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  1. I've already posted a couple times but I never really introduced myself. ^^' Nice to meet the WOTlabs community. I transferred over from the EU forums cause I heard the trolls weren't really allowed here. So far everyones been very helpful with any questions I've had.
  2. Just downloaded the game, played it most afternoon, derped around and felt lost, seems fun though so time to start reading on how not to be lost and this forum looked like it might be the place to start. Won't have a shit ton of time to invest into this game but hopefully I can maximize my effort somewhat so I don't lose every time So hello.
  3. We are a new clan looking for players with a 1300 overall wn8 or a 1500 recent wn8/1000 games. 1 tier 10 and 50%+ WR. Message Will74 Durante_Alighieri or Vergilius_Maro if interested!!
  4. This is Area 742, this is a Top Secret training facility for new, experienced, and competitive 7/42 players. We are looking forward to the Stronghold Battle Mode that will be coming out. While you are here you will specialize in 7/42 game play, find 7/42 teams, raise awareness to the 7/42 cause, and will be a representative of Area 742. Don't have a team, we will find one for you. Have a team and no scrim partners, we will find one for you. Want to win gold and be known? We will show you how. What are the requirements to join? Clan Applications must be done on the Clan Website Have
  5. So I got a new job while back and the paychecks are starting rolling in. Most of the $ I am setting apart to save for a new gaming pc. But I want it mainly to stream World of Tanks and run it at a highest graphical settings if possible. By early-mid July I will have around the target budget of 1,300-1,500$. But I currently want to get the idea of what parts I need to build the pc. I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to pc building but I have an idea of how to put a pc together. I have built the one I have currently, but following a YouTube video heh. I want to buy the parts as I gath
  6. Hi everyone, I'm Weavern I just started playing the game a few days ago. While i was reading the game forums I found lert's stuff, and found a link in a persons signature to the front page of this place. So far I have been lurking and noticed that most (all) of the players here have 1000's of games if not tens of 1000's. So i just wanted to make sure it was okay to make a nuisance of myself and ask questions?
  7. Hi, I am a fresh 'noob' to this forum. Altough I have been never utterly bad, just simply bad and careless since this august I have decided to play more focused and try to improve. I have started playing WOT in 2012 january, before I have played some other MMO games like WoW and LoL. Altough I was not super good at any of the games I have played, the math 'behind' always interested me, I like to read up on tactics, watch streams etc., so I have a basic idea what I am doing in game. I hope to continue my path of the improvement both ingame and out of the game. Edit: I like to play m
  8. Just wanted to introduce myself to the forums and the players here. I'm a newer player (sub-10k battles) and hope to learn quite a bit more about the game from the users here. If anyone wants to platoon or chat don't be afraid to send me a PM. I hope to talk with you guys again sometime soon.
  9. Hey guys! I am starting to do youtube videos everyday for my stream viewers and I hope you guys can come and join me as I try and pinpoint certain area's of struggles for new players! My stream is having tons of success and I hope to Further help anyone who cannot make my stream schedule by posting these Helpful Tips and Tricks! I will be posting Videos everyday and always answer requests for certain tanks if I have them of course Some things my youtube videos cover : 1) Your Mini Map! It is Super Important and I will teach you how to correctly use it! 2) Your tank placement th
  10. http://wotreplays.com/site/397599#self A game I had this evening in the IS-6. 7 total kills, 3 while I was the only tank left alive. Just under 6k damage. Steel Wall, Sniper and Top Gun. 1,823 base exp. Another 5,700 potential. One of the better games I've had in the tank. Worth noting, I almost never fire gold in it, which is why I wasted 3 shots at the beginning on the KV-4 before switching to it. The normally trollish IS-6 gun made me bounce on the rear of a Conqueror, but otherwise RNG gave me a great game. Thanks to my platoon-mates for putting up with my adrenaline i
  11. Update: All vehicles now seen. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/10/09/8-9-german-vehicles-stats/ I find it fitting Waffenträger can be abbreviated to WTF, because that's the first damn thing I'm going to see in chat when people start seeing the tier 9. Old post. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/10/08/wt-e-100-stats/#more-3899 The 15cm offers 3,000 damage dumped in 9 seconds and 334mm penetration HEAT rounds. The 12.8cm, which appears to be the Jagdtiger's 12.8cm L/61, not the mediocre L/55, offers 3,360 damage in 10 seconds with 352mm penetration APCR rounds and th
  12. Hi All, Just wanted to pop my head and introduce myself as well as express thanks for this site's existence. I've been lurking in the forums here since they were formed and using the stats here to track progress towards trying to get out of the "average player" slump I seem to be slooooowly getting out of. I've learned quite a bit already in the short few monthes these forums have been around (reverse side-scraping is awesome, now that I actually understand how to execute it thanks to these forums, for example). Thanks again to all the players far better than I for being so willing
  13. Howdy, my nick is "Hidhorse", the same as in-game. I'm playing WoT since march 2013 having 4,4k battles. I took a break of over a month, but I'm back in the game. My stats are crap, but hey, they are getting better. Still, I often bang my had against the keyboard realizing how incredibly stupid I sometimes perform Hidhorse
  14. We Are Actively Recruiting Clan Wars Players' NUMBER OF OPENINGS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN OUR CLAN 52 Spots As Of 08/31/2013 ---------------------------------------------------------------- For Membership Consideration Please Contact: Mausketeer, DJGK, Cobra39 I know you are reading this page and wondering why would I join this clan? So, lets be honest and not kid ourselves, these recruitment ads in these forums are a dime a dozen and every clan has all these fancy postings to lure you in and make you want to join them and before I answer your question of why you should join our clan and not al
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