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Found 55 results

  1. So yeah, as the title states, I'm looking for late-night platoons on NA West. The reason for this is that, more and more, this is becoming the only period of the day when I can really relax and play, but I'm rather tired of solo'ing or waiting for someone to come online and save me from the red sea (_Natsuki <3). stats: All I ask is that you be dark blue recent and dark green overall at the least. I mostly play Tiers 7-10, and like sniping mediums (I play other tanks a lot, but I'm currently in love with my Leo PTA. Expect behind-red-line chaisniping).
  2. Tired of being broke on WoT, well grab your Premium Tanks and lets go! Looking for invites to spam or be spammed AT.Both Pref and Reg cash T8sTimes vary : Mostly NA Est. West for change up & PlatoonsGL HFTonks for wasting your time :^)
  3. Stronk players needed for stomping of pubbies. I play pretty much anything, usually tier 7-10.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm currently looking for an experienced player that excels at scouts/light tanks and is willing to help me improve. I've watched a bunch of videos and streams, which has helped me improve quite a bit, but I'm more of a hands on learner where I can pose questions and receive direct feedback on my actions. I'd prefer to run the Chaffee, T37, Bulldog, or T49. I'm available in the afternoons EST and anytime on the weekends. I'm really excited to start working with someone and improving. Lately my games have either gone really well (partly due to luck I'm sure) or I've died within 2 minutes (and I'm not suic-scouting). Sometimes I last till the end, but don't do any real damage. This has often lead to "worthless scout" and other far worse messages from my teammates. When I contact them afterwards they almost never provide any real feedback as to what I could've done better. I feel like I hurt my team more then help and this drives me crazy. Anyway, it's all part of my drive to get better, so here I am; ready, able, and willing to learn. Thanks, Mike
  5. Um looking for anyone interested in platooning some pref 8's I got the fcm 50 t and need to grind a crap ton of credits and I should be on about all day everyday from 1-2 PM when I wake up to 4-5 AM when I go to sleep if you cant find my ign name somehow its Mrdonnie1 and as you see below are my stats (gone down cuz i suck at 50 t)
  6. If you don't mind tooning with a new player then throw me an invite. Looking for some teamwork. Currently playing the Chaffee, T37 or Bulldog. NA server: The_Zolfaqar
  7. TL/DR: Just another yahoo looking for a clan. "If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?" John Wooden, UCLA coach As the former coach stated above I like to do things right from the start. I’ve been in quite a few clans, mostly social and the only CW clan I was in was RDDT4 in during the first campaign under commander Pompous. I believe we ended up in like 47th place, short of the M60 but I don’t believe we would have gotten that far without Pompous (Really great caller/player). I then migrated to RDDT6 for some fun and platooning. Then ended up in DOGE for a couple of weeks (never really fit in) so I went back to RDDT6 for some more platooning. Started another clan for myself and my nephews, and finally went on to a WoWP clan Aces_. I started playing tanks again back in February of this year looking to get better and contribute to a worthy clan. As you see, I’m still working on it, lol. What I’m looking for is a clan that helps me to help them. I consider myself an honest person, hardworking, understanding (to a point, NO BS). I’m willing to do what is necessary to win, even if that means sacrificing my tank for the good of the team winning the battle (I can and will follow orders). I currently have (5) tier (10) tanks, the E5, IS7, E100, (*edit T57) and the T62. I have two others unlocked, the IS4, and the Waffle. Tbh, my stats are average, or below in my tens. I’m not really looking for a CW clan (But, I will participate and give my all to get better). I’m looking for a social/fun clan that help me develop into a better tier 10 player while doing such clan activities as Strongs, tourneys, team battles, TC’s and platooning. Thank you.
