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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys! I am looking for people who don't mind playing with someone who is bad, feels bad about being bad, and doesn't in mind playing tier 6+ (Strv a2 my love). I won't ask to get better, but I will watch for plays to be played, that I can learn from. I also am a filthy weeb.
  2. Ever since I started doing work, I've had less and less time to play tanks, and more so at later times in the day. I left for over a year and then came back recently, which means that a lot of my former platoonmates are now dead. I mostly play late at night and in the early morning hours of Friday and Saturday (today's an exception) . I prefer NA West, but can do NA East as well. I can normally manage a purple recent, but I've been doing arty for missions. Yes, I'm a terrible person and a hypocrite because I also like to sperg at arty.
  3. Hey, I was looking for someone to show me the ropes and hopefully help me break free from my 1500 recents. I can mostly platoon at ~5:00-7:00 Pacific time. I mostly use TS to talk, but I also have mumble. I don't have a server we can use though. ;-; I would really appreciate anyone who's wiling to help!
  4. So yeah, as the title states, I'm looking for late-night platoons on NA West. The reason for this is that, more and more, this is becoming the only period of the day when I can really relax and play, but I'm rather tired of solo'ing or waiting for someone to come online and save me from the red sea (_Natsuki <3). stats: All I ask is that you be dark blue recent and dark green overall at the least. I mostly play Tiers 7-10, and like sniping mediums (I play other tanks a lot, but I'm currently in love with my Leo PTA. Expect behind-red-line chaisniping).
  5. Im looking for some pontoon mates on the NA west server and am credit grinding my fcm into oblivion (pref 8 ) ideally looking for good awful players I like to use TS while platooning as well~
  6. I'm about to go insane if I get another team of mindless imbeciles who drive backwards into battle and fire HE at everything in sight. No requirements, just be able to put up with my potato moments and accept that I do not have a mic but can listen if you'd like. I can match any tier, but I'm pretty limited at tier 6 and 7. Tanks I'm grinding: -T67 -E75 -M103 -T-54 -M4A3E8 -maybe going for Leo/50M sometime soon Personal missions are also something we can do If you're interested, shoot me an invite whenever you're on and need a platoonie that can at least funct
  7. Hey guys, wondering if anyone is up for a pref 8 grinding sesh on NA west in about 4-5 hours time? Needa get dem creds for da xmas sales
  8. Hello. I'm actually really happy to find this forum. I figured if I ever want to post here, I should probably put out an introduction (disclaimer?). I believe I'm an above average tanker, but not by a whole lot. I'd like to get better. I'll start with the negatives: I tunnel vision. A lot. Far too much. This is often the reason I get myself killed. I've up-sized my mini-map to about as much screen real estate as it can get, and I work hard on trying to curb this terrible habit. It's a work in progress. Frustration plays a role too, as I am unfortunately somewhat susceptible.
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