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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, there's a rumbling that there's this new campaign thingy going on and I'd love to be a competitive part of it. What do I offer? Multiple tier 10 tanks with the ability to free exp/buy a few other tanks on demand Good personality Dedication. I will be there for strats, training, Clan Wars, and will apply myself to the best of my capabilities Tsavo Cuddles An NA forum personality who can rep yo' clan tag General shenanigans What am I looking for? It's simple, really, a competitive clan where I can flourish and improve and be part of a great group of guys. Tier ten tonks: T110E4, T110E5, M60, M48, T95E6, T57, Object 140, FV215b, Super Conquerer, Fv215b 183, Centurion X, E100, E50M, Skoda TVP 50/51 Can rebuy: Sheridan, Leopard 1, T110E3 Can research rapidly: IS-4, T62A, Object 430, STB-1, Panzerwagen tier 10 thingy NOTE: am currently on cooldown.
  2. So long story short with my current rig I was barely able to run fallout 4 with low-low-off -settings and that is unacceptable. Unfortunately, if I am to buy myself a new GPU or anything I sort of have to get one for the missus too or all hell breaks loose so Im here asking if it is possible to use some what I have now, save a fortune and still get results? Basically what i want from my PC is being able to run new games in 1920 x 1080 without lags What I have right now: mobo: Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard cpu: AMD FX-4100 (OEM/Tray) 4 cores 3,6Ghz ram: 2x 4gb kingston (DDR3? im not 100% sure but I think so..) gpu: NVIDIA geforce gt440 PSU: Corsair VS Series VS550 550W Can I get away with just a new monitor and GPU or am I just being an idiot and cheap and should just spend that extra 200-300€ and get faster RAM/cpu too? Oh yeah I did not list my HD in parts -list thats because my previous broke down, Im now using a spare i had lying around and will go get a new one tomorrow-ish No need for an OS either. budget for monitor + GPU is 500-600€ can't rly go higher than that because yeah downsides of having a nerdy GF So TL;DR what GPU and monitor should I get or should I just start from scratch?
  3. http://youtu.be/oBOTZnP5bQs go to 12:20 and listen to the angry ruski he rants annoyingly for like a minute about how an E-100 focused him when he was 400meters away for all RNGesus, arty, pub rage, whatever I don't give a damn for it, it's annoying as hell. I'm sure nogg after a long day at work enjoyed coming home to play with me or some other guy (I'd usually stay in same channel, so I didn't have to toon with him to know what was going on) and then a nerd. And then have the nerd cry about pubbies camping, or arty hitting him in a really obvious place to pre-aim, or how he missed or some shit. here is a list of common nerd phrases -OMG THESE PUBBIES ARE AWFUL AND CAN'T HELP ME (relying on pubbies is a great jingles meme) -OMG ARTY HAS BEEN FOCUSING ME THE ENTIRE MATCH (maybe you should analyze why) -I FUCKING MISSED HIM, BULLSHIT RNG. (because all accuracy should be 0.01M) -I DIDN'T PEN A GOD DAMN LT (because you hit it's tracks) -OMG THIS SHITTER IS PERMATRACKING ME (No shit, some people will play decent) -THIS RETARD IS BLOCKING MY SHOT (what of it?) -OMG THE LOW ROLL! (holy shit do you not realize +-25% damage exists?) -WHY THE HELL ARE OUT PUBBIES CAMPING?! (because minimaps are hard to use to see where you need to go) -OH FOR FUCKS SAKE MATCHMAKING (okay well GL, as long as I get my damage idc if we lose due to MM) I tooned with a nerd today and had a sub 2k wn8 session on one of my friend's accounts, I started being a nerd aswell and raged a bit too and played like trash. If you have a problem with any part of the game even including arty it is of my belief there are ways to end it being a problem or minimize it. Ever since I've been analyzing every part of my game, my blood pressure has been healthier, but today I was a nerd and I was stressed. Perhaps we should all analyze why things are as they are, and end nerdism. Obligatory Animeme
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