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Found 6 results

  1. The tittle says it all, I can't make my tier 7-8 LTs to work in that map whenever I play tier 9-10 games... I think it may well be a corridor issue, but maybe there is something I still don't know about this map Any advice will be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  2. http://wotreplays.com/site/2540521#mountain_pass-thomchen114-amx_13_90 Can someone explain how i manage to be top of the team by EXP with my result? A tier X match, I didn't do that much damage (10th) nor spotting damage, and yet there i am. is it because i'm a tier 8 LT so i get more out of it? do those 3 kills add anything?
  3. I can't find a good way to play Mountain Pass from a south spawn in a heavy (basically the same applies to the medium). Pushing up the ice road is usually stopped dead in its tracks, unless the enemy team is extremely incapable. Trying to quickly rush J2-J3 results in taking multiple side shots from enemies camping on E3, and even if I make it, I often find myself alone there, as other team mates stop at G6. Afterwards I am quickly swarmed and killed. Is it better to stay at G6 and try defending SW corner from there? I find that in this case enemy has an advantage of multiple fire lanes, adva
  4. Alright tankers I've found that when I'm in a non-turreted TD on this map from the south spawn, that things don't go well. -You can't get your gun in the fight on the ice road unless they've made it down and around the bend. -You can't get your gun in the fight from the hill at the spawn unless they are already too close for comfort. -You can't safely shoot into E3 without invariably getting lit by a medium/scout down in the river bottom Is K5 the only viable shooting spot for a non-turreted TD?
  5. Has anyone else noticed that they can't ascend up to the Mountain Pass towers at F7 from the SE spawn anymore? I used to be able to get up there in my T49, but since the latest update-no go! I've tried it about a dozen times without any success. I keep thinking that I need to try it in a training room, but always forget.
  6. Just look at this. Saw this for the first time a moment ago. Don't even know what to think. Judging from our spawns, there doesn't appear to be any pattern for which vehicles spawn where, a la Westfield. We've got mediums, lights, a heavy and a TD in the west, and mediums, lights, and arty in the east. I was in my 3002 M and tried to round the corner and make it to my favored semi-secret spot near the bridge and shoot people south, but apparently the red team spawns farther north than the 2 diamond suggests, I got tracked and had my engine removed very quickly despite the rel
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