  8. Pathetic Gaming Association These guys are good. We don't golf. About us: We are a clan that started with a group of players that have been together for years. Many of us started off in the same clan and jumped from clan-to-clan but still kept each other's company. We ended up building a strong bond and community of strong tankers. To try to build on this small community, we decided to create a clan that is less focused on clan wars and more focused on tournaments (because let's be serious... that's where the gold's at), team battles, platooning, strongholds, and league play. We've been successful in many, many, many bravo skirmishes and once summer hits we'll be doing alpha skirms along with league tournaments. We do plan to play around in CW in the future (maybe with the new changes in CW) but it's not our primary goal at this time. Why you should join us: If you're interested in being part of a great community of tankers/gamers, don't care much for clan wars, like competitive play (tournaments, team battles), and want to have fun with some great players (and great people), we're the right clan for you. We're pretty big on the fun part. We are a new and growing clan. That means there's room for your opinions to be heard and ideas to be executed. We value all of our new players and make it a point to make them feel welcome. Also, if you're a golfer who wants all of the above AND the novelty of having PGA as your clan tag, then you're luckier than a T49 penetrating a moving target using auto-aim from 500m while going full speed down a hill. Why you shouldn't join us: If you're looking for a community of golfers, hit the back button on your browser. Seriously though, we aren't golfers. We have nothing against golfers but don't let our clan tag fool you, we don't golf and we know nothing about it. Also, if you're looking for a dedicated CW clan, we are not for you. Our requirements*: 1600+ WN8, 54% WR Overall 1800+ WN8, 56% WR Recent 2 Tier X tanks (Somewhat useful tier X's would be nice) - serves as a control for # of battles, and in case we want to delve into CW later TS3 with mic Active 2-3 nights a week Screenshot of you TKing/destroying Nate235 (our commander) *Exceptions can be made. Recent weighed more than overall reqs. Take these as guidelines. Exceptions will be made for exceptional players. We feel (we HOPE) that players who have reached these stat requirements know how to play as a team or understand the game well enough to be able to learn this quickly. We value teamwork greatly as that is what allows us to beat teams that may individually be more skilled than us. Interested? If you meet our req's or you think you're close enough, you can contact us in the following ways: Post here or PM me. <--- convenient PM me, nate235, ephebus, or RNGdotEXE_has_crashed either in-game or on the WOT website. <-- if you're scared of wotlabs/a dedicated lurker Hop on our TS: appellation.ts.nfoservers.com and find one of us! <--you'll be doing this eventually anyway lol Fame: Our clan tag has been mentioned during a WGLNA stream during season 5. See for yourself. We don't golf. We don't golf. A symbolic image of how powerful, indivisible, unbreakable we are:
  9. I'm an ok player, but tier 9 has been my most frustrating experience with wot. I've played three tier 9s so far and hated them all (m103, wz120, wz-111-4). I'm looking for someone to help me finish my m103 and wz120 grinds. I rage sold the wz 111-4.
  10. Hai friends I am looking for a platoon buddies for my EU account. Right now I only have pref 8 but when I get further up the line I will play other tiers. So I only want 2500+ WN8 and 60% wr with the ability to play at night. Since I am an NA shitter I will play at weird times (5:00pm my time is 3:00am in Germany) I also get higher ping than I am use to so be okay with me whining about that. The most important thing I want is to have fun while platooning xD sorry if I sound needy but I don't like playing solo so it would be nice if you guys carried me <3 My EU account name is VLC_MediaPlayer
  11. Im looking for a clan to play Stronhold, platoon and some CW eventually ( CW campaign i always play ) ( i have some tier X ) but im playing tournaments atm ( i played WGLNA gold league for Timed Out Gaming and probably i will be playing in this team ) I will play some CW eventually. Im from Brasil ( but no, im not one of this BR HUE retard ) I'm a seriously player, always playing for the team. I have 2 or 3 more friends who will like to join other clan too ( lot of new members in this clan who sucks and are not people who do not want the same clan that i ) My english inst perfect, but i understand and talk a lot and im looking to improve ) Hope i can find a decent clan to play
  12. I'm about to go insane if I get another team of mindless imbeciles who drive backwards into battle and fire HE at everything in sight. No requirements, just be able to put up with my potato moments and accept that I do not have a mic but can listen if you'd like. I can match any tier, but I'm pretty limited at tier 6 and 7. Tanks I'm grinding: -T67 -E75 -M103 -T-54 -M4A3E8 -maybe going for Leo/50M sometime soon Personal missions are also something we can do If you're interested, shoot me an invite whenever you're on and need a platoonie that can at least function above that of your average HE-firing-window-licking-pub.
