs funding Meanwhile on Console, they have a sequel to last year's Moon Mode, Mars Mode.
  2. So I've been actively gaming for getting on five years now (late bloomer). Got my start when an avid gaming work buddy over lunch one day told me "So I heard there's a new tank game coming." That friggin' lunch ruined my life. That would have been around May 2011. I downloaded Tanks within a day or so, began playing, and went premium within just a few weeks and haven't looked back since. My son (started at 7 years old at the time, now going on 12) did the same.) Despite WG's downsides, I still think they give us some truly great games. But one thing they have always lacked, as we all know, are
  3. Is Wargaming Zynga in disguise? As we all know, Zynga is famous for making shitty facebook games that kickstarted the 100000 invite spams in the notifications. As well as milk you of money by making you wait for ages and offering pay2win methods. The first and most common example, Farmville. <3 farmville, i got to a super high level logging in once a day to spam clicks for 5 minutes. Does it still exist? Anyway, lets call this.... CW1.0. Yes. That'll do. Chip spam gallore. Exploited like how i exploited Farmville. Spam enough time and win. Or in this case, chips + bots. "Lets fix thi
  4. Hello fellow tankers. Today is Star Citizen's second anniversary. So RSI is offering time limited ships again which some of you fellas maybe be interested in: Likely candidates for ships to see today: Ship Original Price 350R $100 Aurora LX $25 Caterpillar $225 Cutlass Blue $150 Freelancer MIS $165 F7C-M Super Hornet $165 Gladiator $150 Karthu-Al $150 Merchantman $250 M50 $80 Retaliator $250 Starfarer $175 Additional candidates for ships to see at some point throughout next week: Ship Original Price 890 Jump $600 Carrack N/A Constellation Phoenix $3
  5. From FTR: - Storm “wants to level the profitability of all tier 8 premium tanks to the current Jagdtiger 88 level” (SS: this most likely means an improvement to the majority of tier 8 prems, as Jagdtiger 88 is currently third from above in profitability, according to Storm) This could be a good thing for those of us without JT88's.
  6. After more than 5,500 games I finally pulled out my credit card and bought some gold (to take advantage of the 15% off premium time that's currently running on SEA). I've seen scrub players with numerous Tier VIII premiums in their garage and this got me wondering - how much do people spend on this game? Let's just use US dollar equivalents for ease of comparison.
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