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Found 11 results

  1. I haven't played tanks for a couple months now but the past couple weeks I'm enjoying it more so playing with others would be nice. I mostly play 10s, 9s, and pref 8s. I can hop in TS but usually play silent. If you aren't a pain to play with and want to win that's good enough for me.
  2. I'm in need of a nice tournament group that consistently places well. I can have preferred tanks for all tiers and can show up for the times required.
  3. I am looking for a good clan so I can make some gold. I have the Batchat, M53 arty, Jagd E100, IS7. 3 good enough clan wars tanks next tanks I'm close to is T57, IS4, T92 (if thats used) I just need to grind from tier 8s I think I'm a decent player, I play solo mostly...win rate is crud due to so many stupid players causing the loss. I'm good..but not enough to save a game filled with 14 reds also this is right thread I think
  4. need to set enemy 1 tier higher, on fire >>>need pref 8 or pref 7 because Matchmaker actually wants me to be top tier every game..... Anyone willing to help?
  5. I've noticed that for a while I have not been able to play higher than a 2500 WN8 level. I've tried adjusting my game play by playing more aggressive, playing more passive, but nothing is seeming to work. If anything, it feels like my WN8 is dropping. I'm here in hopes that someone can help me take my game play to the next level, any help is appreciated. I mainly play my IS-6, M103, T49 and my Object 140 and T-62A currently. I will post replay's of my performance soon if anyone would like to look at those http://wotreplays.com/site/1669924#tundra-whenisayboomisayboom-is-6 Typical game,
  6. Looking for people to platoon with that are around my skill level (light blue recent) to help with some grinds and to have fun with I'm on most of the time on NA East but can play west
  7. Hello Wotlabs. I really need some help with my tier 10's. I can't seem to do well with the leo 1, i'm not sure how to carry with it since it has 0 armor, I try to snipe but teams just collapse. I would also like to understand better how to use the t57 heavy efficiently, It seems that it has such an incredible potential and every battle I enter with makes me feel like i'm not using it adequately. Is anyone up for platooning and mentoring for couple battles?
  8. I'm starting to get the itch to free xp some new tanks, but I don't have the gold to do so! I'm trying to find a team to do weekly skirmishes/monthly challenges, to pick up my gold stockpile. <--- Credentials are to the left. I've played free exp'd past many of the midtier tanks in the game at one point or another, so I can probably buy most things that are necessary. Attendance wise, I can show majority of nights, but there will be a couple of days each week when I won't be able to use my mic. If necessary, I can call battles (check out RBIS's fights in the gold league for examples of
  9. Hello my name is RockingReilly, I have been inquiring over the past year to get a mentors in tanks. I have never been taught how to play the game correctly and understand some of the mechanics of the game. Because I have not been taught some of the simple mechanics of the game my stats have suffered from it. For the past couple days I've been reading the forums and watching Twtich (primarily Sela and Junkers) because I really do want to improve my game. I have tried to get a hold of player who are willing to tutor but to no avail. I've come to the realization that I am a baddie clearly and ne
  10. So I recently watched some of Carbon's t-44 replays on Pearl River and I could think of 2 words: Dat Damage. I've been playin the T-44 for a while, grindin to the coveted T-54, and I've had some decent results, (55% W/R so far, i plan to increase it) but there's this one map that I can't get to work and that I think most players (including me) unanimously agree is one of the most disliked maps in pubs: Redshire. They should rename it to Campshire imo. So my question is: Carbon (or anyone else with credentials), could you record some gameplays of the t-44 on redshire so I can see/learn what
  11. I just bought the M3 Lee, on the path towards T-29 (setting a short target not a long target yet). All I have is a 100% Commander and the remainder of the crew at 75%. I suppose I'm trying to figure out which modules to aim for first and eventually which skills to put on the crew. I don't think they'll be at 100% by the time I have elited the tank but if it happens then some tips on crew skills for the lee would be helpful. Cheers. Forgot to add: Best path towards the T-29, via the M4 Jumbo or T1 Heavy?
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