  13. Looking to expand friends\platoon list and get some medium game play to work on my WR. tier 10 prefer super unicum recent for wn8 and >59% recent 4pm eastern to 6pm and 9pm to 10pm[Most days] raging is fine but i myself will try to control it so please try to also Send me an invite if you would like to play thank you very much!
  14. Hello all, Looking at old wotlabs topics, there has been spoken quite a bit about differences between NA and EU server (more baddies / unicums, more gold ammo, more/less camp) But just as important as perception and so on, is what tanks are driving around, lots of tds / heavys will lead to camp, lots of mediums counter that, different tiers beiing popular leads to a different mm distributions, also popularity of certain nations can lead to different playstyles. I copy pasted some global server data from wot-news (`recent` 4 weeks data, from before new german TD line) into an excel file and made some quick comparisons (While the data is alrdy a little old, long term differences will still be visible) I compared: - nation distribution - tier distribution - class distribution And this showed some interesting things imo.. Beforehand i had assumed that (when looking from EU pov towards NA pov) - less US tanks / chinese - more brits / french / german tanks - more high tiers in EU (avg tier in EU has been higher since Snib started making server stats comparisons i think) - more TDs / SPGs - less mediums / light tanks If you have a look at the above tables, you can see i was both wrong and right - on US server there are almost 45% more US tanks as on EU - on US server there are a lot less german and russian tanks - on US server there are more british tanks (imo suprising) - on US server there are less french and chinese tanks the biggest suprise was for me the huge difference in USSR tanks 29 vs 23,8 %, that is quite a lot, also on US server there are even more US tanks as i though (20,85 vs 29,12%) Tier distribution is rather straight forward, lowest 5 tiers are more popular on NA, highest 5 tiers in EU Tank classes are also a bit suprising - TDs are equal (EU tiny bit more) - EU has much more heavys (31,06 vs 25,75) - NA has more light, medium and SPGs This tank distribution is interesting, since it means that EU has (relative): - less spotters (less light/medium tanks, NA has 10% more of these) - less arty (NA has 25% more arty as EU) - equal TDs (difference is marginal, however, US tanks and low tiers (T18) are (much) more popular on NA, so chance is that there (relative) more high tier tds on EU) - way more heavy tanks (20% more heavy tanks) this means that EU has less people moving around and less arty, while having more heavys. Important remarks here are: - on low tiers there are more light tanks and less heavys, due to the overall lower tier of NA the numbers of light and heavy tanks might be a little inflated (mostly light tanks) - new german TD line is not included, i guess new WTF line is the most popular td line on EU at this moment and it thus boosted the overall amount of german tanks, mostly at the cost US and medium players (my own feeling, no numbers sadly) - USSR meds and Japan meds are not included, these lines are however not (yet) very popular, so influence wont be that big (i think) ps: this might also explain why, EU players are more opposed against gold ammo, gold ammo is mostly a medium thing,
  15. Hey guys, my friends list has been dwindling in the active player categories so I thought I'd post this to see if I can find some more people for platoons I do have a few things I'm looking for 8-10 are the main tiers I play, I'll put what tier I'm playing in the invite spam Decent stats (High dark blue/purple recent preferably) Comms Doesn't rage to much (arty rage is fine) Thanks guys
  16. Greetings, I am searching for assistance in improving my game-play and would like a mentor of sorts. I am generally on every day and range from 20:00 - 1:00 (EST). I can be found on other times and can work around your schedule and will accept any amount of time that you are willing to give. Here are some details about myself: Prefer mediums and heavies Able to work on tiers four through nine Ts3 advocate Willing to follow orders and strong desire to learn and improve I am also aware of the wotlabs chat channel and ts3 channel and will explore these options as well. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  17. The most enjoyable part of this game to me is organized matches. I have served on teams as everything from bench warmer to caller/ captain. These teams have been populated by folks with stats ranging from imperial purple to baboon ass red. Currently I am looking to join or form a core of active tourney tankers. I can provide a decent garage of competition tanks, and am available for most schedules. TS, mic and all that. Not looking to join a clan. Not into anime. Not into fur. Just straight business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0upimpzkDSo Would be nice if this turns into a regualr arrangement. I have a few comrades who might also be interested in quality chemistry. Message me here, on the official boards, or in-game with suitable audition requisites. Some would say it's about the Gold. My dream would be great choreography. Obviously the wreck would be the opposition. I would be the one in the green sweater: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hi4pzKvuEQM
  18. Hey guys I'm just an above average player looking for platoon mates for the weekend/future on the NA server. Planning to play a fair amount of WoT this weekend to grind out some lower tiers (5-9) with the 5x and I'd figure I'd look for some like minded ppl. (generally I'd prefer alternating tier picking around the platoon). -I prefer to play on USW because of the lower player count but I'm open to either server -I have no prejudice of skill level/Wn8/WR as long as you're willing to work as a team. -I currently do not have a mic. I don't find this as big of a problem in WoT because of all the chat communication options. -If you must be a clicker I will understand for 1 or 2 games but preferably just plz no. -I have no T10 tanks. -Open to pref 8's too. If you really want to look here are my stats: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/Edward_Dionysos Here is a rough schedule of when I'll be online. (Breaks and quitting because of getting clicked 24/7 withstanding) Jan 2nd. 1600 CST - Whenever I burn out (Right now!) Jan 3rd. 1000 CST - 0100 CST Jan 4th. 1000 CST - Whenever Thanks in advance and I hope to see you soon Edit: Also RIP 7day W/R still had 1850 wn8 but teams or me playing like shit after work lol
  19. After midnight eastern time. Toonin dies down. Anyone w e100 or fv 183 knowledge theyd care to share? Have ts3. started lemming. getting better. Could always use more knowledge. shoot me a msg in game. Happy tonkin
  20. Once finals are over, I'm probably going to be playing much more than I normally do. I decided to use a third of this time to play arty on EU. Plsno arty haterino, I want to have an EU account and ping sucks. I have yet to make an account so I can offer a T95E2 to someone who's willing to grind up with me, preferably purple recent. Also, what should I name my account? Why_So_SEA_RU_EU_US add meh
  21. Hey WotLabs! I, the captain of the WGLNA open league team: Polite Canadians am looking for competent players to compete for the goaldz! The deadline for submission is the afternoon of Monday, September 15th. Please post or PM with availibility. REQUIREMENTS 1700+ 1000 battle WN8 2 or more 7/42 tanks
  22. Hey! Looking for players with similar or close stats/skill to platoon with. I have been playing only T10 for the past 2.5~ months ~ fav tanks: 140 & batchat25t. ~ I don''t mind silent platoons or with TS. ~ East or Wast it doesn't matter to me. leave your name here, so I can add you to my friends list and spam invites. or PM me in game
  23. Series 1 will encompass the "Duck's in a Row" war involving RELIC and Evil Gaming, as well as some matches from the preceding conflict vs. VILIN. Please turn on 720P / Full Screen in the video options. Support me on youtube if you like what you see! OTTER vs. RELIC - "An Age Undreamed Of" / Basil Poledouris - S01E00 http://youtu.be/pNRgG7n_ie4 OTTER vs. VILIN - "Himmelsdorf Iron" / Woodkid Instrumental - S01E01 http://youtu.be/mf8vCLydICk The post will be updated as more videos are released. __________________________ Previous Videos - Playlist: http://youtu.be/llmMxFXEqsU?list=PLO6DSKR3KmwiWwRK_Cl5D82K_Dd07PQuX
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